President Trump Sets ARENA RECORD at Harrisburg Rally on Saturday Night

Although the media would not report it, Candidate Donald Trump had massive crowds at his rallies throughout the Presidential campaign. We started keeping track of the crowds at Trump’s rallies compared to those at Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton’s rallies in August. The results were staggering with Trump outpacing Clinton in rally attendance by more than 12 to one. This was one of the many reasons we projected Candidate Trump would win the election.

Last night, President Trump held a rally in Harrisburg, PA, instead of attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Again the main stream media (MSM) will not report it but the crowd was massive. Inside the rally at the PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center the crowd was massive. President Trump during his speech noted that the crowd size broke the all time record at the arena.

Typical with all Trump rallies, the line to get in was massive.

President Trump now outpaces Hillary Clinton in rally attendance since the election 100 to none!

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