NHL Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues Visit White House and Celebrate First Championship Season with President Trump

The Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues visited the White House yesterday and celebrated their 2019 championship season with the President and their fans. Many from the State of Missouri were their including their two Republican Senators, Blunt and Hawley. It was a time for celebration!

The White House released a video of the event on the White House lawn –

The President had fun with the Stanley Cup Champions –


The Blues came with their super-fan – Laila Anderson – an 11 year old who has been fighting a rare disease for two years –

It was a very happy day for all – Congratulations St. Louis Blues –

Let’s Go Blues!


The Only Thing America Has Agreed on Over the Past Three Years Is ‘James Comey is a Crook’ – And He Doesn’t Even Know It!

Before the 2016 election conservatives despised the corrupt former FBI Director James Comey for letting Hillary off the hook for her many crimes surrounding her emails, then liberals were outraged when Comey opened Hillary’s email investigation a few days before the 2016 election. A couple days later, conservatives were again outraged when Comey closed that investigation, again with no crimes. After Hillary’s loss, liberals were back, mad as hell at Comey.

James Comey has been hated by all sides at various times over the past few years. Liberals hated him after the Hillary loss, blaming him for her loss. A few days before the 2016 election, liberals were preparing to blame Comey for her demise. A writer at Markets Watch had this to say on November 2, 2016, a few days before the election –

You think FBI head James Comey is a neutral law-enforcement officer just doing his job?

Think again.

Comey is no Eliot Ness, and he’s not your father’s G-Man. He is a long-standing Washington hack who has pocketed millions from federal contractors, a powerful hedge fund and a shady bank with a record of international money laundering. Yes, really. He has a career of trading “access” for money, and he is a donor to Republican political campaigns.

The liberal writer then complained that Comey three times swung the election to the GOP.

President Trump fired the corrupt FBI Director and later tweeted the obvious – “Slippery James Comey” “will go down as the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!”

This weekend the far left fake news New York Times released an article on the disgraced former Director of the FBI. It would funny if it wasn’t so disgusting –

James Comey slumps strategically in restaurants — all 6-foot-8 of him, drooping faux-furtively with his back to the room — and daydreams about deleting the civic-minded Twitter feed where a bipartisan coalition pronounces him a national disgrace.

He sleeps soundly — nine hours a night, he ballparks — and organizes the self-described “unemployed celebrity” chapter of his life around a series of workaday goals. “One of my goals has been to get to 10 consecutive pull-ups,” Mr. Comey said in an interview, legs crossed on the back porch of his stately Virginia home. “I’m at nine now. So, I’ve been doing a lot of pull-ups.”

He writes and thinks and reads and worries from a tidy downstairs office surrounded by the trinkets of his past: the White House place card from the night President Trump asked for his “loyalty” as F.B.I. director; a book by Nate Silver, the political data whiz who believes Mr. Comey’s explosively ambiguous letter in October 2016 about the Hillary Clinton email investigation probably handed Mr. Trump the election; a page from a quote-of-the-day calendar, saved for its resonance: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

“It reminds me so much of the F.B.I.,” Mr. Comey said.

But then, a lot of things have lately. Another Trump-branded election interference scandal is upon us. Institutions are wobbling. And Mr. Comey, as ever, cannot fight a nagging conviction about it all: James Comey can help. He must help.

“I feel stuck,” he said. “Like I can’t do something else. And I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I went and did something easy.”

What he is doing, exactly, is not entirely clear even to him. Rather than proceed with the standard arc of an erstwhile intelligence leader — think tanks, corporate boards, studied political silence — Mr. Comey has pledged to spend the next 13 months working to drive Mr. Trump from power.

The former F.B.I. director, a lover of order, sees little of it in a norm-smashing president spiraling toward impeachment, riffing on “sick and deranged” Democrats at a recent rally and playacting the dialogue of F.B.I. officials like an insult comic. In this concern, Mr. Comey has ample company. In this company, he carries a kind of customized psychic baggage.

What absolute garbage. Comey is clueless. He is a joke, literally, and he doesn’t even know it.

In a few days the DOJ IG is expected to release a report on FISA abuse during the 2016 Presidential election. We know candidate and President Trump were spied on. We know James Comey was one of the individuals to sign off on FISA warrants that were fraudulent and unsupported. After this report, will Comey still be considered ‘a lover of order’?

Comey is the only thing that liberals and conservatives have agreed upon over the past three years. At least once, every American has believed James Comey was a crook.

