Super Bowl LI New England Patriots Owner, Head Coach and Star QB Praise and Support President Donald Trump

Last night on the Hannity Show on FOX News, Sean Hannity interviewed the New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft. Kraft’s Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the 7th time since 2000. His team is more successful than any other team in the National Football League during this time. In the interview Kraft discussed his appreciation for his relationship with current President Donald Trump.

Kraft said:

Well he and I, we’ve have never done any business together but we have been friends over 20 years. We’ve had a lot of fun together. I went to his wedding to Melania. Bill and Hillary [Clinton] were sitting at the next table, and


You’ve been part of history in football and politics.


Well, he’s great and he and Melania when my beloved wife died, and which was the most difficult thing in my life, he and Melania came to the funeral and came up Brookline and then they came to may house for Memorial weekend. He called me once a week, once a week for a year, and asked how was I doing and invited me to things and you know we were just friends. No businesses and no we’ve never done business and I’ll never forget that. That’s the kinda guy [he is].

The Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and star Quarterback Tom Brady both announced the day before the Presidential election their support for winner President Trump.

The Patriots are certainly showing their patriotism supporting President Trump.

Trump Tweets: Iran is Rapidly Taking Over Iraq Even After US Squandered $3 Trillion There


On Friday July 2nd 2016, we reported that as the world press celebrated the Iraqi government taking back the city of Fallujah from ISIS, the truth behind the scene was that Iran was taking over Iraq. We reported that when compared to the 1991 Iraq War, the US effort was lacking. In the 1991 War in Iraq the US dropped a daily average of 6,163 bombs in Iraq. Under Obama, in 2016 the US was dropping on average 43 bombs per day and that Obama’s Noncommittal was Iran’s opportunity to take over Iraq.

In July a FOX News article reported that, “The Fallujah operation was carried out by Iraq’s elite counterterrorism troops, Iraqi federal police, Anbar provincial police and an umbrella group of government- sanctioned militia fighters — mostly Shiites — who are known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.”

However, what was not noted by the press was that the ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’ were based in Iraq but assisted by Iran’s Quds Forces, the paramilitary wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC-QF). (We even noted that the Reuters video above showed fighters hanging a poster of what appeared to be a Shia Ayatollah, possibly the leader of Iran, on a bridge in Fallujah.)

fallujah iran

Last night Donald Trump confirmed our report in a tweet stating:

Iran is rapidly taking over more and more of Iraq even after the U.S. has squandered three trillion dollars there. Obvious long ago!


Again, we again were way ahead of the Fake News Main Stream Media reporting in another area!

Trump Tweets and Threatens to Take Away Federal Funds from UC Berkeley for Preventing Free Speech

President Donald Trump threatened to take away federal funds from the University of California Berkeley for not allowing free speech on the campus. His comments were released this morning in a tweet:

If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?


Video was posted showing violent leftists chasing and beating a man with pipes. The man appears unconscious in the street as they beat him.

They were screaming, “Beat his ass!”

The leftists did not want a gay conservative man share his opinions and his like for President Trump so they violently shut down the event.

Protesters Show Up at Supreme Court to Protest Trump Pick Gorsuch with Pre-Printed Posters

Last night President Donald Trump announced his pick for the US Supreme Court:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated Neil Gorsuch for a lifetime job on the U.S. Supreme Court, picking the 49-year-old federal appeals court judge to restore the court’s conservative majority and help shape rulings on divisive issues such as abortion, gun control, the death penalty and religious rights.

As soon as the announcement was over a small group of protesters showed up outside the US Supreme Court with preprinted posters. This clearly was not a spontaneous group but like all Democrat Liberal protests, these people were pre-planned like their posters. Since George Soros is involved in most all Democrat protests, It is highly likely that these too were Soros puppets.

Anti-Semitic and Muslim Supporting British MP Leads UK Debate on Trump Visit to England

The Telegraph reported that in England:

MPs will debate whether US President Trump should be granted a UK state visit on Feb 20, according to the BBC.

The internet petition quickly smashed the 100,000 signatures needed to be considered for a debate in Parliament, with at one point more than a thousand people signing each minute.

Senior Conservatives joined Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, in calling for the visit to be suspended while Mr Trump’s controversial immigration ban is in place.

What is not widely shared by the main-stream media (MSM) is that the MP leading the discussion on President Trump’s visit, Jeremy Corbyn, is a Muslim supporter. The Guardian reported:

Then there is Corbyn’s apparent proximity to antisemitism. While I genuinely believe that Corbyn does not have an antisemitic bone in his body, he does have a proclivity for sharing platforms with individuals who do; and his excuses for doing so do not stand up.

Take the fact that Corbyn once described it as his “honour and pleasure”to host “our friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah in parliament. According to Corbyn, he extended his invitation to the aforementioned groups – and spoke of them glowingly – because all sides need to be involved in the peace process.

Having MP Corbyn involved in the debate on whether President Trump should visit England is like have radical Islamic terrorists involved in the decision on who the US should allow into the US.

Nazi Collaborator, Democrat Donor and Billionaire George Soros Behind (Past and) Latest Protests

Newsmax reported on Sunday that former Nazi collaborator George Soros is behind this past weekends’ airport riots:

Billionaire liberal activist George Soros is helping fund the airport protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees from war-torn Syria indefinitely and suspend visas from seven countries for at least 30 days, as PJ Media reported Sunday.

