Speaker Ryan Ignored Brexit and Trump’s Tax Plan and Promotes a Congressional Tax Plan Instead


Speaker Paul Ryan, in his infinite wisdom decided that Friday was a good day to promote a tax plan, independent of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s plan. This ingenious idea of promoting a tax plan, independent of the Republican nominee, on the day of the greatest European news story in recent history, is perplexing and shocking.  Why did Ryan promote a plan now and why did he feel that his Congressional plan was so different and better than the Republican candidate’s plan?  Clearly if he was trying to work with the nominee to win the election, he would accept the party leader’s plan and find ways to support him to win the nomination.

Reuters reported that the tax plan, unveiled by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican lawmakers at the U.S. Capitol, was rolled out in an effort to unify Republicans after a divisive primary campaign for the party’s presidential nominee. (i.e. Ryan knows best!?!)

Ryan is the highest-ranking elected Republican and he stated that the proposal would provide a clear direction for U.S. economic leadership that was needed amid global uncertainty exemplified by the British vote to leave the European Union.

Ryan said that, “For all of these moments of possible uncertainty that are happening around the globe, having strong, powerful, confident, American economic leadership is in need, and this does that.”

Ryan believes he is the answer – not Trump!