Rudy and Joe diGenova: IT ALL LEADS TO OBAMA – First Biden, Then Hillary, Then About Three Others, Then OBAMA!!!

The best half hour of TV in a decade occurred last night on Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle”. Guests former mayor of New York and President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and former US Attorney Joe diGenova tore into the Democrat’s phony impeachment and then went to the heart of all the corruption in D.C. and they were brilliant.

Shortly before a break Laura’s guests shared the following –

Rudy – For years Obama had a pay for play operation in his administration and it’s disgusting and one of the reasons they’re fighting so hard – If Biden comes out, so does Clinton come out and about three others. This goes right to the top of the Obama administration and the administration that says, ‘I didn’t have scandals’ will be the most scandal ridden administration in our history. Obama didn’t care about ethics. He didn’t care otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

Joe – That’s right

Rudy – A Vice President should have been stopped from doing this by a President who had the slightest bit of integrity. But a Chicago ‘pol’ like Obama – pay for play eight times – millions of dollars to your Vice President [Biden] and hundreds of millions of dollars to your Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton]. They just bought the offices. Crooks.


Obama, Biden, Hillary and the Democrats should be very worried. Their corruption is trickling out now – diGenova believes it’s going to be a “Bang, Bang” couple of weeks.

Warning to Deep State Dems and Elites – Good Americans Will Not Allow Their Innocent President to Be Impeached by Corrupt Politicians!!!

Americans are beyond angry with the actions the Democrats, elites, the Deep State and their media. President Donald Trump is a great man and the greatest President of this generation. His list of accomplishments is unending and proves it –

*The highest stock markets ever – up nearly 50% since his election win
*The most stock market all time daily highs in a year (71)
*The most stock market all time daily highs in a row (12) – tying Reagan
*The largest stock market rally in a day – over 1,000 points
*The lowest overall unemployment in 50 years currently at 3.5%
*The lowest unemployment ever for women, Hispanics and blacks
*The most Americans working in history
*More job openings that employees
*Massive wage increases, especially in the lowest income workers
*Medium level income at highest levels ever recorded
*Over 6 million new jobs since 2017 (good paying jobs too)
*American energy independence for first time in decades
*American energy exporter first time in decades
*Out of Obamacare mandate which forced Americans to pay tax penalty for not affording insurance
*Millions of Americans off of food stamps
*Strongest military ever
*Started Space Force – preparing America for space age defense
*Destroyed evil ISIS in Syria/Iraq after Obama said they would be there for a generation
*Got US out of horrible Obama trade deal with China and Asian countries giving away US jobs
*Drafted new trade deal with Canada and Mexico (USMCA) which will save US jobs
*Drafted new trade deal with Japan
*Drafted new trade deal with Korea
*Standing up to China in trade and intellectual property theft
*Signed lowest corporate tax rates in decades helping US companies and workers
*First President to step inside North Korea
*First President to meet with North Korea leader in effort to achieve peace
*Standing up for America in NATO requesting EU countries to pay fair share
*Record number of regulations eliminated
*Two new Supreme Court judges
*More than 100 new District judges
*Withdrew from horrible Paris accords
*Withdrew from horrible Iran deal

The WhiteHouse.gov lists many,many more.

In addition to all of this, the President was forced to deal with following the most corrupt administration in US history. As a result of the Obama Administration –

*The FBI is no longer trusted let alone respected due to its leaders actions related to Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, and others in passing on Hillary crimes while attacking candidate and President Trump
*Corrupt Obama judges like Amy Berman Jackson who put 70 year old Paul Manafort in solitary are still in place
*The DOJ is full of corrupt lawyers who were involved in Obama Administration coverups and illegal and sinister Deep State actions to spy on candidate and President Trump in efforts to prevent him from winning the election and then attempting to remove him from his Presidency
*The media is corrupt. Mainstream outlets like the New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, etc… are all in the tank with Obama Democrats. They praised him like a god during his realm and now follow his lead in slandering President Trump and ignoring his many accomplishments
*NeverTrumpers and other elites on the right side of the isle (e.g. Mitt Romney, etc..) have shown their real colors and lack of integrity due to their hate for President Trump. They would have preferred Hillary.
*Numerous acts of bribery and extortion were present in Obama’s world and this bled down to into the government as a whole. It appeared that all of DC was corrupt.

Ultimately, President Trump’s greatest accomplishment is that he beat Corrupt Hillary in the 2016 election. He arguably is the only one who could have beaten her. The Clinton’s had a machine and no one dared stand up to her but candidate Trump. He pointed out her many corrupt acts and won the greatest election of our lifetime.

