New Evidence on Obama’s Questionable Past

obama book

New evidence provided by Obama’s brother and former best man, Malik Obama, shows a draft of President Barack Obama’s book ‘Dreams From My Father’ with questionable comments and edits attached. The notes and sticky notes on the draft indicate that large portions of the book were not written by Obama.  This comes from information recently released by WeSearchr (a new media platform for crowdfunded information bounties on news, politics, current events, and celebrity gossip).

Obama has always maintained that he wrote his books by himself. The manuscript is covered in sticky notes that say things like “Not O.”  According to Malik Obama, the sticky notes were written by Barack Obama. The big takeaway is that the sticky notes confirm that certain sections of the book were written by Obama and others were not.

In 2008 author Jack Cashill wrote a book about Obama where according to his research Obama did not author his books.  Cashill believed Obama’s friend and terrorist, Bill Ayers wrote his books.  Cashill’s research was not surprisingly ignored by the mainstream media.


On one page, the sentence “My grandfather was a Muslim.” is crossed out. If this is the case then it is additional evidence that Obama is a Muslim. According to Islam, the religion is passed from the father to the children.  If Obama’s grandfather and father were Muslims, then Obama is a Muslim too.



Obama Lost 14 Million Jobs at a Cost of $10 Trillion

Culture of Corruption

President Obama made the claim that because of him the US economy is in great shape and that he created 14 million jobs. As usual, with Obama, know that the opposite is probably more accurate.

First of all the US economy is not in great shapeIf it was the Fed would be raising interest rates and because it is not the Fed has again decided not to raise rates. Obama will probably not raise rates through the end of his term with some estimates that the US will be in a recession by August.

As far as the claim that the US has gained 14 million jobs, this is not accurate for a number of reasons.

Firstly, when Obama makes this claim he begins his calculation in February of 2010, nearly two years after he took over the Presidency. If Obama begins counting when in January 2008 — which is how job growth is normally measured — the number of private-sector jobs has increased just 5.6 million.

Secondly, when considering the number of new entrants into the job force, of more than 20 million, then Obama actually lost 14 million jobs.  When compared to Reagan, for the six years starting in 1982, the population grew by 12.4 million but the number of jobs grew by 18.4 million.

Thirdly, a large percent of the number of new jobs that are counted by Obama are actually part time jobs.  This phenomenon is related to Obamacare which resulted in the unintended consequence of reducing the number of full time jobs being replaced by part time jobs.

Finally, when comparing Obama’s 14 million jobs lost to other economic disasters created by his administration, the number is really outrageous. With an increase in the national debt of around $10 trillion during his administration, the US lost each job at a cost of more than $70,000 per job to the American taxpayer.

What a lie and what a disaster!

“Oral Sex is Not Sex” Attorney Kendall Now Representing Hillary in Email Investigation

The Clinton’s favorite attorney, David Kendall is now representing Hillary Clinton in the FBI’s probe into her private email server.  Kendall has been there for the Clintons for many years and scandals, including Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky affair.

According to the Washington Post Kendall is blamed for pursuing the legalistic argument — that receiving oral sex did not constitute a sexual relationship — that has proved widely unpalatable.

Kendall is now again up to his old tricks but this time with Hillary. Per the New York Times he recently sent a  letter to lawmakers, noting that although some email messages he had possession of had recently been deemed classified, none were so designated at the time they were sent.

The Daily Beast reported that the State Department put up virtually no resistance when Kendall  requested to keep copies of Hillary’s emails—even though those emails contained classified information, and even though it was unclear whether the attorney was cleared to see such secrets.

The Daily Beast stated that back in May 2015, a senior State Department official informed Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, that government reviewers had found at least one classified email among the messages she sent using a private account, which she used exclusively while in office. “That email was only part of the “first tranche” of the review, a State Department employee noted at the time, leaving open the possibility that more classified information would be found, which it was.”

Obama is Giving Iraq to Iran


On Friday, the world press celebrated good news coming out of Iraq. Timed perfectly for the 4th of July weekend in the US, it was reported that the Iraqi government had taken back the city of Fallujah from ISIS.  Hollie McKay at FOX News reported that, “The long-awaited liberation of Fallujah this week came with minimal damage to the city’s infrastructure.”

This indeed is good news for the Obama Administration which would like this reported during the holiday weekend since the city was occupied for two years by ISIS and now it is free. However there are a couple items not reported by the press.

Obama is Not Committed to Destroying ISIS.

iraq and syria bombs in 2016

A chart in the FOX News article shows the number of airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria since April. The highest number of airstrikes in one day per the chart is 36; however Russia is launching twice as many airstrikes as the US against ISIS in Syria.

us war bombs dropped

When compared to the 1991 Iraq War, the current US effort is infinitesimal. In the 1991 War in Iraq the US dropped a daily average of 6,163 bombs in Iraq.  Under Obama, the US is dropping on average 43 bombs per day.

Obama’s Noncommittal is Iran’s Opportunity to Take over Iraq.

