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30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #22 The Trump Train


As we count down to the November 8th election, we will list 30 reasons in 30 days to vote for Donald Trump for President of the US.

Reason #22 – The Trump Train

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was one of 17 initial candidates in the Republican Party running for President in 2016. These 17 men and women were more than any other major party in history. One by one the candidates dropped out as Donald Trump was able to establish the lead and hold it.

Then the Trump Train Became a Movement.

Donald Trump began attracting thousands of people to his campaign and the Republican Party ended up breaking its record for most primary votes ever (with 28 million votes) with 5 states remaining to vote. Trump won the final 16 primary contests and sealed the nomination for the Republican Party in late May – early June. By the time all primaries had taken place, Trump won more state elections than any other Republican or Democrat candidate in the race with 37 (Hillary won 28). He also had more state primary wins with 33 and led all candidates in percent of overall wins (74%) and in percent of primary wins.


After the final primaries on June 7th Trump surpassed the number of delegates needed to win the Republican nomination for President with a higher percentage of delegates than any Republican or Democrat candidate in the race (62%). It also was the highest percentage of delegates compared to what was needed at 125% than any other candidate. (Trump also had a higher percentage of delegates than either Romney (61%) in 2012 or McCain (56%) in 2008 as well.)

Hillary Clinton won the Democrat ticket but would not have done it without super delegates which are individuals who vote for their candidate of choice. Neither Clinton nor Bernie Sanders had enough delegates without super delegates and more than 90% of these were gained by Hillary which put her over the top. (Had Sanders gained the same amount of super delegates he would have won the Democrat nomination.)

Trump set the record for most votes ever by a Republican candidate in the primaries with more than 14 million primary votes and the Republican Party’s final count was a record with more than 31 million votes cast. Trump shattered the previous record by 1.4 million votes — and that was with 17 candidates in the race. The Democrats, by contrast, had 6 million fewer votes than in 2008.

Trump also was the first winning candidate in the modern era to have funded his campaign by himself during the primary season.

After Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President and both the July Republican and Democrat Party Conventions were over, the final leg of the race for President began. Trump’s momentum continues to increase and his campaign is noticeably full of energy as night after night he fills venues throughout the country setting capacity records and turning away thousands in the process. Videos of long lines waiting to get into Trump events and packed houses all over the country are posted on the Internet.


Since entering the race in 2015 through July 2016 it’s estimated that Trump entertained 1.1 million people at his rallies. Since July (in only 2 and a half months) it’s estimated that Trump has entertained another half a million people. He has turned away another 100,000 as well. Trump campaign rally participants as of October 15, 2016 were enough to hold hands and form a continuous line from KC to DC.


Trump is just crushing Hillary Clinton in rally attendance from August 1st through October 15th with 20 times the number of individuals at his events during this time (500,000 to 25,000). While Trump is filling arenas around the country, Hillary can barely fill half a high school gymnasium at hers. (Her surrogates like Tim Kaine can’t even get 50 people at an event.)


Social media numbers are just as staggering as well. As of October 15th Trump destroys Clinton in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Yesterday it was reported that Donald Trump is CRUSHING Hillary Clinton in Google searches on “How to vote Trump” versus “How to vote Hillary.” Also, it was recently reported that Trump set a Republican Party record for the largest donor pool of any Republican candidate in history with 2.6 million people donating to his campaign.

Day by day, in spite of a massive attack from the Democrat led mainstream media and the few ‘NeverTrumpers’ in the Republican Party, the Trump Train has increased in size and momentum. Crowds are getting bigger. More people are seeing the corrupt media for what it is and NO ONE is excited about Corrupt Hillary.

Donald Trump excited a huge group of Americans after he announced his run for the Presidency. Americans are tired and angry with the current group of politicians in Washington, DC and they want a change. Donald Trump is their voice.

Join the Movement, Get on the Trump Train, Vote for Trump and Let’s Make America Great Again!

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