The corrupt actors from the DNC, Deep State and media are not happy with President Trump. They have done all they can to remove him. Candidate Trump overcame their illegal acts during the election and then the corrupt Mueller investigation, where the President was investigated for no crime for more than three years when you include time before the election.

The Mueller investigation was not an investigation but an obstruction trap. They did everything they could to get the President to do something they could claim was obstruction but he did not fold. They brought his son in for hours of testimony, his daughter and her husband, they set up his son in Trump Tower, they invaded his personal attorney’s office, storage locker and home. They stole documents from his transition team. They set up and arrested his NSA General Mike Flynn who still is involved in the courts today. Everyone he knew or touched was investigated, against the law using the Special Counsel Act, but President Trump stood firm.

The President was berated by the far left media every day. They called him a traitor and fraudulent President. They claimed he worked with Russians to win the election which never made sense because he was later attacked with dirt supposedly coming from Russia.

President Trump thrived in all of this like no President since Lincoln during the Civil War. Lincoln survived the war started by Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves only to be assassinated a couple weeks after the Civil War’s end. The Democrats still want Americans to be slaves! This is why America voted for Trump!

Now the Deep State want to remove President Trump from office in another bogus attempt to manipulate the law to their liking. This is not how the law is supposed to be used in this country. Obama destroyed the proper use of the law.

Democrats, their media and their Deep State want to rake the President through more shame and lies and then impeach him based on lies and no crimes. They do this to prevent their crimes during the Obama years from being outed and them held accountable. They have to make something up. Their lies rank them with communist regimes and banana republics.

Impeachments are to be used in rare circumstances. Again, there is no crime. The Democrats won’t vote on an impeachment exercise so the President can fight back in the courts. They don’t want Americans to see that this is one sided which a vote would show. They want to act quickly and vote on impeachment so they can use this against President Trump and punish him and those who voted for him!


The New York Times Is Insane – Who in their right mind would share lies from a liar two days after confirming the liar was a liar?

The New York Times has gone totally insane – they release information on October 2nd proving that Adam Schiff is a complete fraud, then they turn around only two days later, print information provided from lying Schiff which was not accurate according to Republicans who know the whole picture.

Who in their right mind would share lies from a liar two days after confirming the liar was a liar?

Adam Schiff lied about when he met the supposed whistleblower who claimed he had dirt on President Trump. This shocking claim which comes after Schiff was on the news claiming multiple times that he didn’t meet the whistleblower, was released by the New York Times on October 2nd, 2019 –

The New York Times reported:

The Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, learned about the outlines of a C.I.A. officer’s concerns that President Trump had abused his power days before the officer filed a whistle-blower complaint, according to a spokesman and current and former American officials.

Before going to Congress, the C.I.A. officer had a colleague convey his accusations to the agency’s top lawyer. Concerned about how that avenue for airing his allegations was unfolding, the officer then approached a House Intelligence Committee aide, alerting him to the accusation against Mr. Trump. In both cases, the original accusation was vague.

The House staff member, following the committee’s procedures, suggested the officer find a lawyer to advise him and file a whistle-blower complaint. The aide shared some of what the officer conveyed to Mr. Schiff. The aide did not share the whistle-blower’s identity with Mr. Schiff, an official said.

A couple days later, on October 4, 2019, the Times released a number of text messages from the Trump administration including references to Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. This was not a complete set of texts which would provide a more accurate picture of the situation, only a sample. These were obtained by the Times after being released by Shifty Adam Shiff, the Democrat Representative in charge of the investigation who was proven to be a liar only two days prior.

Below is a sample of these texts from the Times – the entire list released can be found here

Connecting Rudy Giuliani with Ukraine President Zelensky’s Advisor: On July 19, Ambassador Volker texted President Trump’s agent, Rudy Giuliani, to thank him for breakfast and to introduce him to Andrey Yermak, a top advisor to President Zelensky:

[7/19/19, 4:48 PM] Kurt Volker: Mr Mayor – really enjoyed breakfast this morning. As discussed, connecting you here with Andrey Yermak, who is very close to President Zelensky. I suggest we schedule a call together on Monday – maybe 10am or 11am Washington time? Kurt

Sondland Briefs Zelensky Ahead of Call with President Trump:1 On July 19, 2019, Ambassador Volker, Ambassador Sondland, and Mr. Taylor had the following exchange about the specific goal for the upcoming telephone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian President:

[7/19/19, 4:49:42 PM] Kurt Volker: Can we three do a call tomorrow—say noon WASHINGTON?

