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2024 Setting Up to Be a Huge Year for the News

In America and across the globe, 2024 is setting up to be a huge and historic year in the news. 

Overseas there are wars in Ukraine and Gaza.  China threatens the invasion of Taiwan every day.  Iran has been reinforced with billions by the Obama/Biden anti-American government.  And an invasion of Guyana is likely to occur in South America as Venezuela threatens to take over newly discovered oil fields in the much smaller country.

At home inflation is on the rise and experts are saying that 2024 will have the largest depression of our lifetimes.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Americans Suffering Worse than in Great Depression – It’s a Silent Depression

The Southern border is receiving millions of military aged men crossing into the US.  These men are not being vetted properly and appear to be the modern day Trojan horse.

WAKE UP – Modern Day Trojan Horse Continues – Busload of Foreign Warriors Unloads in Sikeston, MO Yesterday

On top of all of this is the Biden/Obama regime using corrupt actors in the DOJ and corrupt judges in the courts to reign down on innocent Americans including President Trump like the communists and Nazis of the past.

Corrupt Media Matters Linked to Entity Behind Removing President Trump from Colorado Ballot – Is This Legal?

At the same time the truth is censored and those who report the truth are harassed and bankrupted by the corrupt courts.

Chris Smith at TNTRadio.live shares the following about 2024:

Oh, and to top it all off, I’ll be in the news not just for reporting the news but for defending myself in a civil case against Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, the mother-daughter team caught ramming ballot batches multiple times into the system on 2020 Election night.

They just sued Rudy Giuliani and the Obama judge wouldn’t provide him a trial and then said he owed them $148 million.  My sin, like Rudy’s was reporting the truth.

Get Ready 2024 is coming. 

1 thought on “2024 Setting Up to Be a Huge Year for the News”

  1. 2024 is going to be a difficult year for the world. We need to reach out to our family and friends. If the need should arise, be prepared and make arrangements to be able to connect with each other. Be watchful of what the schools are teaching our children and remain vigilant on how children interact with social media and TV. Find “honest” elected officials that you can support with money and or time. Reach out to others and be ready to show sympathy and understanding to those who have purposely stayed ignorant of the world’s events, but who will be forced into reality this coming year.

    A concerned grandmother, mother, foster-mother, wife, sister and friend.


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