Trump Tweets: Iran is Rapidly Taking Over Iraq Even After US Squandered $3 Trillion There


On Friday July 2nd 2016, we reported that as the world press celebrated the Iraqi government taking back the city of Fallujah from ISIS, the truth behind the scene was that Iran was taking over Iraq. We reported that when compared to the 1991 Iraq War, the US effort was lacking. In the 1991 War in Iraq the US dropped a daily average of 6,163 bombs in Iraq. Under Obama, in 2016 the US was dropping on average 43 bombs per day and that Obama’s Noncommittal was Iran’s opportunity to take over Iraq.

In July a FOX News article reported that, “The Fallujah operation was carried out by Iraq’s elite counterterrorism troops, Iraqi federal police, Anbar provincial police and an umbrella group of government- sanctioned militia fighters — mostly Shiites — who are known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.”

However, what was not noted by the press was that the ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’ were based in Iraq but assisted by Iran’s Quds Forces, the paramilitary wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC-QF). (We even noted that the Reuters video above showed fighters hanging a poster of what appeared to be a Shia Ayatollah, possibly the leader of Iran, on a bridge in Fallujah.)

fallujah iran

Last night Donald Trump confirmed our report in a tweet stating:

Iran is rapidly taking over more and more of Iraq even after the U.S. has squandered three trillion dollars there. Obvious long ago!


Again, we again were way ahead of the Fake News Main Stream Media reporting in another area!