Tucker Carlson Says What We Already Know But Nobody Ever Says – When It Comes to Racism – President “Obama Is First on that List!”

Last night on FOX News Tucker Carlson said what we all know but no one says outright – When discussing racism – Obama is first on the list!

During his show last night Tucker Carlson on FOX News made the most obvious statement heard on cable news in a decade when discussing former President Obama’s speech yesterday in Illinois with his guest, far left Chris Hahn –

Hahn – Are there people in this country that have a racial element to their politics? Of course there are Tucker. We both agree on that.

Carlson – Yeah. Obama is first on that list I would say!

America voted President Obama for President in 2008. It was a historic election. America had finally overcame slavery to the point that a black man was elected President. But within days America learned that Obama was not the hope and changed he had promised.

Obama’s entire platform was based around race and it still is. His position that white men are racist may have worked for some of the minorities in America but not for America as a whole and it showed in electoral results. The Democrat Party was devastated during the Obama years. They lost the House, the Senate and then the Presidency.

“Americans are racist” is not a winning strategy.