EXCLUSIVE Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: “Adam Shiff Cooked Up This Bull$hit Story… We Have to Hold Him Accountable” | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: “Adam Shiff Cooked Up This Bull$hit Story… We Have to Hold Him Accountable”

Florida US Representative Anna Paulina Luna joined the Joe Hoft Show on Thursday, July 6th. 

In her interview, Rep. Luna shared that she was in the military and then was on track to go to medical school.  During her year off she began working with counter trafficking organizations like Operation Underground Railroad.  The movie that came out this week “Sound of Freedom” is about Tim Ballard’s story which is about Operation Underground Railroad.

Below is the movie trailer for “Sound of Freedom”.  God’s children are no longer for sale.

The movie was released on July 4th:

Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom” took the top spot in sales July 4th, surpassing Disney’s widely panned “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

The action film starring Jim Caviezel is based on the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard and his mission to save children from human trafficking. On its first day, the film took the number one spot at the box office, grossing over $14 million through “pay it forward” and direct box office sales.

The film has reportedly earned nearly all of its budget back on its opening day.

Rep. Luna next decided to pass up medical school and work for Charlie Kirk and his organization Turning Point USA.  This ultimately led her to running for office and in 2022 she won a seat in the US House of Representatives representing her district in Florida.

Rep. Luna next came to the House and faced a “massive, massive” pressure campaign leveraged against her and other Representatives where she says:

It was about changing the very foundation of the institution itself…Ultimately what I found in just being up there the very short weeks before that [the vote for Speaker]…was that so much power had been consolidated in the Speakership…that representatives would go up there, but you never really had a voice…For me it was never personal, it was about changing the foundation and the institution…

We’re using those tools today like you saw with the privileged motion for representative Schiff.

Next Rep. Luna discussed her questioning of the former Twitter Executives who met before Congress.  Rep. Luna shared that Yoel Roth “perjured himself” in front of Congress. Rep. Luna shared at that hearing the connections between government entities and Big Tech in a memorable chart (that is discussed in The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up).

These entities within a Division of Homeland Security:

“basically censor American people.  And mind you, this happened without any government oversight on a private server” that eventually went down to election supervisors in various states…

What you’ll see is the EIP was also coordinating and this massive network that you’ll see, they’re also coordinating with these non-profits.  So, what these non-profits would do, and also two universities, is they would funnel information to Facebook, to whoever these outlets were using.

Ultimately these entities were protecting their own stories that they didn’t want shared and censoring conservatives and conservative media.

Look, they would never have been able to do step B if step A hadn’t happened.  Who was in charge of step A?  His name was Adam Schiff.  Hey cooked up this bull$hit story, excuse my language, but we need to hold him accountable and that’s when you saw that all go down in the last couple of weeks…

[The bull$hit story was not just about the impeachment of Trump it was about] the whole thing.  So I got to page 9 of the Durham report and I’m thinking, my God, this guy who was the Head of the House Intelligence committee, said that he had smoking gun evidence of Trump coordinating with Russia.  He knew that that was BS.  Basically, it allowed the FBI to violate the civil liberties of Carter Page, ultimately because of the fact that he then went on television and did this, costing American taxpayers $32 million.  Basically, in my opinion is guilty of sedition because he tried to undermind a duly elected President lying to the American people and we’re supposed to be just like, oh well you know let bygones be bygones.  Hell no.  No!

The US government’s censorship complex was discussed next.

There’s good people, there’s bad people, you kind of just have to keep pushing forward.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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  1. God bless Rep. Luna and the work she is doing to restore the Republic. Democrats are not the democrats of my youth, they are soulless communist, working to destroy our country.


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