Internet Sleuth: Review of Strzok and Page Text Messages Reveals FBI Efforts to Setup, Embarrass or Attack Trump at Campaign Rally

Another sleuth on the Internet uncovered some disturbing information in the Strzok and Page text messages.

The messages sent by corrupt FBI and former Mueller investigation team members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page appear to indicate that the FBI was trying to set up, attack or embarrass candidate Trump before the 2016 election.

Internet sleuth Jason Enzer on Twitter reviewed the corrupt FBI lovebirds’ emails and tweeted the following –

Is this what it looks like? In august of 2016 the 2 FBI lovebirds Page and Strzok were talking cloak and dagger. Here is the exchange. what stands out is Page saying “Think so. Not sure. For sure his RNC experience is going to be a zero, don’t know enough to tell more.” Strange!

Enzer continues –

Stzrok asks “zero in terms of not the same characters?” Page goes on to clarify “Just don’t think it’s going to be useful. Think interactions are going to be more with his security folks. (BC he has private, ex-Bu ones in addition to the Service.) who had private ex-Bu security?

Enzer then notes a post at far-left Politico suggesting that candidate Trump was wasting money on his personal security team. [Was liberal Politico trying to encourage President Trump to remove some of his security staff? We already know Politico was sending their posts to the Hillary campaign for review before posting.] –

None other than Trump! MSM was relentlessly critical of yet another unconventional, irresponsible, and dangerous waste of $ “The president-elect continues to employ a battalion of retired cops and FBI agents to protect him and clamp down on protesters. “ …

Enzer sums up his thoughts on these texts –

Call me crazy, but it looks like the FBI was discussing some sort of setup. One that would be useless because of the additional private ex-bu security DJT employed. having been tested at Trump rallies, the security team had reached legendary status and the FBI knew not to test it

Enzer appears to be on to something. Was the FBI trying to set up President Trump in an embarrassing situation or were their intents more sinister and violent?

What is clear is that the FBI was led by corrupt and criminal individuals. Because these individuals went so far to set up the President in a fake investigation based on no crimes that has gone on for over a year and is grossly unconstitutional – there is no telling what the corrupt individuals at the FBI were capable of and contemplating.

Legal Expert on Comey Leaks: Probable Cause Comey Committed Criminal Espionage Punishable with 10 Years in Prison

Legal expert and lawyer Robert Barnes provided some expert analysis last night on Twitter about the legal implications former FBI Director and “Crooked Cardinal” James Comey is in. Comey’s leaks are highly likely to place Comey in prison [where he belongs] for many years.

Robert Barnes from Barnes Law tweeted the following set of tweets last night about the legal jeopardy that crooked Comey put himself in –

THREAD: As explained on @foxnewsnight w/ @ShannonBream, there is probable cause @Comey committed CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE against Trump when he leaked #ComeyMemos. The law punishes espionage w/ a 10 year federal prison sentence & can be found at 18 USC 793(f). …

<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

THREAD: As explained on @foxnewsnight w/ @ShannonBream, there is probable cause @Comey committed CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE against Trump when he leaked #ComeyMemos. The law punishes espionage w/ a 10 year federal prison sentence & can be found at 18 USC 793(f).

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) April 24, 2018

Next Barnes notes –

Contrary to what you may hear, a person can be convicted of CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE even if they do not leak classified material & even if they only remove, but do not share, national security information. Criminal Espionage laws were written before we had a classification system.

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law)

His 3rd tweet on the subject –

3/ Criminal Espionage only requires proof that a person entrusted w/ “national defense related” information remove that information from its proper place or disclose that information to an unauthorized person in either an intentional act or because of their “gross negligence.”

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law)

4th tweet –

4/ The courts have defined “national defense related” information very broadly in the seminal Supreme Court case of Gorin v. United States, effectively deferring to the judgment of the jury as to what constitutes national defense related information.

5th tweet –

5/ Some courts limited the Criminal Espionage statute to information which is “potentially dangerous” to disclose to national security and “closely held” information. That same court also said the information did not have to ever be classified for it to be a crime to disclose it.

6th tweet –

6/ Here is the key: In order for @Comey to ever classify #ComeyMemos as either “confidential” or “secret,” he admitted the memos were government proprietary information, related to national security, & the disclosure of which was “reasonably expected” to hurt national security.

