The 1st Edition of Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers has been sold and read around the globe. On recent trips to the US and Japan numerous individuals who have read this book shared their appreciation.  As a result, it is now available in three distinct parts –

Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers, Part 1 is a compilation of Chapters 1 – 3 from the 1st Edition. This slice of the book provides the reader with an introduction to the current challenges the US is facing and provides comparisons to China, the second largest economy in the world and by some measurements now the largest. The reader is also exposed to the Australia superannuation scheme as an alternative to social security in the US.

Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers, Part 2 is a compilation of Chapters 4 and 5 from the 1st Edition. This portion of the book compares health care in the US with the efficient program in Hong Kong. It also provides a comparison between the New Zealand ACC scheme with disability programs in the US.

Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers, Part 3 is a compilation of the remaining chapters from the 1st Edition, chapters 6 – 10. This final slice of the book provides a comparison of the super-efficient and effective tax scheme in Hong Kong with the tax regime in the US. The Hong Kong Jockey club is also discussed and finally the benefits of the family are presented. Countries in the Asia Pacific region of the world are not without their challenges but much can be learned from them.

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Additional Quotes about Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers

Dana Loesch, host of the talk radio’s the Dana Show and the Blaze TV’s Dana show and political commentator on Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC and HBO

“[Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers] is terrifying. I’m just going to come right out and say it .… everything that you have suspected about the US financial system and the gains that China is making, you lay it out very clearly. It’s very well written.… [Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers] is a mind job, it is, but it’s so informative….China is realizing the benefits of capitalism….This is a great book… I think it is a must read.”

Dana On Demand

Jim Hoft, Sole proprietor of

“This is a phenomenal book.  Joe Hoft has extensive experience in East Asia as an international financial executive.  He’s traveled in the Asia Pacific region from Korea to New Zealand and he has witnessed first-hand the successes of the East Asian markets and economies.  Joe brings all of that knowledge and experience together in this book.  Joe offers hope for America.  I hope and pray this book gets the attention it deserves.  I’m very proud of my twin brother for Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers.”

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Andrew Marcus, Producer and Director of Movie – Hating Breitbart

“By humbly looking outside the American system for solutions to our economic crisis, Hoft leads the reader on a rediscovery of America’s most successful global export, free market capitalism.  After reading from this book I was left both hopeful for America’s future and proud of her past.”

Marinka Peschmann, Investigation Journalist and Author of The Whistleblower, the story the Clintons and their efforts to cover up the Lewinski affair. 

“Do not read Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers at your own peril.  The question is not if America will experience another economic crisis, the question is when.  Ex-pat Joe Hoft takes the reader on a no holds barred journey that meticulously identifies the root causes behind the impending financial crisis and offers real solutions to defuse this ticking time bomb.  This is a must read for Americans who want to protect their families and futures.”

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