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30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #17 Trump’s America First Trade Strategy


As we count down to the November 8th election, we will list 30 reasons in 30 days to vote for Donald Trump for President of the US.

Reason #17 – Trump’s America First Trade Strategy

For years the media, academia and conservatives agreed that free trade was the American way. Text books told us that various governments, including the US, created trade barriers that led to the Great Depression. Then Donald Trump came along and squashed it all.

Breitbart’s Hahn noted that: “Donald Trump has been presented as a deviation from America’s historic “free trade” policy when, in fact, America was founded on Alexander Hamilton’s protectionist economic system whose greatest defenders would become Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party.”

Hahn continued by quoting economist Ian Fletcher:

The idea that America’s economic tradition has been economic liberty, laissez faire, and wide-open cowboy capitalism — which would naturally include free trade… is simply not real history. The reality is that all four presidents on Mount Rushmore were protectionists. (Even Jefferson came around after the War of 1812). Protectionism is, in fact, the real American way.

In another post, Hahn points out that Trump’s position on trade closely resembles Reagan’s record. Reagan did not hesitate to impose duties, tariffs or other trade fairness measures to enforce trade rules. For example, Reagan put a 45% tariff on Japanese motorcycles that saved Harley Davidson.

Donald Trump points out on his website that:

  • America has lost nearly one-third of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA and 50,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization. [Economic Policy Institute, April 23, 2015]
  • Our annual trade deficit in goods with Mexico has risen from close to zero in 1993 to almost $60 billion. Our total trade deficit in goods hit nearly $800 billion last year. China is responsible for nearly half of our entire trade deficit. Almost half of our entire manufacturing trade deficit in goods with the world is the result of trade with China. [United States Census Bureau]
  • The U.S. trade deficit with the proposed TPP member countries cost over 2 million jobs in 2015. By far the biggest losses occurred in motor vehicles and parts, which lost nearly 740,000 manufacturing jobs. Imagine how many more jobs would be lost if the Trans-Pacific Partnership was actually approved. [Economic Policy Institute, March 3, 2016]

The TPP was promoted in secrecy and once it was exposed it was easy to see why. It is a presented by WikiLeaks to be the globalists’ strategy to undermine democracy by transferring sovereignty from nations to trans-national corporations.

Hillary Clinton supported the TPP calling it the ‘gold standard’. She then flopped her position after it was clear that it was political suicide. Then Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe said Clinton will support TPP. Then Clinton’s team responded and said that McAuliffe was incorrect.

Trump knows where he stands on trade – America first.

A vote for Trump is a vote for ‘America First’ trade policies, a vote for Hillary, well, probably not…

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