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ABLECHILD: Maine Governor’s Choice of Psychiatrist to Investigate Mass Murderer Is a Poor Choice for America

Maine Governor Janet Mills picked a psychiatrist to look into mass murderer Robert Card’s record is a poor choice for America. 

Information in this article was provided by AbleChild

AbleChild asked earlier this week if Maine’s Governor Mills will get to the truth behind mass murderer Robert Card who killed 18 people in the state and injured 13 more.

ABLECHILD: Will Maine Governor Janet Mills Get to the Truth Behind Mass Murderer Robert Card

AbleChild received an answer on how the Maine governor and AG were going to approach the recent mass murders in the state yesterday.

Governor & AG to Commission: “All that we ask is that you follow the facts, wherever they may lead, and that you do so in an independent and objective manner, biased by no one and guided only by the pursuit of truth.”

Governor Janet Mills and Attorney General Aaron Frey today formally established the Independent Commission to Investigate the Facts of the Tragedy in Lewiston.

The charge of the Independent Commission, established through an Executive Order signed by the Governor today, is to determine the facts of the October 25th shootings in Lewiston, including the months preceding the shootings and the police response to them.

The Governor and the Attorney General have appointed seven experts with extensive legal, investigative, and mental health backgrounds to serve on the Independent Commission. These experts include:

  • The Honorable Daniel E. Wathen, Chair: Former Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court;
  • Dr. Debra Baeder, Ph.D: Former Chief Forensic Psychologist for the State of Maine;
  • George (Toby) Dilworth: Former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maine and current Managing Director, Drummond Woodsum;
  • The Honorable Ellen Gorman: Former Associate Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court;
  • The Honorable Geoffrey Rushlau: Former Maine District Court Judge and former District Attorney for Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Waldo Counties;
  • Dr. Anthony Ng, MD:Board-certified psychiatrist and medical director of Community Services for Northern Light Acadia Hospital
  • Paula Silsby: Former United States Attorney for the District of Maine;

In a joint letter to the members of the Independent Commission (PDF) released today, the Governor and the Attorney General said they selected them because “each of you brings a wealth of personal and professional legal, behavioral, investigatory, or other experiences that will help bring to light these facts for all to know and understand”, adding that each member is “highly respected for your abilities, your expertise, your impartiality, your integrity, and your fair-mindedness.”

“These qualities, and your experiences, will be fundamental to the discharge of the Independent Commission’s duties,” the Governor and Attorney General wrote.

The Governor and the Attorney General also made clear in their letter that the Independent Commission must conduct itself in an independent and objective manner guided only by the pursuit of the facts.

But will these individuals assigned by the governor really get to the bottom of the recent mass murders in the state?

According to AbleChild, Maine’s pick of Anthony Ng, psychiatrist and medical director, is not so good.

Ng visited the community after the Sandy Hook mass murders in Connecticut and made no effort to explain the treatment of Adam Lanza by Dr. Paul Fox (A FELON) to the American public.  Ng was not selected for Governor Malloy’s “lesson learned” year long fact checking which produced NO FACTS.

However Ng could have spoken up!  He did work with parents of Sandy Hook and by his own admission said that anyone could have provided the support, one didn’t need to be a psychiatrist.

Another concern with Dr. Ng is his continued practice of Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) that is mentioned in his bio.  This treatment is considered inhumane by some and that alone should shock those interested in the mass murders in Maine.

Also, Dr. Ng oversees the of use a drug called Ketamine featured on his Bio.  The Psychiatric Watch Dog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) warned about this drug less than a month ago and the FDA warnings.  This is a big red flag for consumers.

It appears that the state of Maine is working to cover-up the treatment and drugs prescribed to mass murder Card as well as who prescribed them. 

1 thought on “ABLECHILD: Maine Governor’s Choice of Psychiatrist to Investigate Mass Murderer Is a Poor Choice for America”

  1. The state of Maine isn’t alone. Across the United States they are always covering up SSRI’s in mass shootings, instead opting to push for gun control while ignoring the fact that our very corrupt government’s agency the FDA has authorized, and been paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical companies to rubber stamp their use despite knowing they are dangerous drugs driving the violence.


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