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Radical Democrat AG and Judge in New York Pushing BS Case Never Before Done in History

The corrupt Democrat judge in the New York case against President Trump is a radical Democrat picked because he hates President Trump and justice itself. 

What is happening here?

President Trump shared information on the corrupt Judge in his case.

Arthur Engoron Is A Far-Left Democrat Who Said Trump Should Be Prosecuted Because “He’s Just A Bad Guy.”

Judge Engoron Claims He Knows More About The Value Of The Business Empire Of President Trump Than His Banks, Business Partners, Accountants, Employees, And Insurers.

Judge Engoron Has Been A Democrat Donor Since the 90’s.

In 2015, A List Of Democrats Including Barack Obama Were On The Induction Letter Of Engoron As A Justice Of The Supreme Court Of The State Of New York.

 “Judge Arthur Engoron Is A Far-Left Democrat Who Said Trump Should Be Prosecuted Because “He’s Just A Bad Guy”

Judge Arthur Engoron Is “Horribly Biased And Very Corrupt Judge” Who Said Trump Should Be Prosecuted Because “He’s Just A Bad Guy.” “But the Daily Mail has more.  The judge in the case is a horribly biased and very corrupt judge, as is evident from his remarks in the case. A judge delivered a withering put down to Donald Trump‘s lawyer’s claim that the former president was being unfairly targeted by New York Attorney General Tish James on Thursday, saying she had every right to go after him if ‘he’s just a bad guy.’ At the end of the hearing, New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and two of his adult children to testify as part of a probe into the family’s business dealings.” (The Gateway Pundit, 2/20/22)

The Far-Left Democrat Judge Claims He Knows More About The Value Of The Business Empire Of President Trump Than His Banks, Business Partners, Accountants, Employees, And Insurers 

“A Far-Left, Democrat Judge In New York Has Ruled That He Knows More About The Value Of The Business Empire Of Former President Donald Trump Than His Banks, Business Partners, Accountants, Employees, And Insurers.” “A far-left, Democrat judge in New York has ruled that he knows more about the value of the business empire of former President Donald Trump than his banks, business partners, accountants, employees, and insurers. Judge Arthur Engoron, a life-long leftist lawyer, ruled Tuesday that Trump and his company deceived people, even though two-page disclaimers were included in financial statements to make clear such valuations were internal estimates.” (The National Pulse, 9/23) 

The New York Sun: “Real Estate Experts In Florida Say Valuation Of Mar-A-Lago Cited By Judge In Civil Case Is Based On A Misunderstanding Of Basic Real Estate Practice.” “The ruling of a New York judge that President Trump defrauded banks and insurance companies by inflating the value of his real estate assets is based, in at least one prominent case, on Judge Arthur Engoron’s elementary misunderstanding of basic real estate law, according to industry insiders who have spoken with The New York Sun. The director of the school of real estate at Florida International University, Eli Beracha, tells the Sun that the metric used by the judge is “not a good way to value the property” and is “not the right approach.” He adds that real estate professionals “don’t even look at county appraisal data,” which Judge Engoron relied on in rendering summary judgment. Mr. Beracha adds that “any real estate professional would say that market value and county appraisal are not the same thing,” and that it is “not the job of the county appraiser to assess value. If it was,” he explains, “we wouldn’t need Zillow.” County officials, like the ones in Palm Beach County that Judge Engoron cites, merely perform “drive-by appraisals” that are used to assess taxes, not total value.” (The New York Sun, 10/2/23) 

Breitbart: “Trump Fraud Case: Democrat Judge, Democrat Prosecutor, Democrat City.” “The accusations stem from claims made in Congress by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen — already convicted for lying to Congress — who cooperated with the Democrat-run House of Representatives in persecuting Trump. Cohen alleged that Trump inflated the values of his real estate properties — which are estimates, in any case — in obtaining real estate loans from banks against those properties. The judge agreed, ignoring the fact that the banks almost certainly did their own due diligence investigations before making those loans, and disregarding the fact that no bank lost money on the loans. It did not matter that there was no injured party; exaggeration itself was enough. Numerous critics pointed out the apparent absurdity of the judge’s claim that Trump overestimated the value of his Mar-a-Lago estate.” (Breitbart, 9/27/23)

Newsweek: “How Much Is Mar-a-Lago Worth? Valuation of Trump Property Raises Questions.” “Since the ruling emerged, some on social media have speculated as to what the true value of the property might be, suspecting the figures quoted in the court case were incorrect. “A nearby vacant lot (2.3 acres) is for sale on Zillow for $200 million,” John LeFevre, a former investment banker who created the Goldman Sachs Elevator social media account, wrote alongside a screengrab of the listing. “Mar-a-Lago sits on 17 acres, with waterfront on both sides.” He added: “The primary point is this: The lending bank is required to get a valuation from a third party to cover its LTV calculation. No one had an issue with any of this. Everyone made money…Until an activist [District Attorney] came along decades later,” a reference to Letitia James, who brought the case. Ali Zein Yousuf, a software engineer, replied: “You’re right, if it was priced at the same per acre as the empty lot, it’d be [$]1.5 billion.” There are competing estimates as to the size of the estate; several publications have said it spans 17 acres, while the club’s website says it is 20 acres. According to the asking price of the empty lot listing, this would in theory give the property a value of $1.47 billion to $1.72 billion, but that doesn’t take into account the development potential of the empty plot, or the value of the Mar-a-Lago buildings.” (Newsweek, 9/27/23)

“Trump Paid His Banks Every Penny They Were Owed Along With Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Fees And Interest. If Someone Would Like To “Defraud” Me In This Manner, I Am Willing To Discuss.” (@DavidM_Friedman, 9/27/23)

This is just another BS case by the totally corrupt and criminal Democrats.


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