The US is Facing a Constitutional Crisis and Attorney General Sessions is No Where to be Found!

The US in the midst of its greatest Constitutional crisis ever. After eight years of the Obama Administration, the top of the FBI and DOJ are is corrupt and led by dirty cops and attorneys. Yet President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is no where to be found.

Michelle Malkin was on Hannity last night and she correctly stated that the US in currently in a Constitutional crisis. Malkin said –

This did not just come out of nowhere. I reported over the last eight years about how the Obama Administration and particularly people in the Justice Department thwarted at every turn Inspector General’s investigations. It happened at Justice. It happened at the EPA, Interior, TARP, every single one of these civilian agencies. And so you add the national security implications and dangers of the hijacking of our intelligence agencies and yes we’re in the midst of a constitutional crisis.

US Representative Matt Gaetz notes that in June of last year, Judicial Watch requested all correspondence related to former Assistant Head of the FBI Andy McCabe. None of this information has been provided to date.

Tom Fitten from Judicial Watch is tired of watching the Mueller team roam with no accountability while Republicans come to crooked bad cop Mueller’s defense –

It’s time for the US Attorney General to get the job done and save the country.