7th tweet –

7/ Now add in: Classified Information NDA @Comey signed to be FBI Director, his sophisticated longtime use of classified information, his admission that information did not have to be marked classified in the Hillary press conference, and his record prosecuting whistleblowers.

8th and final tweet –

8/ Adds up to one thing: there is probable cause that James @Comey committed CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE when he removed the #ComeyMemos from FBI exclusive control & custody after his firing (the first crime) & then gave them to an unauthorized person (the 2nd crime). #MultipleFelonies

It looks like Cardinal Comey committed criminal espionage when he removed the emails he prepared and then gave them to an unauthorized friend. Maybe in jail the Cardinal can start a choir with his new found friends some day soon in jail.

DNC in Trouble as 2017 Russia Report Losing Luster as its Architects Comey, Brennan and Clapper Are Proven as Leakers, Liars and Trump Haters

Guest post by Joe Hoft

It is looking more and more like Obama’s Former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and Former NSA Director James Clapper may have lied when they put together a report released in January 2017 about Russian influence in the 2016 election. This report was used to push the entire Russia narrative.

This past week the DNC announced that they are suing Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign –

for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to damage the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential race.

The DNC is seeking recompense for what it says was millions of dollars in damages from Russia’s hacking of its internal emails, which were then published by WikiLeaks, with the encouragement of then-candidate Trump and his campaign.

There are many problems that the DNC faces with their case –

1. Congressional investigations and the Special Counsel Mueller investigation have been going on for the past year and they haven’t uncovered any activities that support that the Trump campaign worked with Russia in any way to damage the DNC.

2. Wikileaks has a track record of not revealing its sources but it has repeatedly hinted that Russia was not the source of the emails of Clinton’s that it released during the campaign. It is more likely that the emails were provided to Wikileaks by DNC insider Seth Rich who was murdered in July 2016 in a still unsolved murder in Washington DC.

3. The DNC has not allowed investigators to review its IT systems and servers to determine how its emails landed in the hands of Wikileaks. To date the Mueller team has not reportedly even asked for this information. An inspection would provide evidence as to whether its servers were hacked by outsiders or if the emails were simply copied by an insider and provided to external parties.

President Trump tweeted that this case is an opportunity for the Trump campaign to obtain information from the DNC that they are withholding from parties outside the DNC.

4. Finally, one of the biggest problems the DNC has with their lawsuit is that their entire case may be predicated on a report released in January 2017 by former FBI Head Comey, former CIA Director Brennan and Former NSA Director Clapper. NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, who requested the FISA warrant audit that the Obama team reportedly wanted to fire him over and who reportedly notified President-elect Trump that he was being spied on in November 2016 a week after the election, reported to the Senate that he did not agree with the findings in the Russia report.

In the report, it is reported that –

We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.

Admiral Rogers later stated in a Senate hearing stated that his confidence did not reach even this threshold:

I wouldn’t call it a discrepancy, I’d call it an honest difference of opinion between three different organizations and in the end I made that call.…It didn’t have the same level of sourcing and the same level of multiple sources.

This means that the Russia Report was based on judgements from the CIA led by John Brennan, the DNI led by James Clapper, and the FBI led by James Comey.

Comey later lied under oath and admittedly leaked information as well. Comey’s own notes from discussions with the President were labeled classified and yet he shared them with a friend who then shared with the media. Comey is facing criminal charges in these areas.

Clapper lied to Congress on whether Americans were being spied on or not –

John Brennan has noticeably shared his hate with President Trump calling him a “paranoid charlatan”. It was also recently reported that Brennan made a trip to Russia himself in March of 2016 as the Russia collusion narrative was in its infancy.

If the DNC is relying on the Russia report on the 2016 election and the individuals accountable for the accuracy of the report are James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan, the DNC is in big trouble.


Romey Places 2nd in Utah Republican Senate Race Voting to Outsider Doctor and Lawyer Who Wants to Heal Washington – Primary Next

Utah Republicans held a convention yesterday which resulted in former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Placing Second to a Utah Doctor-Lawyer who wants to clean up Washington.

FOX News reported –

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney ran into an obstacle Saturday in his bid to succeed Utah’s retiring U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch.

