Support for General Flynn Lying Reportedly Destroyed by McCabe – Deep State’s Mueller Team and Fired Sally Yates Did It Before!

It was previously reported in February, that fired FBI Director McCabe altered far left FBI investigator Peter Strzok’s 302 notes on his interview with General Michael Flynn.

Reports are now circling that not only did corrupt former FBI Head McCabe alter the 302 regarding the interview with General Flynn that later was used to get Flynn fired and indicted by the corrupt Mueller team, McCabe and his corrupt gang also destroyed the supporting documentation for the 302.

Internet sleuths are again at it. New reports are out suspecting that corrupt and fired former FBI Head McCabe destroyed evidence that General Flynn was innocent and did not lie to FBI agents when interviewed shortly after the 2017 Inauguration. Flynn was later indicted by the corrupt and conflicted Mueller team.

Some on the free Internet (i.e. not the MSM) also point out that one of Mueller’s gang, Andrew Weissmann, did the same thing years ago in the government’s case against Enron.

No wonder corrupt DOJ Deputy AG Rosenstein is not providing these documents to the Senate. They’ve all been destroyed. Also, Mueller’s team may not be doing the same which was ordered by Judge Sullivan in the Flynn case. This would appear to be grounds to drop charges against Flynn.

Corrupt and fired former DOJ AG Sally Yates destroyed evidence in the past as well. She is the one who went to the White House and complained that General Flynn had lied.

General Flynn’s innocence cannot be declared soon enough. He and his family have gone through so much due to these horrible corrupt human beings. These goons who set him up need to be brought to justice. Drain the Swamp!