It Ain’t Over Till Hillary (and Soros) Say It’s Over!


As reported earlier, corrupt Hillary Clinton is not accepting her defeat in the recent Presidential election. Instead, in ways only the corrupt Clinton’s could conjure up, she put in place a process to steal the election.

It was clear when Jill Stein asked for recounts in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump in this year’s election (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) that Stein was not acting alone The Clinton’s had somehow enticed her to do so. For one, why did Stein select only these three states to do recounts – states that if overturned would give Hillary the election? Rampant voter fraud is also suspected in (Chicago) Illinois, California (illegals) and New York (NYC), so why did Stein only select those three Midwestern states for recounts if she was interested in the integrity of the voting system?

Secondly, where was the money coming from that went into Stein’s fundraising account? We reported that payments from a ‘bot’ in the amount of $160,000 on the hour every hour during the first days of her ‘fundraising’ drive were being made. Where did this money come from?

Thirdly, we reported that George Soros was behind the recount. The corrupt plan to steal the election from President Trump began when a group of “scientists” claimed that the election results were hacked and suggested recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Even shamed pollster Nate Silver stated these allegations were wrong and that Michigan did mostly paper voting so computer tampering would not appear there. Then it was uncovered that a member from the group of ‘scientists’ happens to be voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz who launched the National Voting Rights Institute In 1994 with Soros. Bonifaz was the Institute’s President.

(Billionaire Soros, admited to helping the Nazis steal from Jews in WWII, was noted repeatedly in Wikileaks’ emails as the puppet master behind the corrupt Democrat Party, and is reportedly wanted by Russia dead or alive for being a threat to Russian security.)

The bigger question with the recounts is – how do the Clintons make the steal? All the votes have to be certified by December 13 according to a report on Friday. Some suspect that the recounts will be stalled to prevent these states votes being considered in the national election. But under this scenario Clinton would still be losing to Trump in the electoral college by 260 (306 minus 46) to 232.

Another scenario is that these states will move to the Hillary column after the recounts are complete, which would give her the win. But after the first day of recounts in Wisconsin, Hillary picked up only 1 vote. The probability that Clinton could pick up more than 1,000 votes in any one state is very low, making it statistically impossible for Clinton to win enough votes in any one of these states, let alone all three, to steal the election.

One thing is for sure, when you are dealing with the Clintons, anything is possible. Who could have predicted that Hillary would not be in jail already for Whitewater, Filegate, her Email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, etc…

If the steal is in play, we will find out in the next couple weeks with election results due by December 13. The Clintons (and Soros) can’t be gone soon enough.

Kellyanne Conway Shuts Down Anti-Catholic Hillary Clinton Aide Jennifer Palmeiri Who Calls Trump White Supremacist


Yesterday Trump and Clinton campaign aides met at at Harvard University. The event turned out to be a not so civil affair.

Clinton aide Jennifer Palmeiri was on hand to represent her candidate Hillary Clinton. Palmeiri is famous for her WikiLeaks emails where she trashed Catholics and knocked Bill Clinton for not being someone she wants to spend time with.


Palmeiri and the Clinton team tried to paint Harvard graduate Trump Strategist Steve Bannon and President elect Donald Trump as a white supremacists. Conway responded to this nasty smear from this nasty woman with the following –

Do you think I won a campaign where white supremacist had a platform? Are you going to look me in the face and tell me that? Really? And that’s how you lost?

Do you think you could have just had a decent message for the white working class voters? Do you think this woman who has nothing in common with anybody? Do you think that we flipped over 200 counties that President Obama won and Donald Trump just won, you think that’s because of what you just said or because people aren’t ready for a woman President, really?

How bout’ it’s Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t connect with people. How bout’ they had nothing in common with her? How bout you had no economic message?

The next time that Conway and Palmeiri debate may be from Palmeiri’s jail cell. Another WikiLeaks email showed Palmeiri was involved in and confirmed that the Clinton camp conspired to withhold emails from State Department investigators during their recent investigation.

‘TRUMP RALLY’ Sets Market Records – Shatters New Highs!


The ‘TRUMP MARKET RALLY’ (i.e. a Bull Market that is ‘Yuge’ and ‘Bigly’) continues to shatter the record books. Since Trump won the Presidential election on November 8th the US stock market has reacted with record setting new highs.

Out of 16 days since the election, the Dow has reached all time closing highs nine of these days! Another four of these days the Dow landed at its second highest close ever!


For more than 50% of the closings since the election, the Dow has reached new highs. For more than 80% of the closing bells the Dow has either reached a new high or its second highest closing to date. For only three days since the election, the Dow has not reached one of these two milestones!

Expectations are high with Trump as President elect. Reduced taxes, more jobs like those already saved at Carrier in Indiana and trade deals that put the US first are all pushing the Trump Market.

Bank stocks rose nearly 19% in November and notched their best month in history! The US dollar has reached 13 year highs! No President elect and now possibly no market has reached such heights as the Trump Market since the election.

Even with all this winning, there are still liberals who want to report ‘Fake News’ about these exciting results. One liberal report noted that “Consumer confidence soared to a nine-year high in November despite Donald Trump’s upset victory”.

Regardless of how the ‘Fake’ Mainstream Media reports it – this is clearly a Trump Market Rally.