At the state’s Republican Party convention in West Valley City, Romney finished second in votes from party delegates, behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

That means Kennedy, who captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote, and Romney (49.12 percent) will face each other in a GOP primary election June 26.

Dr. Kennedy’s webpage shows that he is all for cleaning up Washington –

Dr. Mike Kennedy is a lot of things — State Legislator, Doctor, Lawyer, Eagle Scout, Husband, Father of eight, and a Self-made man who grew up in a single-parent home in less than fortunate circumstances. Disputing the notion all kids who grow up poor are destined for failure, Mike worked hard to find success and provide a better life for his family.

Working his way through college to support himself, Mike was able to graduate with a bachelors degree from BYU, only taking time off to serve a 2-year LDS Mission, before graduating from medical school at Michigan State. After completing a Family Practice Residency, Mike moved his family back to Utah and started law school at BYU. Mike worked full-time as a family physician and attended BYU law school part-time. After graduating from law school, Mike continued practicing medicine and did some legal consulting.

In 2012, Mike was elected as a member of the Utah State House of Representatives, where he has received awards for his conservative, free-market approach and leadership. As a legislator, Mike works with others to pass positive and impactful legislation – keeping government limited and allowing Utah’s economy to thrive.

Governor Romney was very outspoken about President Trump before the 2016 election. Romney totally slandered and besmirched the future President in early March 2016 as Trump had picked up a solid lead. Romney’s comments sounded like they came from a Democrat not the prior Republican Presidential candidate –

President Trump responded to Romney’s remarks by calling him a “failed candidate”. Romney was wrong.

Unfortunately for Romney, Trump carried Utah in the general election by 45% to Hillary’s 27% and Evan McMullin’s 21%. No matter how hard the NeverTrumpers tried to prevent Trump from winning the election, they just couldn’t overthrow the wishes of the American people.

This may be why Romey finished 2nd in Utah yesterday. Dr. Kennedy’s policies are consistent with President Trump’s. Romney was critical of President Trump even in his announcement speech for the Utah Senate opening, saying –

Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world,” Romney says. “Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. And on Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect.”

Remarks like this will not go well with the people in Utah. Perhaps this is why Romey placed 2nd yesterday.

Note to Republicans and House Judiciary Chair Bob @RepGoodlatte – Trump Supporters Are Your Base, “New Media” is Their Platform and Liberals Want to Shut Us Down!

Republican leadership is unaware of their base, where it goes to get its information and the efforts by the left to prevent this message from being shared. Liberals today choose to shut down the conservative voice in the “new media”, through the socials and on the Internet, rather than in engage in political debate.

The 2016 Presidential election changed the makeup of the Republican Party. President Trump brought millions of Americans to the party while #NeverTrumpers, elitists within the Party, abandoned ship and joined liberals in voting for Hillary Clinton. President Trump won on issues and his message was a stronger economy, rationale immigration policies and enforcement, law and order and the protection and advancement of Americans and the USA.

Liberals have not yet recovered. They thought their old tricks would work. They own the legacy media (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, Time, etc.) and figured their chokehold on old media and their command and dictates of the socials (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Google – YouTube) would easily win them the 2016 election. They felt they owned the message and being the good fascists that they are, felt the election and coronation of Hillary Clinton was in the bag.

Then the liberal nightmare happened. To their shock, conservative sites on the Internet (i.e. “New Media”) had carried the message liberals tried so hard to quash and Donald Trump was elected President. Stunned and embarrassed President Obama and liberal Democrats knew that the socials had to kill the conservative message or their addiction to power would go untreated.

First the liberals confirmed their concerns. Harvard partook in a study to review the election. Their results were consistent with a study from the Columbia Journalism Review. Liberals did own the message on the legacy media but they had no idea that the new media had advanced to the point that it competed with old media stalwarts like CNN.

Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit were two new media outlets that promoted candidate Trump and counteracted the attacks and fake news from the left. The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential media outlet on the Right during the election. The studies noted above provided their analysis to support this. The new media used their presence on the Internet and through the socials to share the Trump vision.

How did liberals react? Not by changing their policies that were destroying the nation, liberals opted to attack new media, call them names (i.e. “fake news” which thanks to President Trump has totally backfired) and attempt to shut them down.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube changed their models, algorithms and policies to filter and prevent conservative speech from being shared. All of their actions are anti-free speech, un-American and unconstitutional. Free speech is protected in the Bill of Rights but the socials decided to go full fascism and stop conservatives from being heard.