This Soros connection, including reports of funding lawsuits to block the orders, begs the question: Are these protesters being paid to be there?

Soros was interviewed years ago on CBS’s 60 Minutes where he admitted helping Nazi’s during World War II. He helped Nazis steal from Jews during the war. Soros is a Jew.

A week before last Soros was reported as being behind 50 Groups involved in the ‘Women’s Protests’ the day after the inauguration.

Before that Soros groups were reportedly being used by social media giants to combat ‘Fake News’. These groups will use the Soros funded website Snopes which is notorious for its far left leaning positions on all issues related to politics. The result of these efforts will be more far left news supported by the Nazi collaborator.

Before this, Soros was connected to the groups demanding the election recounts after the November 8th election. And at about the same time, Soros money was funding protests shortly after the election results.

Leading up to the election Soros voting machines were reportedly being used in 16 states across the country which obviously caused concerns for anyone familiar with Soros. Also, the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks before the election showed more than 50 emails related to Soros released from the Democrat Party Campaign Manager. And also about this time, DCLeaks released information showing that Soros funded Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

It is hard to believe any one individual has done more to damage this country. His actions in the US, similar to his actions supporting Nazis in World War II, have led to the death and destruction of many while Soros found a way to use these actions to pad his pocket. He is accountable for the deaths of police officers in reaction to Black Lives Matters protests. The property values of homes in cities like Ferguson have been decimated. Thousands were assaulted and injured by the thugs he financed to protest and commit crimes over just the past half year. In the least he has inconvenienced air travelers this past weekend.

Actor James Woods recently tweeted the following about Soros:

Isn’t it about time George Soros is brought to justice?

CNN Soliciting Information from Families Impacted by President Trump’s Immigration Plan

CNN in its report titled: “They Were Hoping to Get into the US and then Trump Banned Them”, is asking family members that have been impacted by the new Trump order, to contact CNN and let them know. In the Editor’s Note appearing directly under the report’s title CNN shows the following:

Editor’s Note: Does the travel ban affect you, your friends or loved ones? We want to hear your stories. Tag #CNNiReport on social or use WhatsApp +44 7435 939 154 to share stories.

It is clear that CNN no longer wants to report the news but is an activist organization against President Trump. Despite the fact that President Trump’s Executive Order is nearly identical to former President Obama’s order in 2009, CNN and other left wing outfits are attacking it like this is the first time in US history that this order or anything similar has ever been produced.

Note as tweeted by the UK’s Tommy Robinson, that when:

Obama was bombing 5 out of 7 of these banned countries every day for a year. Liberals & Muslims were silent.”

China Celebrating the Year of the Chicken

At midnight China time (11am Eastern Friday morning) China will bring in the Year of the Chicken.

Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029…

Rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity and punctuality. For ancestors who had no alarm clocks, the crowing was significant, as it could awaken people to get up and start to work.

People born in the Year of Rooster according to Chinese zodiac have many excellent characteristics, such as being honest, bright, communicative and ambitious. Most of them are born pretty or handsome, and prefer to dress up. In daily life, they seldom rely on others. However, they might be enthusiastic about something quickly, but soon be impassive. Thus, they need to have enough faiths and patience to insist on one thing.

  • Strengths Independent, capable, warm-hearted, self-respect, quick minded

  • Weaknesses Impatient, critical, eccentric, narrow-minded, selfish

Happy Year of the Chicken!

The “Trump Rally” Continues to Set or Match Historical Stock Market Milestones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) hit new highs on Wednesday and Thursday, breaking the 20,000 mark for the first time in its history.

This rally was historical for other reasons as well.  Per our research this is only the 2nd time since 1937 when the Inauguration date was set at January 20th that the stock market hit two new closing highs in the four trading days after the inauguration.  This occurred in January of 1965, shortly after Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President and again this past week.

Also, the stock market moved between 1000 point markers (between 19,000 and 20,000) in only 42 trading days.  The only time it moved faster between significant markers was in 1999 when it took 24 days to reach 11,000.  This time the market hit 19,000 on November 22nd shortly after Trump won the election, and then the market broke 20,000 on Wednesday this week.  These new highs occurred only 42 trading days apart.

As we pointed out on December 21st shortly after Trump was elected, never in its history had the DOW reached the number of closing bell highs after an election.   There were only 8 times in the history of the Dow where the Dow set new closing highs for 17 days or more in a 29 day period.  The last time this occurred was nearly 20 years ago in 1998. (The rally in 1928 started in October before the election.)

The prior daily closing high before the November 8th election was in August.  This is why the ‘Trump Rally’ is such an anomaly and totally due to President Trump and his winning policies.


Actor Shia LaBeouf Carted Away by Police While His Cult Chants “He Will Not Divide Us”

Actor Shia LaBeouf announced last week the launch of a 4 year long continuous anti-Trump livestream where his cult like followers chant “He will not divide us.”

It didn’t take long for the unhinged actor to suffer a meltdown. He was seen over the weekend getting physical with smaller counter protester.

It didn’t take long but while his crazy cult like followers were chanting “He will not divide us.” LaBeouf was carted away by police.

It looks like he did divide Shia from his cult!