Nordstrom Cancels Ivanka Trump’s Profit Making Clothing Line but Keeps ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans’

Nordstrom Department Stores announced last month that it would cancel Ivanka Trump’s fashion line after complaints from the organized liberal mob.

The decision was made after the far left “Grab Your Wallet” campaign harassed the company for months.

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump told NBC News that the brand had been selling well and that the move was in response to pressure from advocacy groups — a claim Nordstrom denied.

Nordstrom also released a statement attacking the president after his temporary ban on refugees from seven terror states.

The far left is cheering the news.

Judge Jeanine slammed Nordstrom and the feminists who are trying to destroy Ivanka Trump.

Now we see what Nordstrom is selling to replace the lost income from the Ivanka Trump fashion line – clear knee mom jeans –

Who are the liberal ding dongs that this company?

hat tip Craig

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