[7/19/19, 6:50:29 PM] Gordon Sondland: Looks like Potus call tomorrow. I spike [sic] directly to Zelensky and gave him a full briefing. He’s got it.

[7/19/19, 6:52:57 PM] Gordon Sondland: Sure!

[7/19/19, 7:01:22 PM] Kurt Volker: Good. Had breakfast with Rudy this morning-teeing up call w Yermak Monday. Must have helped. Most impt is for Zelensky to say that he will help investigation—and address any specific personnel issues—if there are any

Concerns about Ukraine Becoming an “Instrument” in U.S. Politics:2 On July 21, 2019, Ambassador Taylor flagged President Zelensky’s desire for Ukraine not to be used by the Trump Administration for its own domestic political purposes:

[7/21/19, 1:45:54 AM] Bill Taylor: Gordon, one thing Kurt and I talked about yesterday was Sasha Danyliuk’s point that President Zelenskyy is sensitive about Ukraine being taken seriously, not merely as an instrument in Washington domestic, reelection politics.

[7/21/19, 4:45:44 AM] Gordon Sondland: Absolutely, but we need to get the conversation started and the relationship built, irrespective of the pretext. I am worried about the alternative.

Giuliani Advocates for Trump-Zelensky Call: Mr. Yermak and Mr. Giuliani agreed to speak on the morning of July 22. Later that evening, Ambassador Volker informed Ambassadors Sondland and Taylor that Giuliani was now “advocating” for a phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky:

The Times believes that the texts they released show that President Trump pressured the Ukraine to investigate the former Obama Administration for their crimes of corruption in order to prevent Joe Biden from winning the Democrat primaries and election.

Representative Mark Meadows chimed in on the texts released from Schifty Schiff, claiming they were, of course, cherry-picked – therefore accusing Shiff of lying again –

Representative Jim Jordan claimed that Schiff won’t release Volker’s testimony because it would destroy the Democrat’s and their media’s narrative – he knows Schiff well after attending Congressional meetings with the liar for years – but Jordan is too kind to call Schiff an all out liar –

In one exchange of texts between Trump administration officials it was clear that President Trump was not encouraging the Ukrainians in order to receive something in return –

Taylor expresses concerns in another text:

“As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” Taylor said in one text exchange.

Sondland responded by saying that was not what was happening. “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The President has been crystal clear: no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.”

The entire argument for the impeachment of President Trump by the corrupt Democrats and their media is that they can read President Trump’s mind! They believe he wanted to encourage the Ukraine to look into the crimes committed by individuals in the Obama administration because he wanted to stop Joe Biden from winning the Presidency, not to ward out corruption in the US and the Ukraine!!! They just inherently know this.

Of course none of this could be supported in the court of law so the Democrats push a whistle blower claim from someone we don’t even know is real. They continue with this farce as if the President hadn’t released the transcript of the call with the Ukraine’s leader!

The Democrats, their New York Times and their media are certifiably insane!


Former Italian PM and Obama Pal Renzi Threatens George Papadopoulos — AFTER BARR’S VISIT TO INVESTIGATE ITALIAN CONNECTIONS (VIDEO)

AG Barr and his investigator Durham must be getting close to the beginnings of the Deep State’s Russia collusion sham investigation. Italy’s former Prime Minister and friend of Barack Obama is so hot he’s discussing suing George Papadopoulos.

Maria Bartiroma from Sunday Morning Futures on FOX news had George Papadopoulos on her show this morning and he shared many events that the Deep State took to set him up in 2016 and 2017. He also reported that the former Prime Minister of Italy, was reportedly considering suing him as of a couple of days ago. This is the same time the AG Barr was in Italy looking into Deep State crimes surrounding the 2016 campaign.

The following discussions ensued –

Maria – I find it really interesting that just this week we learned new information that the former Prime Minister of Italy is threatening to sue you. This is ex-Italian Prime Minister Renzi threatening to sue you George Papadopoulos. What do you think this is all about George?

George – (laughs) Well I think obviously that somebody’s connecting dots and these dots lead directly to Rome might actually be the epicenter of this entire conspiracy, even more so than London which I initially thought. Look, Attorney General Barr was recently in Italy along with John Durham. They were obviously looking into Joseph Mifsud’s extensive connections to both the Italian government (documented) and Italian Intelligence services. They’re probably looking into this University Link Campus and Vincenzo Scotti and who was the Prime Minister when all of this was going on, Matteo Renzi…

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

We reported in May that the fired Italian spies were no doubt related to the Russia collusion witch hunt.

