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54 Thais Kidnapped by Hamas on Oct 7 – 96 Children Became Orphans


Thais taken by Hamas

More than 50 Thais were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 – More than 100 children lost a parent that day. 

The cruelty and damage caused by Hamas on October 7 is still being determined.

More than fifty Thais were kidnapped by Hamas:

Kong Saelao was proud of his job in Israel. Every morning, the 26-year-old Thai guest worker rode his electric bicycle to the fields and picked avocados until sundown.

Kong would send money to his wife in faraway Thailand, along with joyful selfies taken among lush green fruit trees. “We planned to build a house and start a family,” Kong’s wife Suntree told DW.

On October 7, the couple’s dreams were shattered. Hamas fighters stormed the plantation in Khirbet Mador and abducted Kong. He was taken to the nearby Gaza Strip, and there has been no trace of him since.

Israel has said 54 Thais are among the estimated 220 people being held hostage by Hamas, which is considered a terror organization by the EU, the US, Germany and others. Thailand’s government said 32 Thais have been killed, one the highest numbers of foreign victims.

Guest workers from Thailand in Israel are considered politically neutral and a group who largely keep to themselves. Kong’s wife said her husband mostly kept the company of his fellow guest workers.

“Why him of all people?” Suntree asked, crying. “He is just an innocent worker who wanted to earn money.”

In Thailand, many people are wondering why so many Thais were affected by the terror attacks on October 7.

In addition, more than 100 children lost at least one parent that day:

Harsh data was disclosed today (Tuesday) at the meeting of the Knesset Labor and Welfare Committee, which is involved in the government’s efforts to assist the victims of the Hamas attack in the communities surrounding Gaza.

Rakfat Atzmon, who is in charge of the Welfare Ministry’s orphans office, presented the committee with the data, according to which 20 children from 12 different families, who are under the age of 18, have been left without both parents. She emphasized that this number includes children whose parents are defined as kidnapped or missing.

Another 96 children, from 47 families, have lost one parent. It was also noted that 18 young adults aged 18-25 lost both their parents in the attack.

Atzmon confirmed that data must still be correlated with other entities, including the Ministry of Health, in order “to obtain a full picture.”

Oct 7 was a bloody massacre of innocents. 

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