A Partial List of the Crimes Against President Trump by the Corrupt, Criminal, Communist Obama/Biden Gang | Joe Hoft


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A Partial List of the Crimes Against President Trump by the Corrupt, Criminal, Communist Obama/Biden Gang

The corrupt Obama/Biden gang has committed many serious offenses against this country but their attacks against President Trump are savage and the most satanic acts they have committed. 

The Biden crime family and the Obama goons who have illegally taken over this country must be brought to justice.

The first eight years of the Obama/Biden Adminstration they began their attempt to “change” America.

Obama did change America but he wasn’t done yet. Then when President Trump came along and won the 2016 election, Obama, Hillary and Biden had to stop Trump from throwing them all in jail. So they concocted the BS Russia collusion lie, fed it to their corrupt and compliant media mouths and had them share the story so many times that some people to this day believe it despite evidence from an investigation that it was all BS.

They then impeached President Trump because he was getting too close to their money laundering scheme in Ukraine.

Then they brought on COVID and/or manipulated it to their advantage to damage Trump and America again. Then they stole the 2020 Election and the media the entire time and the leaders of the GOP supported their crimes and even participated along with them.

The Biden/Obama crime family took over and continued the destruction of America. Massive spending and debt is put in place. An open border was created and they allowed 500,000 men of military age from around the world to cross the border. Then the Biden/Obama gang began putting the world on fire again.

The Biden/Obama gang brought in corrupt AG Merrick Garland to arrest and jail Trump supporters by the hundreds. Americans who stand up to the push from Obama/Biden to have porn in schools and trans in libraries continues. The lawless are set free and Americans are jailed, some like Jake Lang for over 1,000 days with still no court date.

When President Trump decided to run again and take win the election for the third time, the Biden/Obama/Garland gang went after him will totally BS cases.

President Trump was indicted for making accounting entries, which no CEO of a billion dollar company has ever done.  He’s being accused by a woman who can’t name the year of raping him.  He’s being accused of overstating the value of his property in a loan that was fully repaid and the value used by Biden is so off that it appears a child put it together.

In DC crazy and corrupt Jack Smith is pushing a case where President Trump is accused of saying the election was stolen when it was.  The judge is corrupt and sicko Smith and it is allowed to move forward.  The Dems complain about election results nearly every election they lose but that’s ok.  Also, their elections were not stolen.

In Georgia the corrupt Soros Backed DA is after President Trump as well on another BS case.

In every single case and crime created and committed by the Biden/Obama gang, President Trump is totally innocent.

America is in serious decline.  Criminals and communists are running this country.

Where is the Supreme Court to step in and end these attacks on President Trump in the courts?  Where is the GOP’s outrage?  Where are the Dems who claim they care for freedom?




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