Our story begins in January 2017 when Computer World wrote about alleged crimes committed by Italian Giulio Occhionero:

The Tuesday arrest of Giulio Occhionero and his sister, Francesca Maria, has brought to light what appears to be the biggest, and highest-profile, hacking of institutional and corporate accounts ever reported in Italy.

The siblings have been planting the Pyramid Eye remote access Trojan on computers using a spear-phishing technique over several years, according to the arrest order.

They attacked at least 18,000 high-profile targets, including former Prime Ministers Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti, President of European Central Bank Mario Draghi, as well as employees and heads of various ministries including Internal Affairs, Treasury, Finance and Education.

But Giulio Occhionero claimed that he and his sister, Francesca Maria, were set up. A piece reported by Frederico Punzi, writing in The Atlantico, notes their denials and more:

Occhionero complained to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Perugia and wrote to the U.S. Congress and the FBI. In fact, there are a number of contradictions and suspicious circumstances in the case.

Occhionero provided the letter that he claims he sent US Congress and the FBI:

No Title

Occhionero claims and it’s reported that:

Members of Italian intelligence were approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and the Deep State in order to frame Trump by PLANTING EVIDENCE on American servers to force Trump to step down from office.

In other words, members of Italian intelligence found a target in Occhionero, a Republican-sympathizer who had two servers for his company, Westland Securities, located in America. One was in Washington State, and the other in West Virginia.

The plan was for Italian Intelligence to hack into these servers, plant classified emails from Hillary’s servers inside these servers on American soil, and then alert the FBI.

The FBI would then raid these locations, “discover” these e-mails, investigate, link these servers to Trump…

And then force Trump to resign.

Occhionero believes that Obama and the former leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, worked together on this plan and he provides reports of their meetings in Italy before the 2016 election and in early 2017.

Why Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is Dining With Obama

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is joining Barack Obama for the last formal dinner of his presidency. Why?

Barack Obama Arrives in Milan for Climate Speech, Meeting with Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Former President Barack Obama touched down in Milan, Italy, on Monday, kicking off a two-day trip in which he will meet with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and also discuss climate change at a conference.

Occhionero’s twitter account has numerous tweets related to this subject, including the fact that Robert Mueller from the Mueller report awarded one of the top spies in Italy the FBI Medal of Honor.

The Italian spy network had a close relationship with Joseph Mifsud, the individual who set up Trump Campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos in Rome and London.

The heat is on!

IT’S ILLEGAL: DEEP STATE INTEL COMMUNITY AND CONGRESS COLLUDING – Recent Whistleblower Complaint Is Not Legal Under the Law!

The Deep State Intel Community and Democrats in the House of Representatives are pushing through a whistleblower complaint that IS NOT LEGAL under the law and they are attempting to cover up this fact with their recent actions under the guise of darkness. President Trump should ask the courts to step in and end it.

An individual by the handle of Matt Beebe released a series of tweets that unveil the seediness of the Deep State coup. Of course, the recent whistleblower incident with President Trump is a sham. It’s not just a sham, it’s illegal.

The tweets are somewhat difficult to understand so here’s the jest of what Beebe is saying.

The Deep State changed the requirements for filling out the whistleblower form and in August allowed whistleblowers to use ‘hearsay’ when filing a complaint. At this same time the whistleblower filled out the form slandering President Trump using hearsay. (1-6)

The Deep State Intel community only updated their online site regarding whistleblowing four days ago to reflect the recent changes before the recent complaint was released. This was done in spite of zero legislative action on the related regulations. The term ‘urgent concern’ is now used 10 times in the Congressional Research Service (CRS) manual and was only used 2 times in the prior publication. (7- 10)

The CRS also added wording for addressing disagreements between the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). (11-12)

The CRS cites chapter and verse for all but 3 paragraphs in the footnotes (See section 3.A.ii) which discuss the ICIG’s authority to report directly to Congress. The CRS omits a key clause in the law related to the types of people that the ICIG can investigate which is related to only current or former employees of the intelligence community. (13-16)

This is the key. The law does not require that a whistleblower complaint of President Donald Trump to be provided to Congress – as a matter of fact, only whistleblower complaints of current or former Intel community employees are to be reviewed by the ICIG and only these investigations have a requirement to be forwarded to Congress.

