The “Trump Rally” Continues to Set or Match Historical Stock Market Milestones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) hit new highs on Wednesday and Thursday, breaking the 20,000 mark for the first time in its history.

This rally was historical for other reasons as well.  Per our research this is only the 2nd time since 1937 when the Inauguration date was set at January 20th that the stock market hit two new closing highs in the four trading days after the inauguration.  This occurred in January of 1965, shortly after Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President and again this past week.

Also, the stock market moved between 1000 point markers (between 19,000 and 20,000) in only 42 trading days.  The only time it moved faster between significant markers was in 1999 when it took 24 days to reach 11,000.  This time the market hit 19,000 on November 22nd shortly after Trump won the election, and then the market broke 20,000 on Wednesday this week.  These new highs occurred only 42 trading days apart.

As we pointed out on December 21st shortly after Trump was elected, never in its history had the DOW reached the number of closing bell highs after an election.   There were only 8 times in the history of the Dow where the Dow set new closing highs for 17 days or more in a 29 day period.  The last time this occurred was nearly 20 years ago in 1998. (The rally in 1928 started in October before the election.)

The prior daily closing high before the November 8th election was in August.  This is why the ‘Trump Rally’ is such an anomaly and totally due to President Trump and his winning policies.


Actor Shia LaBeouf Carted Away by Police While His Cult Chants “He Will Not Divide Us”

Actor Shia LaBeouf announced last week the launch of a 4 year long continuous anti-Trump livestream where his cult like followers chant “He will not divide us.”

It didn’t take long for the unhinged actor to suffer a meltdown. He was seen over the weekend getting physical with smaller counter protester.

It didn’t take long but while his crazy cult like followers were chanting “He will not divide us.” LaBeouf was carted away by police.

It looks like he did divide Shia from his cult!

Obama Promoted Voter Fraud – President Trump is Going to Stop It

Yesterday President Trump announced that he is asking for a major investigation into voter fraud!

I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!


In reaction the Liberal media complained that there is no such thing as voter fraud in the US. This is not true. There are many examples in the last election alone of voter fraud.

The GWP reported that in Detroit, Michigan, 37% of the precincts had fraudulent voting practices which were uncovered during Hillary Clinton’s recounts requested by Jill Stein. We also reported on a massive voter fraud incident in Nevada where half of the 19,000 votes in one district alone were determined to be fraudulent.

In both of these cases, as in all cases of voter fraud, the party that instigated the fraud was the Democrat Party.

A Project Veritas undercover video of a Democrat Commissioner of the Board of Elections in New York, revealed that voter fraud was taking place because of a lack of voter I.D. laws. He said that absentee ballot fraud was also taking place.

Finally, President Obama himself, the leader of the Democrat Party, promoted voter fraud in the past election when he encouraged illegal immigrants to vote.

It is about time to address voter fraud and President Trump’s first step to investigate the extent of voter fraud in America is a great one and long overdue.

Video: Obamacare Did Not Provide 20 Million More Americans Healthcare

Obamacare was signed into law by President Obama in 2010. It was controversial from the start. The controversy to the bill reached a head during the President’s speech to Congress and the nation shortly before the bills passage. After making many bold statements about the legislation, all of which are now proven false, Republican Representative Joe Wilson burst out for all to hear, “You lie!”

The bill was eventually passed in a manner never used before for a bill this size leading many to say it never really was passed. When it went to Supreme Court, new Justice Kagan never recused herself. She had been involved in the legislation prior to becoming a Supreme Court Justice and in any other situation a person of integrity would have to recuse themselves, but not Kagan, her vote was needed to keep Obamacare alive. The bill would never have made it through the Supreme Court without her vote.

Ultimately the Supreme Court ruled that Americans could be forced to purchase something and in this case it was insurance. The Obama administration argued that this was a tax, something they said it wasn’t to get it passed. Justice Scalia said that the court with their decision could now force Americans to buy broccoli. In response to the ridiculous and scandalous decision Scalia referred to the logic from the supporting Justices as ‘jiggery pokery’.

