President Trump Does the Impossible – Trade Deals with Mexico and Canada Reached Putting America First!

President Trump had accomplished the impossible again. Naysayers said his trade policies would put the world in a global recession, instead the US just announced a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico and the US economy is on fire!

Fox Business reported over the weekend –

The United States and Canada confirmed Sunday they had reached a deal on a “new, modernized trade agreement,” which is designed to replace the 1994 NAFTA pact.

In a joint statement the two nations said the new deal would be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

….The agreements reportedly boost U.S. access to Canada’s dairy market and protect Canada from possible U.S. autos tariffs.

President Trump’s administration has said Canada must sign on to the text of the updated NAFTA by a midnight Sunday deadline or face exclusion from the pact. Washington has already reached a bilateral deal with Mexico, the third NAFTA member.

Not all elitist media outlets were happy and honest with the news. The BBC reported that President Trump was against free trade –

The Trump administration set Sunday as a deadline for Canada to strike a deal.

A protectionist policy under the Mr Trump has seen the US forge ahead with individual trade deals, rejecting bigger multi-lateral trade agreements and posing a challenge to decades of global free trade.

What a crock! The liberal media said President Trump would cause the next Great Depression with his trade policies. Instead the economy is booming, unemployment is at all time lows, the stock market is at record setting highs and US GDP has never been higher!