The CRS then added an editorial note that is highly debatable but comes across as fact. It states that who makes the call on whether something is an ‘urgent concern’ is unknown. This implies that Congress can make this call but the statute indicates that this is a decision to be made within the Intel community. (17-18)

“Folks – this is an attempted coup!” (19)

President Trump should step in and send this issue directly to the courts. The statute requires that all investigations within the Intel community by the ICIG be of Intel employees, past and present. President Trump is not included in that class. This witchhunt should be shut down now!

EXCLUSIVE: Overview of Crowdstrike – Firm that (Falsely) Claimed ‘Russia Hacked’ the US and the Ukraine – Now Under President Trump’s Radar

The most shocking piece in the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and the new President of Ukraine Zelensky is related to a company by the name of Crowdstrike. Below is a summary of our reporting related to this company that is behind (false) claims of Russia hacking in both the US and the Ukraine.

On Wednesday the Trump Administration released the White House transcript of President Trump’s call with President Zelensky of Ukraine. In the transcript President Zelensky brought up Rudy Giuliani and his investigations with President Trump.

President Trump asked Zelensky to look into the 2016 election including information on Crowdstrike.

The President did not ask President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden as was widely reported by the lying mainstream media. But President Trump did drop the name of the company behind Russian hacking in the US and the Ukraine, Crowdstrike.

The transcript revealed President Trump is going after the origins of the Trump-Russia witch hunt. Foreign Policy expert Tony Shaffer says this is what the left is most worried about.

Rush Limbaugh focused on this bombshell from the transcript on his Wednesday show.

Now, just a little bit more about CrowdStrike ’cause I have paid attention, there’s not a single — I haven’t seen a single report focus on CrowdStrike in this transcript. Now, I know why the Democrats are ignoring it. The Democrats are bent out of shape that Trump even knows about CrowdStrike. They think Trump’s an idiot. With Trump specifically zeroing in on CrowdStrike the Democrats have learned today, after reading that transcript, what Trump is really doing here.

Trump is soliciting assistance from allies all over the world to help Barr prove the scam run against him. That’s what’s going on. That’s what the Democrats have learned today with that word “CrowdStrike” being in the transcript. CrowdStrike, the founder of CrowdStrike is a Russian emigre who hates Putin with a purple passion. It seems to color CrowdStrike’s security work.

Prime example being when CrowdStrike claimed that the Russians had hacked the Ukraine artillery software during the time Russia was invading Ukraine. CrowdStrike claimed the Russian hack caused the Ukrainians to fire on their own troops, killing thousands of them. They were dead wrong about it! And that’s a massive thing to be wrong about. Because the only problem was Ukraine said there was no such hack and no such battle and there were no such casualties.

They said that CrowdStrike had made all of it up. And guess what? CrowdStrike withdrew its report and admitted that it was wrong. Now, this, whether it sounds like it or not, don’t doubt me, this is highly relevant to this entire Russian collusion story, which is why Trump was asking about it and why the Democrats don’t want the Ukrainians to reinvestigate it.

The reference to CrowdStrike, mark my words, is momentous in this transcript today. I know damn well the whistleblower didn’t tell the Democrats about that or they would have a different strategy laid out for this. Because another thing — don’t doubt me on this — what this really means, folks, is that Trump — he was asking for assistance on Biden, but it’s all related. What Trump actually was asking the president of Ukraine to do was to help the attorney general.

Other Deep State slayers noted this as well –

Crowstrike is lying about the DNC emails behind the Trump-Russia collusion sham being hacked by Russia –

Ann Coulter also identified this in her column this week –

The second issue the media does not want anyone to think about is CrowdStrike.

What is CrowdStrike, you ask? That is the cybersecurity firm that is the sole source of the claim that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails — which launched the conspiracy theories that tied our country in knots for the past three years.

The Russian collusion story was originally hatched by Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2016 to cover up the utter corruption revealed by the dump of Democratic National Committee emails on Wikileaks. As was her practice whenever a scandal threatened to engulf her, Hillary rushed out and told the press to investigate something else.

And “the great story” about the DNC email hack wasn’t about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” — as she claimed when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. No, this time, it was a vast Russian conspiracy!

At the time, the entire media laughed at Hillary’s Russian conspiracy nonsense — The New York Times, New York Newsday, the Los Angeles Times and so on. But then Trump won the election, and suddenly the Russia conspiracy seemed totally believable. What else could explain how Americans could put this boob in the White House?

