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A Complete List of the Many Questions Surrounding Seth Rich’s Unsolved Brutal Murder

Today will mark the first Memorial Day that the Seth Rich family remembers the life of their young son who died last year. On July 10th, 2016, 27 year-old Omaha native and Democratic staffer Seth Rich was murdered in an upscale Washington DC neighborhood. Rich was talking to his girlfriend and then suddenly told her he had to go. According to his parents at 4:18am in the morning there were two shots fired. Police found Rich conscious and breathing but he died later in a hospital. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

Rewards for Information on Rich’s Death

The Metropolitan police in DC posted a reward for information on Rich’s murder.
Seth Rich Bloomingdale2

Then in August of 2016 Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich and its founder, Julian Assange, in an interview alluded to the fact that Seth Rich may have supplied the emails that WikiLeaks leaked during the election last year.

There are numerous others who have offered rewards for information on the death of Seth Rich. Jack Burkman, the head of the private, Washington, D.C. based Profiling Project investigative team, offered $105,000 reward of his personal money for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killers. Earlier this month American businessman Martin Shkreli offered $100,000 reward for information on Seth Rich’s murder. One America News Network (OAN) has reportedly offered another $100,000 reward for information on Seth Rich’s murder. The total in reward money now stands at $350,000.

Questionable Information Regarding the Murder

Why was the Seth Rich murder so important? Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. Then the DNC convention was then held a few weeks later and WikiLeaks dropped a bomb on the DNC by releasing a boatload of DNC related emails. The result was the firing of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the DNC Chairperson and the revelation that the DNC gave the DNC Presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton.

There is various information on the Seth Rich murder online. According to reports, Seth Rich was gunned down and there is a video from a local establishment that shows the murder. Where is this video? According these same reports two men shot Rich. A public incident report filed after Rich’s death shows that three officers who responded to the scene of the crime were wearing body cameras:

But the Metropolitan Police claimed the footage was “lost” when met with requests to release the videos, which might have provided important clues. A May 21st, 2017 report by World Net Daily has also established that police failed to speak with staff at Lou’s City Bar (where Rich was last seen alive) to enquire about whether they had any pertinent evidence.

After being found Rich was taken to a DC hospital. Reports note that Rich was alive and well after surgery and that he was expected to live but these reports have not yet been confirmed. It has also been reported that a Dr. Sava who was an ER doctor a the hospital where Rich was taken was a Hillary Clinton donor and was a guest at an event held by Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. Seth Rich died in the hospital the morning that he arrived.

The Rich family hired a detective by the name of Rod Wheeler to look into the case. Wheeler reported that according to people he met with in the DC Police Department Rich had information on his laptop that connected Rich with WikiLeaks. But the whereabouts of the laptop are currently unknown and the DC Police have reportedly been asked to stand down on further investigation into the case. There are also reports that the DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has ordered a halt to the investigation.

There are mixed messages that the family is asking people to stop looking into the case. However, these appear false as a video from the family thanks people for their assistance in finding Seth’s murderers. The DNC assigned a spokesman to the family by the name of Brad Bauman who released information that the family wanted people to stop looking into the case. But according to WikiLeaks, Bauman is a hack used for PR crisis management by the DNC.

Judicial Watch has now requested murder investigation docs from the DC Police and DC Mayor.

Ties to Podesta, Clinton and the DNC

Mainstream Media (MSM) is pushing invalidated, unsubstantiated and crazy conspiratorial stories about President Trump colluding with Russia to win last year’s election. But liberal media won’t touch the story about former DNC staffer Seth Rich being gunned down in Washington DC last year. Why not?

Democrats and the MSM have argued that Trump somehow supplied DNC emails to WikiLeaks that impacted the election and gave the victory to Trump. This is of course is false on all levels. For example, DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks before the election but for the most part the MSM ignored them. Also, the emails did contain information that showed unethical, if not criminal, actions by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton before the campaign, but there is no information to date that proves that the emails released were in any way false or made up.

Hillary Clinton’s creepy former Campaign Manager John Podesta has a history of seedy and alleged illegal activity. The late Andrew Breitbart, entrepreneur and creator of Breitbart.com knew this back in 2012 (warning on language):

Breitbart was ahead of his time.

The WikiLeaks emails proved that the Clinton campaign was in cahoots with the media. At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and/or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisers. The emails also showed that as early as December 2015 Podesta discussed Trump’s “bromance with Putin” and the potential for using it as a means to slander Trump.

Again in April 2016, Podesta was busy conjuring up a Russia smear campaign against then candidate Trump.

The day after Hillary’s loss to President Trump, it is reported that Podesta and the Clinton campaign put the Trump/Russia smear campaign into full swing. Podesta and Clinton led this smear campaign in spite of having multiple connections with Russia themselves.

