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30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #1 Trump Will Make America Great Again!


As we counted down to the November 8th election, we listed 30 reasons in 30 days to vote for Donald Trump for President of the US. Here is our number one reason –

Reason #1 – Trump Will Make America Great Again!*

Make America Great Again (MAGA) was Trump’s slogan throughout his campaign. Perhaps the below video explains MAGA best –

* Below is our entire list of 30 reasons to vote for Donald Trump for President. One reader commented 30 days ago that we could have started a year ago on this list. Our purpose in putting this together was to provide you with an inventory of reasons to vote for Donald Trump for President.

We believe that after reading and viewing the posts below you will agree that only one person deserves your vote for President of the US in 2016 – Donald Trump.

See also –

Reason #2 Only Trump Can Stop Corrupt Clinton Machine
Reason #3 The Supreme Court
Reason #4 Corrupt Hillary’s Criminal Email Activities
Reason #5 The Criminal Clinton Foundation
Reason #6 Hillary is Really Sick
Reason #7 The Benghazi Massacre
Reason #8 Trump Will Build a Great Border Wall
Reason #9 Trump’s Massive Tax Cuts
Reason #10 Obamacare
Reason #11 Obama’s Disrespect for the Military and Vets
Reason #12 Obama’s Massive $20 Trillion Debt
Reason #13 Obama-Clinton Created ISIS
Reason #14 Trump Loves New Media – New Media Loves Trump
Reason #15 Obama’s Abysmal GDP Growth Rate
Reason #16 Trump – The Law and Order Candidate
Reason #17 Trump’s America First Trade Strategy
Reason #18 Hillary’s Attack on the 2nd Amendment
Reason #19 The Candidate’s Children and Abortion
Reason #20 Obama-Clinton’s Libyan Catastrophe
Reason #21 Obama’s 94 Million Jobless Americans
Reason #22 The Trump Train
Reason #23 Bill Clinton’s a Rapist
Reason #24 Obama-Clinton’s Absurd and Dangerous Iran Deal
Reason #25 Obama’s Food Stamp Nation
Reason #26 Vince Foster and Filegate
Reason #27 Beautiful Melania Trump
Reason #28 Obama’s Historical Low Home Ownership Rates
Reason #29 Syrian Quagmire
Reason #30 Whitewater

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