After Obamacare became law, the bill’s mastermind and spokesperson Jonathan Gruber shared that –

the Obama administration went through “tortuous” measures to keep the facts about the legislation from the American people, including covering up the redistribution of wealth from the healthy to the sick in the legislation that Obamacare is in fact a tax. The video of his comments just recently surfaced ahead of the second open enrollment period for Obamacare at

Obamacare has been as bad or worse than predicted. Healthcare insurance premiums are rising at astronomical rates and insurance companies can’t stay in the healthcare business without either huge losses or increasing premiums.

The nation’s largest health insurer, fearing massive financial losses, announced Tuesday that it plans to pull back from ObamaCare in a big way and cut its participation in the program’s insurance exchanges to just a handful of states next year – in the latest sign of instability in the marketplace under the law.

UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley said the company expects losses from its exchange business to total more than $1 billion for this year and last.

What an absolute mess Obamacare is. Now the Daily Signal Reports that Obamacare has not provided healthcare for the 20 million that Liberals use in an effort to support Obamacare. The number is much less because most the people who have received healthcare that did not have it before Obamacare receive care through Medicaid and their care is inferior to healthcare provided in the private sector.

What a mess. Trump cannot repeal and replace this law fast enough.


Crowd Size Matters – Trump is Right – His Inaugural Crowd was Huge!

As we pointed out throughout the months leading up to the election, crowd size matters. President Trump was crushing Hillary Clinton in number of rallies and number of participants at his rallies when compared to Clinton.

These numbers, in part, led to us projecting a Trump win and probable landslide and we were correct. Trump did win in an electoral landslide. Nevertheless, the numbers at the rallies were significantly different between the two candidates and the one with the larger number of participants won the election. (Note Deroy Murdock reported on our rally observations last week).

The media remained silent on the crowd size numbers when it was clear that Trump was crushing Hillary in this area. But late last week the media reported finally that crowd size does matter, but in this case because their story was against President Trump. CNN (Fake News) reported that President Trump’s crowd size was much smaller than President Obama’s crowd size in 2009, and CNN provided two pictures to show the difference. However, the pictures in the article show the crowd size for Obama when he was speaking during his inauguration with the crowd from Trump’s inauguration approximately 3 hours before Trump spoke.

CNN’s report was another of their ‘Fake News’ lies. The photos used in their post were not comparing apples to apples and President Trump’s Press Secretary pointed this out on Saturday in a special press conference. Trump’s crowd was huge and every bit as big as Obama’s crowd in 2009. Also, in CNN’s article they say that Obama had 1.8 million people in 2009. This is now refuted and is more likely closer to 800,000.

Later CNN’s report was proven false by their own reporting. CNN released a gigapixel of President Trump’s Inauguration and the areas that show as empty in their article from January 21st were full to the brim in their more recent picture which was taken a the time of Trump’s speech during the Inauguration ceremony.

If you review the gigapixel closely you will also see Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama looking on with disgust.

You will also see Democrats looking on in angst and Judge Sotomayer apparently playing with her iPhone.

It is now clear that Trump had at least as many participants at his inauguration as Obama did in 2009, and probably more. The Left and MSM are terrible with numbers and only report them when they can distort and use in their favor. Trump crushed Hillary in rally attendance and now most likely crushed Obama in Inaugural attendance as well.

Billionaire George Soros Behind 50 Groups Supporting Women’s Protests Yesterday

Yesterday’s liberal women’s events around the country were backed by more than 50 groups which in turn were supported by former Nazi and now current Democrat financier George Soros.

The march was led by the following four co-chairs:

  • Tamika D. Mallory, whose bio says she “has worked closely with the Obama Administration as an advocate for civil rights issues, equal rights for women, health care, gun violence, and police misconduct.” She also served on the transition committee of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

  • Carmen Perez, who served as the executive director of Belafonte’s Soros-financed The Gathering for Justice.

