President Trump Gives Subtle Hints Dems and the Deep State Are About to Face Their Crimes

President Trump gave a couple of rallies last week, one in Minneapolis and one in Dallas/Ft. Worth. During his rallies he gave various hints that the Deep State may soon soon face justice.

We know that the IG’s report regarding FISA abuse from Obama’s FBI, DOJ and Deep State spies around the world, is about to be released. We also know that AG Barr has an investigation into the Deep State actions taken before, during and after the 2016 election led by a man named Durham. We also know that President Trump knows more than any of us civilians regarding what is being done to investigate the Deep State.

The President is very calm and he gets energized from his great and historic rallies. We also know that he works his way around the corrupt media through these rallies and through social media. The President either is able to let the corrupt left’s attacks role off his back better than anyone in history or he knows what is coming out soon.

Here are some clips from his speech in Dallas which relate to the corruption in DC that the President is trying to stop. In this first clip at 14:40 minutes the President states that he won’t allow the IRS to be a weapon anymore to be used against Americans like what the corrupt Obama administration allowed to take place –

He also discussed crooked Adam Schiff and the whistleblower at the 20:00 minute mark and asks “Is the whistleblower a spy?” He then says there’s a lot of bad people out there, but one by one we’re advancing” –

He then later discusses Crooked Hillary’s emails and he says at the 41:25 mark, “They may find those 33,000 emails. They’re looking!” –

President Trump’s rallies were outstanding but his delivery is as calm as when he first started campaigning. He crowds are getting bigger as his administration continues its best to address the corruption in Obama’s Deep State.