The subsequent three years of breathless Russia coverage was based entirely on the word of one cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, that the DNC’s emails had been hacked by Russia.

Recall that the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI or any other U.S. government official anywhere near its computers. That’s precisely why so many cybersecurity experts doubted that it was the Russians: The FBI was never allowed to perform its own investigation.

CrowdStrike was founded by Ukrainian Dmitri Alperovitch (now an American citizen apparently — because who isn’t?) and funded by the fanatically anti-Russian Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.

Talk about interfering with our democracy! Alperovitch and Pinchuk sent one political party and nine-tenths of the American media off on a wild goose chase into Russian collusion that, after years of accusations, investigations and embarrassing conspiracy-mongering … turned up goose eggs.

The entire Russian insanity was launched by a couple of Ukrainians. I think a lot of us would like to get to the bottom of that.

We reported in July that one of the reasons why Google executives cried after the 2016 election is because Google invested in Crowdstrike! In July 2015 Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike.

We also reported that former NSA employee and whistle blower, Bill Binney, has reviewed the DNC emails released and provided online by WikiLeaks and it shows that the data coming from the DNC was not hacked (as claimed by Crowdstrike who the FBI relied on for confirmation) but rather copied to a disk or flash drive!

Binney says:

The problem with the Mueller report and the Rosenstein indictment is it’s all based on lies. I mean the fact they’re still lying about the, saying the DNC was hacked by the Russians and the Russians gave it to WikiLeaks.

Well, we had some of our people and our group, the VIPS, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals, look at the data that WikiLeaks posted on the DNC data. They actually posted the DNC data…

…that entire set of data was read to a thumb drive or a CD Rom then physically transported. Now this is what Kim Dotcom is saying. This is what Julian Assange basically was inferring. Others have been saying the same things.”

So we have known for some time that the Russians did not hack the DNC and provide emails to Wikileaks as the FBI claims based on information from Crowdstrike. It’s clear the DNC was not hacked and it’s more likely an insider like Seth Rich copied the files to a disk drive and turned them over to Wikileaks. This is more likely than reports that the Russians hacked the DNC.

Per the transcript of President Trump’s discussion with the Ukrainian leader above, we don’t believe Crowdstrike has the DNC’s physical servers.

It sounds more like Trump is saying “server” in the same sense he used the word “wiretap” – not a literal meaning. Crowdstrike may have the images (copies) of the hard drives, the memory dumps for some of the computing devices and the logs for networking equipment (like switches, routers, and firewalls), but not the actual DNC servers, which is really all you need. Either their “evidence” stands on its own merits or it doesn’t. The onus is on CrowdStrike now to prove their claims based on their “evidence” they have on hand regarding their assertion in the US.

The Ukraine likely doesn’t have the DNC/Podesta email servers. They have some Gmail related emails that can be analyzed to show that Crowdstrike was wrong when they alleged that the Russians hacked the Ukrainians during the separatist war.

The linkage to Ukraine is based on the number of articles that appeared around December 2016 trying to connect the DNC leak to other Russian government cyber-attacks. The whole argument that the Russians were tracking Ukrainian artillery units by compromising android devices is nonsense. The whole publication was a coordinated effort by major news outlets like Reuters, AP, the NYT, WaPo, and others to create and manage this narrative. Some of the claims that Crowdstrike made were:

• “the Ukrainians lost 80% of their filed artillery”
• “Ukraine’s howitzers suffered the highest percentage of loss of any … artillery pieces in Ukraine’s arsenal.”

All this turned out to be completely false. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) the losses were 10%-20%, which is in the range of any conflict where both parties use artillery.

Also the claim that the Russian malware was able to “retrieve communications” and “some locational data” from infected devices, is also not true. There are much faster/more accurate ways to track and target filed artillery than to hope that the battery team downloads an unsecured mobile phone application (which according to the developers wasn’t hacked) from an email that was flagged by Gmail as suspicious. Just like with the DNC hack, they made up the whole thing and no one in the media challenged them or asked for a solid proof.

The details of the alleged attack in the Ukraine:

In 2016-2017, two Ukrainian developers by the name Dobronravin and Dmytro were providing the Ukraine military through an NGO called Army SOS with navigation software. Version 1.0 of the solution was distributed on Android tablets loaded with digital topographic maps. Version 2.0 of this solution expanded the features to including an add-on called the Network Bridge that allowed the operator to connect to other tablets via digital radio (Motorola XPR) to allow different units to exchange text messages. It’s important to note that the tablets had no real-time GPS tracking capabilities and that these were all off-line devices.