The FOX News article reported that, “The Fallujah operation was carried out by Iraq’s elite counterterrorism troops, Iraqi federal police, Anbar provincial police and an umbrella group of government- sanctioned militia fighters — mostly Shiites — who are known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.”

However, what is not noted by the press is that the ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’ are based in Iraq but assisted by Iran’s Quds Forces, the paramilitary wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC-QF).  (Note that the Reuters video above shows fighters hanging a poster of what appears to be the Ayatollah (the Iranian leader) on a bridge in Fallujah.)

Ayatolla in Falluja

Because Obama is not committed to destroying ISIS, the US is supporting Iran in its takeover of Iraq.

It is very unclear what Obama’s policy is in the Middle East. Over the past 8 years there are multiple examples where Obama supported radical Islam terrorist related organizations in various countries.  Obama was on the same side as Al Qaeda when bombing Gaddafi and his forces in Libya.  The Al Qaeda flag was even seen at the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi.  Obama also sided with the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even providing them with $1.5 billion in aid, and then taking it away after they were overthrown.

The only policy that seems to fit Obama’s actions around the world is – Do the opposite of what is best for the US.



Nigel Farage in the Belly of the EU Beast – ‘You’re Not Laughing Now Are You?’

Nigel Farage stood in front of the European Union today and said “How things have changed….Isn’t it funny. When I came here 17 years ago and I said I wanted to lead a campaign to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me.  Well I have to say you’re not laughing now are you?”

This man has courage! Wow!

Donald Rumsfeld Supports Donald Trump Because Hillary is a ‘KNOWN, KNOWN’!

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces that he supports Donald Trump, tells ‘On the Record’ it’s because Hillary Clinton is a ‘Known, Known’ where as Donald Trump is a ‘Known, Unknown’.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated last week that he supports Donald Trump. He stated “I don’t expect that I should agree with everybody on everything….I could not vote for Mrs. Clinton.”

In regards to why he wouldn’t vote for Hillary, he said, “Well there are a number of reasons. I think that telling the parents of people who have been killed that it was the result of a video when she knew it was not, is not a good thing to do.  I think even worse is if you think of intelligence, you’ve got official business, sensitive, confidential, secret and top secret.  And then you’ve got compartments where even someone cleared for top secret is not allowed access to those compartments unless they have a need to know.  From everything you read in the paper, … on that server had special compartmented information and top secret information.”

“Now what’s wrong with that? Well number one, the information, and we spend billions of dollars gathering intelligence as a country.  And once people outside know that we have that intelligence they then can prevent us from getting additional intelligence through that source and that puts the source at risk.  Second, any country looking at the way the State Department, and she handled classified information, is not going to want to put their people at risk.  So they’re going to refuse to give us information. And I’ve been told this by one country already that they would have to be much more careful about what they would share with us.  Well we don’t know everything.  We have to cooperate with other intelligence agencies.  And so I really believe that if she were a yeoman in the navy or a Sergeant in the Army or the Marine Corps or the Air Force that she’d be prosecuted.”

Rumsfeld is famous for the following logical reasoning when Secretary of Defense:

“There are known, knowns. There are things we know we know.  We also know there are known, unknowns.  That is to say we know there’s some things we do not know.  But there are also unknown, unknowns.  The ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Of course Rumsfeld baffled the reporters with this logic and now again baffles the leftwing media and the elite for supporting Trump.

(Note that Rumsfeld’s quote above was presented in a business risk seminar last year in Hong Kong and characterized as profound.)

Speaker Ryan Ignored Brexit and Trump’s Tax Plan and Promotes a Congressional Tax Plan Instead


Speaker Paul Ryan, in his infinite wisdom decided that Friday was a good day to promote a tax plan, independent of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s plan. This ingenious idea of promoting a tax plan, independent of the Republican nominee, on the day of the greatest European news story in recent history, is perplexing and shocking.  Why did Ryan promote a plan now and why did he feel that his Congressional plan was so different and better than the Republican candidate’s plan?  Clearly if he was trying to work with the nominee to win the election, he would accept the party leader’s plan and find ways to support him to win the nomination.

Reuters reported that the tax plan, unveiled by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican lawmakers at the U.S. Capitol, was rolled out in an effort to unify Republicans after a divisive primary campaign for the party’s presidential nominee. (i.e. Ryan knows best!?!)

Ryan is the highest-ranking elected Republican and he stated that the proposal would provide a clear direction for U.S. economic leadership that was needed amid global uncertainty exemplified by the British vote to leave the European Union.

Ryan said that, “For all of these moments of possible uncertainty that are happening around the globe, having strong, powerful, confident, American economic leadership is in need, and this does that.”

Ryan believes he is the answer – not Trump!


Trump on Obama and Hillary: They were wrong. They’re always wrong and that’s the Problem with them!

trump in scotland

Donald Trump held a press conference from his newly refurbished resort in Scotland after the Brexit vote. Many were stating that the vote in the UK was the same movement that is pushing Trump to the lead of the Republican party.  However, it may be that Trump was a big reason for the vote for exiting the EU.  Trump said about Obama and Hillary:  “Obviously for 219th time they were wrong.  They’re always wrong and that’s the problem with them!”