  • Linda Sarsour, a self-described “Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American-Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist,” who serves as “the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson, and a member of Justice League NYC,” her march bio relates.

  • Bob Bland, the CEO and founder of Manufacture New York (MNY), which his bio describes as “a social enterprise that is rethinking the fashion ecosystem (design, development, distribution) and creating a new, vertically-integrated business model that will transform apparel & textile production for the 21st century.”

The protests did not allow women supporting right to life to join them but they joined Linda Sarsour who has connections with CAIR and the terrorist group Hamas.

Report: Asian Press Reporting US has Withdrawn from TPP

WikiLeaks has tweeted that the Asian Press is already reporting that the US has withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Trump stated in late November that the first thing he would do on his first day in office would be to pull out of the TPP. The TPP was expected to send more US jobs offshore and another major criticism is that the:

TPP will protect and guarantee profits for multinational corporations, at our expense. It gives corporations special rights to challenge U.S. laws or regulations that threaten the corporation’s “future expected profits.” These challenges are heard in an overseas secret tribunal, not accountable to any government.

Getting out of the TPP can’t come soon enough.

America’s First Lady Melania Trump Weeps at National Prayer Service

America’s First Lady is beautiful inside and out.

Melania Trump wept during a beautiful rendition of the song “How Great Thou Art” presented at yesterday’s National Prayer Service. Our First Lady then led the congregation with a standing ovation after the song was finished.

(see video below starting at 32.45)

The First Lady sent out a tweet to all Americans earlier in the day saying:

I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!

The government web site is updated with Melania’s profile. (Below from updated

We predicted that she would be a special First Lady – we were right.


Hillary’s Mysterious Handler Still By Her Side

Yesterday at the Trump Inauguration Hillary Clinton was spotted with her mysterious Handler. During the election numerous pictures were identified of Hillary with this strange person, referred to as her ‘Handler’. However, the Clinton campaign never addressed who this man was leading many to suspect that he was some sort of medical doctor or aide present to assist with Hillary with some unknown health issues.

The Handler was noted in a campaign stop in front of a sparse crowd in August. When some liberal protesters began to protest, Hillary Clinton suddenly froze. She looked dazed and lost. Seeing this, a group of men rushed to assist the candidate on the stage. The handler however gently patted the candidate’s back and then said, “Keep Talking.”

Other pictures showed the Handler at several outings with Hillary.

hillary handler 2

Some suspected Hillary may have had brain damage. Once pointed out, the Handler was spotted seemingly everywhere Hillary went.

Hillary w Dark Side

We questioned in August who was the guy and why was he with Hillary?

Hillary w Dark Side 2

We later noted that in one photograph the Handler appeared to carry a DIAZEPAM pen for patients who experience recurrent seizures.
hillary handler diazepam

The Handler showed up on Hillary’s plane when Hillary had a coughing fit and now again yesterday. Will Hillary ever share who this guy is and why he is there?

Highlight of Trump Inauguration – Beautiful Melania Trump

The Trump Inauguration yesterday was a historic event but the topic of the day was beautiful Melania Trump. Men and women were all talking about, admiring, tweeting and expressing gratitude for the new First Lady. (Below from updated


Melania Trump drew comparisons to Jacqueline Kennedy on Inauguration Day from all viewers. She wore a powder blue suit—a slim dress and cropped wrap jacket—by Ralph Lauren, paired with matching pumps and gloves for the day’s festivities.

(Above from Bazaar) During the evening balls Melania Trump wore a white, off-the-shoulder gown by Hervé Pierre.

The new First Lady revealed the tailored look—featuring a thin red cord at the waist, subtle ruffle detail and thigh-high slit—while arriving at the Freedom Ball with her husband President Donald Trump after a long day of inaugural activities, just before taking off on their first dance.