NY Times Columnist Shares Myth of Reagan Being Racist on MSNBC Al Sharpton Show

trump reagan

As reported at, former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert was on the Al Sharpton show and made an assertion about Reagan that is deceptive and threadbare from overuse on the left. Guest Herbert said that

Trump didn’t occur in a vacuum …after Ronald Reagan secured the Republican nomination for president in 1980, his first stop was Philadelphia, Miss., where the three civil rights workers had been murdered …

The liberal lying media has reported for years that Reagan made this speech but neglects to tell you that it was not his first speech after the RNC in 1980. He also held a rally in Houston with George Bush (July 19), his welcome-home rally in Los Angeles (also on July 19), and his appearance at an Olympic event (held in lieu of the US boycotting the Moscow Olympics) in Irvine, Calif., on Aug. 2. The Mississippi event was a big event in a state that Jimmy Carter had won in 1976 and that Reagan eventually won by less than 12,000 votes over Carter.

To no one’s surprise Reagan’s speech was anything but racist. In typical Reagan fashion he criticized the size of the federal government, the size of welfare and he cheered on states’ rights. Yes, Trump does sound a lot like Reagan.

Reagan was no racist and don’t let the left in using their only argument tell you he was. Oh, and Trump is not racist either. Period.

Trump Punks Liberal Media Again: Flag Burning Comments Consistent with Hillary in 2005!

Trump supporter waves American flag at Trump Lakeland, FL rally Oct 12, 2016

Trump supporter waves American flag at Trump Lakeland, FL rally Oct 12, 2016

Donald Trump today punked the mainstream media (MSM) again with his tweet about holding people accountable for burning the US flag. The MSM went off on Trump sharing that his position was unconstitutional, etc… However, an in depth review shows that the ‘Flag Protection Act of 2005’ was sponsored by non other than Hillary Clinton.

Trump knows how to play the nasty MSM like no Republican politician ever –

‘Bigly’ and ‘Yuge’ ‘TRUMP MARKET’ Creating New DOW Highs!!!


Since the Trump win in the Presidential election on November 8th the US stock market has benefitted from a ‘Trump Market’.

Our definition of a ‘Trump Market’ is a ‘Bull’ market that is ‘Yuge’ and ‘Bigly’.

The Dow has reached all time highs 8 out of 14 days since the election (November 9th through 29th). That’s more than 50% of the time and that’s ‘Bigly’. The last Dow closing high before the election was in August.


Even with these incredible results, which no doubt have never been repeated in US history after a Presidential election, the liberal mainstream media denigrates its importance. One liberal report noted that “Consumer confidence soared to a nine-year high in November despite Donald Trump’s upset victory”.

After the Dow reaching a new high on Friday the 25th, it was slightly lower on Monday the 28th and then reached it’s second highest close ever on Tuesday at 19,121. This prompted the ultra liberal Washington Post to note that the market had stalled.

Regardless of how the mainstream media coin’s it – time to get ready for the Bigly Trump Market.

Stringent PA Laws That Protect Democrat Voter Fraud May Prevent Hillary Recount in Pennsylvania from Stealing US Election


As reported late last week, Corrupt Hillary Clinton appeared to be making an attempt to steal the 2016 Presidential election from Donald Trump. In an effort to remain anonymous, Corrupt Hillary solicited the services of the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

Stein started fundraising online last week and raised more than $6 million to pay for the recounts but the manner in which money was donated raised some concerns. Her fund received $160,000 every hour on the hour which raised concerns that she was being paid off by some entity other than individual donors. These were not random people donating at 3am to her campaign but rather some “bot” that increased her account by this amount on the hour.


On Friday Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin where she won less than 31,000 votes to Trump’s more than 1.4 million votes. On Monday November 28th Stein mounted a legal challenge in Pennsylvania. Apparently technically the Pennsylvania challenge came from voters. It is suspected that Stein will also challenge Michigan results on Wednesday. If Stein overturns Trump’s wins in these three states, Hillary would win the election. However, no recount has overturned a margin even as large as Michigan, the tightest contest of the three states potentially contested.

The problem with Pennsylvania’s recount process though for Stein and Clinton is that according to state law three voters in each precinct or election district in Pennsylvania must submit a notarized affidavit to the clerk in their individual election districts in order to initiate a recount. There are 9,163 precincts in Pennsylvania. As of noon Monday,

the Philadelphia city Board of Elections had received petitions for 35 of the 1,686 voting divisions in Philadelphia, according to City Commissioner Al Schmidt. By 5:30 p.m., that number was 74— about 4 percent of the city’s total divisions.

Stein needed more than 5,000 people in Philadelphia alone to sign petitions to file for a recount and would have had to mobilize about 30,000 people statewide to get a full recount going in Pennsylvania.

The laws in Pennsylvania are so stringent that it makes it nearly impossible to have a recount in the state. Unfortunately for Republicans there have been numerous mentions of fraud over the years in the city of Philadelphia alone. For example in 2012, in 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote.

The Pennsylvania laws prevent a recount in areas like Philadelphia where there is good reason to suspect Democrat fraud. This year these same stringent laws may prevent Hillary from stealing the US election.

Tim Kaine Tweets About Gun Violence at Ohio State



Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate, is back in the news. Today he tweeted after the incident at Ohio State –

Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning. Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community.

A Somali student ran into a group of fellow students with his car and then got out and stabbed a few more. The terrorist was killed by a campus police officer with a gun.

Thank God this clown is not our VP-elect.

Shock Report: George Soros Behind Hillary Election Steal


George Soros is connected to Hillary’s election steal per information from a new report.

As reported earlier the election steal was put into motion when a group of ‘experts’ reviewed the election results and then reported that there appeared to be election fraud. However, a member from the group of ‘experts’ happens to be voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz. Bonifaz is also happens to be connected with George Soros when he launched the National Voting Rights Institute In 1994. Bonifaz was the Institute’s President.

This is all certainly shocking but no surprise. Hillary and Soros are in this for the steal.