On August 27, 2015, Dmytro’s email contacts received a phishing email impersonating his name. The email instructed them to download the latest version of the Network Bridge. Allegedly (and we don’t know this for a fact), the modified add-on in the email had the ability to intercept the text messages from the tablet.

(The phishing email)

Dmytro immediately told his users not to download the malicious add-on and sent a copy of the phishing email to a Ukrainian hacker called ‘Sean Townsend’ for analysis. According to Dobronravin and Dmytro no one in their application user group downloaded the malware because Google flagged the email as suspicious (see image above).

It just happens to be that ‘Sean Townsend’ is connected to Crowdstrike and knows their CEO. This is how the story about the malware and artillery software got out to them. They sat on that information for about 16 months (August 27, 2015 – December 2016) and when the whole Russia collusion story was being baked they jumped on the opportunity to reinforce the Russian role in DNC attack showing the same pattern of attack in Ukraine.

(The malicious add-in Dmytro sent to Sean Townsend in 2015)

(The artillery app published by CrowdStrike in 2016)

But as has been indicated, Crowdstrike’s report was completely bogus. Crowdstrike completely made-up the Ukrainian howitzers artillery losses and the statement that the rogue artillery app (really the Radio Bridge add-on) was to blame. The MSM was happy to spread the fake news without ever looking into the simple fact that even if this malware was installed and used, all of these tablets were offline devices without GPS functionality and the code was entirely based on a Bluetooth messaging interface–which the Motorola radio did not support.

The Ukraine doesn’t need to investigate this because they were the ones that debunked the story, so they already know all about it. The “server” referred to by President Trump has to refer to whatever the Ukrainian citizens, Alperovitch and/or Pinchuk have in their possession related to Crowdstrike’s Russia hacked the DNC sham assertions.

Crowdstrike was wrong in the Ukraine. Crowdstrike was forced to retract its false reporting there. Crowdstrike is wrong in the US and the Ukraine may have the information to prove it!

Hat tips D. Manny and Yaacov Apelbaum

EXCLUSIVE: DEEP STATE DIETY – Father Alex Karloutsos – Connected to Obama and Hillary – Invited Papadopoulos to Cyprus in December 2016

Father Alex Karloutsos is connected to about every Deep State player imaginable – top Democrats and Republicans. Looking back, it is curious why he latched onto George Papadopoulos in December 2016 and took him to Cyprus to meet with Russian connected individuals there.

Fr. Alex Karloutsos, the Head of the Department of Public Affairs for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, knows everyone in US politics, both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Just from images on his wall, Fr. Alex looks like he has been living at the White House since the late seventies. For some unknown reason, Fr. Alex connected with George Papadopoulos after the election and talked him into traveling to Cyprus to meet with politicians there in December 2016. No doubt Fr. Alex wouldn’t travel to Greece with a non-paid intern, unless, he had something to offer.

Fr. Alex was connected to Reince Priebus, amongst others and promised to help young Papadopoulos advance his career –

Next thing you know, Fr. Alex flew with young Papadopoulos to Cyprus where Papadopoulos claims he is part of the Trump team –

Of course Cyprus has a substantial Russian presence. Oleg Deripaska, for instance, is a citizen of both Russia and Cyprus. Did Fr. Alex take young Papadopoulos to Cyprus as part of the Deep State plan to align candidate and President Trump to the Russians? It sure looks that way!

Hat tip D. Manny


Where Is Joseph Mifsud Now? With His Italian Friends and Supporters of Hillary Clinton?

Joseph Mifsud is related to many members in the spy community in the US, Italy and the UK. He was a key actor in Obama Deep State’s attempt to derail the Trump campaign and administration. Where is he now?

Chris Blackburn on Twitter recently noted some of Mifsud’s connections –

Mifsud worked on the Italian campus of a small university noted for its connections to Deep State spies –

The Mueller report claimed Mifsud lied to them three times yet he was never charged. Where is Joseph Mifsud now?

The New York Times reported this past week that Hillary was in Italy promoting her email scandal –

In a moment that combined political theater and performance art, Hillary Clinton was reunited with her emails at an exhibition in Italy this week.

And she wants Republicans to know it.

“Someone alert the House G.O.P.,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday, captioning a picture of her seated with reams of paper that were part of “Hillary: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” a work on display in the Despar Teatro Italia in Venice.

Was Mifsud hiding under that desk? It’s well past time that the corrupt actors in the Deep State be held accountable for their crimes!