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are Panicked and Concerned about Trump versus Hillary

Rush Limbaugh noted today that some Democrats think the race between Hillary and Trump is over when historical elections are considered but Trump is not a traditional candidate. According to Rush there are signs that Democrats worried and they should be –

Rush Limbaugh

From the transcripts of today’s show

RUSH:  Hey, look, folks, I don’t care how you slice it out there, there’s a degree of panic and concern on the Democrat side about Trump versus Hillary.  And I have the telltale signs to back that up.  They’ve got this CNN poll out there, and they’re not happy about it.  Now, the Drive-Bys are trying to present it as though it is just wonderful news for Hillary, but it isn’t.  When you factor everything in, it is not good news, and if you go to the right places in the Drive-By Media, you will see that certain members give it all up, give it away.  The way to look at this is, given the apparent…

See, everything here is “apparent.”  Everything is being… They’re judging Trump by the same old standards that you judge every other normal politician by.  You can’t do that.  So they’re looking at Trump and the fact that he doesn’t have any money compared to Hillary.  They’re looking at Trump and they don’t see a campaign organization.  They look at Trump and say, “Big deal,” that he fired somebody.  “Big whoop.  People get fired in campaigns all the time, for all kinds of different reasons.”  But they’re looking at all of this stuff and they’re looking at, “This guy isn’t even serious.”

Then they go to the Republican side and they see that there’s a near mutiny in there at the convention. They’re still plotting ways to overthrow Trump.  Given that, Hillary ought to be up 70-30, and she’s barely up above the margin of error — and, in certain areas of the CNN/ORC poll, Trump is cleaning her clock.  This poll is not satisfying.  It is not uplifting.  It is not pleasing to the Democrats.  They’re only acting like it is.  And I tell you, here’s the dead giveaway.  This is a CNN headline on their own poll.

“Clinton Tops Trump But Neither Prompts Excitement.”  That’s the dead giveaway that this is not going the way the Democrats thought it would go.  They have been thinking since last June… The Democrat side, now, and some of the establishment Republicans, who cannot take themselves out of the mold. They cannot get themselves outside the box and look at this in the right way.  They’ve never been able to.  You can’t plug Trump into the standard, ordinary, everyday procedures of party politics.  But they’re trying to.  And when they do, of course Trump looks terrible, when you plug him into that playbook.

But the polls are not showing that.  Now, as I say, the way they’re writing the polls would make the average, ordinary low-information voter think it looks bad.  But to us seasoned veterans here, the Democrats have been thinking privately — there have been some exceptions to this. Privately, the Democrats have been thinking ever since Trump first insulted Mexicans and McCain that this is gonna be a cakewalk.  They have believed it’s gonna be a cakewalk, and they’ve been biding third time.  And they’ve been biting their tongues.

They’ve been doing everything they can to make it look like they consider Trump to be a serious opponent, but they never have thought that in the bowels of the Democrat Party advisory caucus like with Carville and with Begala and these guys. Now, Carville… Carville may have been up to speed on this from the beginning.  He may have had a proper level of concern about it. But I guarantee most of the other places they have thought this gonna be a slam dunk.  The Democrats, you know, they’ve gone their own ups and downs.

They’ve got Crazy Bernie over here. Hillary couldn’t close that out without monkeying with the rules and using the elites playing their power card over there.  But the way they look at this, Hillary should have been running away with this. It should be over. The polls that are up there right now should show Trump with no chance whatsoever.  It’s just not the case, and they’re all in a state of… I wouldn’t call it “panic,” but they’re concerned.

Read the rest here.

Like Father, Like Son, Like Surrogate – Romney, Romney and Ryan

In 1964, liberal Republicans strongly opposed to Barry Goldwater’s nomination for the presidency launched a campaign against him, labeling him a crazed extremist. One of those Republicans was George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father. Romney avoided endorsing Goldwater and his opposition was so strong that LBJ used his comments in an ad against Goldwater. Romney said it would lead to the suicidal destruction of the Republican Party much as Mitt Romney said today that Trump’s nomination would destroy the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney, the failed candidate from 2012, is loudly critical of Donald Trump. Mitt remains critical even after Trump gained more votes than Romney in 2012, more delegates than Romney, a higher percentage of delegates than Romney, and set the record for the most votes ever in a Republican Primary season while beating the largest number of primary candidates ever. Romney through his critical comments of Trump looks bitter, jealous and incredibly foolish.

The irony now is that Romney’s choice for VP in 2012, current Speaker Paul Ryan, is on the “NeverTrump Train” too. In a recent commentary FOX News Business Commentator Lou Dobbs made a strong argument of the obvious, that Speaker Ryan is now a tool for the Democrats, (like elder Romney was in 1964 and Mitt Romney is this year).

George Romney, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are so much alike and so wrong. Perhaps they do (and did) know the harm they were causing. If this is the case, then it would great news to read that Paul Ryan will only be Speaker a few more months after losing his primary in Wisconsin. This would ‘trump’ all his nasty condescending comments to date.