Hillary, through the Clinton Foundation, received millions from Russia in return for providing a large percentage of US uranium to Russia while Secretary of State under President Obama. As for Podesta, his own emails released by WikiLeaks show that he received 75,000 shares in a Russia President Vladimir Putin connected energy company and then in an apparent move to cover this up, gave the shares to his daughter.

President Trump even tweeted about the Clinton – Podesta connections to Russia, asking why the MSM doesn’t cover these seedy links.

The reason why the Democrats are pushing the Russia – Trump ‘fake news’ story may not primarily be because the Democrats want to smear Trump and his legacy. The more plausible reason is that the Democrats all know that once the President’s team starts investigating the Clinton Foundation, Obama’s illegal wire tapping and all the many other Democrat scandals and illegal acts, many of them are facing jail time. But there seems to be an even more determined push to stop the MSM from reporting on Seth Rich’s murder.

Seth Rich provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks shortly before his death and Kim Dot Com dropped a bombshell and revealed that he has proof that Seth Rich provided the emails to WikiLeaks. This evidence alone dismantles the Trump-Russia narrative. If Seth Rich provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks, is this why he was murdered?

Attacks on Those Reporting About Seth Rich Case

Efforts to investigate the Seth Rich murder case have been opposed. The detective investigating the Seth Rich murder case, Rod Wheeler, was contacted by former DNC Chair and CNN pundit Donna Brazile and confronted and asked why he was working on the Seth Rich case. TV and radio personality Sean Hannity reported on the Seth Rich murder case and this reportedly scared the hell out of top DNC and Hillary lackeys. He was apparently asked to stop reporting on this case. Who was behind this? If you google Sean Hannity and Seth Rich you will see a concerted effort by the MSM to paint the Seth Rich murder story as reported by Sean Hannity as a conspiracy story.

Why does the fact that Seth Rich was murdered in cold blood, shot in the back in a peaceful Washington DC neighborhood early in the morning last year, cause the DNC so much fear? Is it because the young man who provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks was found out and used as an example?

According to Podesta’s own emails this could be the case. Podesta wrote last year in an email released by WikiLeaks that he “would love an example being made” [of a leaker].

A cursory review of Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks show how seedy and dishonest Podesta is. But he seems more unhinged than ever before. Is Podesta scared about what will be found out about the Seth Rich murder?

According to a tweet by @Boca Vista on Twitter, the DNC used bots pushing a CNN story to attack Sean Hannity about the Seth Rich Story. The bots in this story are system generated tweets that are created to make it look like a number of individuals are sending tweets but in reality only one person or entity is sending many tweets.

Zerohedge reported that on May 25th a reporter from the media company OAN made a post on an online message board appealing for help in locating the doctor on duty the night of Seth Rich’s murder who treated Rich for gunshot wounds. Within minutes the OAN website was taken down.

Whoever touches the Seth Rich murder case is forcefully attacked by the MSM.

Open Questions Related to the Seth Rich Murder Case

As noted already, there are a number of questions surrounding the Seth Rich murder case. Here is a list of the many questions that remain:

We know two men murdered Seth Rich and were caught on camera doing it. Where is this video from the bar from that night?
Where is the police camera footage from the police onsite at the crime scene?
What did Rich tell the police?
What was the prognosis of Rich after his surgery?
Who was around Rich in the hospital and how did he die?
Where is the laptop with information regarding the link between Rich and WikiLeaks?
Who asked the DC Police and Mayor’s Office to stand down on the Rich investigation?
Who assigned Bauman, the PR crisis manager, to the case?
Why is the media not reporting about this case?
Who is giving the MSM orders to not report about the case?
Who is ordering social media to shut down stories related to this case?
Who is behind Sean Hannity being ordered not to report on this case?
Who is behind the bots used to shut down reporting of this case?
Why did the DNC not offer a reward for information on Seth Rich’s murder?
Why is former DNC head Donna Brazile asking to stop the investigation?
What does Hillary Clinton know about the murder?
Was Seth’s murder a hit ordered by the Clintons or the DNC?
We need to ask and find out where was John Podesta last year when Seth Rich was murdered?
Where was Podesta’s brother at the time of the murder?
Is there any connection between the Podesta brother’s and the Seth Rich murder in addition to the threats John Podesta made in emails?
How could the DNC ever allow someone to be so high up in their party as John Podesta or is this a prerequisite to being a top Democrat?
Why is John Podesta so interested in getting this story out of the hands of the Democrat MSM complex?
Will President Trump order an investigation into the murder case?

Ultimately, Seth Rich was just a number to Podesta and the DNC. Podesta and the DNC showed their true colors when after his untimely death, rather than offer a reward for information related to his murder, they named a bike rack after him.

Seth Rich was a hero and he deserves much more than that. He deserves justice!


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