Facebook simply shut down conservative sites like Diamond and Silk with 1.2 million followers. Numerous other conservative sites were also shut down. In addition, Facebook prevented posts from other sites like the Gateway Pundit from being shared. The Gateway Pundit, for example, has watched as its percentage of traffic from Facebook has decreased from more than 30% before the 2016 election, to 3% today. Some days Facebook totally shuts down the sharing of Gateway Pundit posts.

Twitter started doing the same in a process called ‘shadow banning”. When individuals tweet conservative messages, Twitter buries them or does not share them at all. Undercover investigator James O’Keefe released video of employees at Twitter confirming this and banning pro-Trump accounts.

Google – YouTube also partakes in preventing the conservative message. Queries on Google now almost exclusively provide results to legacy media links and stories. YouTube is banning many conservative sites. These efforts all impact these sites’ income and ability to continue as going concerns due to these sites messages being prevented from being shared.

The Gateway Pundit held an event in Washington DC with the purpose of bringing to light the abuses and prevention of free speech that the socials are partaking in today. More than 132,000 tuned in to watch the Social Media Neutrality Panel share their individual stories of being abused for their conservative values at the hands of the socials.

Republicans will need to know their base if they want to win elections. Their base is Trump supporters. Their information comes from “new media” and socials are cracking down on these America loving media outlets. Republicans need to stand for free speech and the 1st Amendment and stand with the new media. Republicans can either do this or watch the GOP die a quick and unholy death.


Comey “Lacks Candor” and Lies Over 40 Times in Notes from Meetings with President Trump!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Notes from Former FBI Head James Comey related to his discussions with President Trump were finally released by the DOJ and FBI last night. These damning notes follow the release of the DOJ’s IG report less than a week ago that provided evidence that former FBI Head Andrew McCabe lied multiple times, including under oath.  The McCabe report exposed President Obama’s FBI and DOJ as corrupt, dishonest, coordinated and conspiring.  Comey’s notes provide additional support of a very dishonest, conniving and corrupt FBI led by Comey, who set the tone.

Less than a week since the DOJ IG’s report about fired former FBI Head Andrew McCabe, the DOJ and FBI finally released James Comey’s notes as requested by Congress. These notes show a very corrupt, manipulative, conniving and dishonest FBI Director.

A list of the key points in the 15 pages of notes follows –

1.First note that the notes were classified and therefore Comey leaked classified information.

2. The first page of the notes includes perhaps the most damning piece of information from corrupt Comey’s first notes on his meeting on January 6, 2017. After getting the President-elect alone, Comey writes, “I then executed the session exactly as I had planned.”

3. He next states whom the reports were from which is redacted. But then says that he “didn’t want him caught cold by some of the detail.  [PL]

4. On page 2 Comey writes the Russians allegedly had tapes. [PL]

5.The President immediately said this was false but Comey never released this information.

6. Comey says, “I said I wasn’t say this was true. “[PL]…” media like CNN had them” [how did he know and why was he not protecting the President-elect?]…It’s important not to give them “the excuse to write that the FBI had the material” [PL]… they [FBI] were keeping it very close [PL]

7. Comey admits they were not investigating [President-elect Trump] but it was being said out of Russia [PL]

8. Comey also wanted to let him [Trump] know in case it came out in the media. [PL]

9. On page 3 begins corrupt Comey’s 2nd meeting notes with President on January 28, 2017 [shortly after the inauguration].

10. Comey admits he was never relaxed “given the focus his conversation required” [what focus? Why the discomfort?  This doesn’t sound normal for someone without an agenda.]

11. Comey says “I explained that he could count on me to always tell him the truth. [L] I said in don’t do sneaky things [L], I don’t leak [L], I don’t do weasel moves. [L] But I was not on anybody’s side politically [L].”

12. When the President asked whether the FBI leaks, Comey answered “that FBI leaks far less than people often say”. [L]

13. Comey said AG Lynch directed him not to use the word “investigation” [in the Hillary matter].

14. President Trump asked whether it was true “there was a revolt” after Comey announced no crimes in the Hillary investigation and Comey said “that was nonsense [PL] and I worked hard to see if folks had concerns [PL]. Comey next said that “investigators all agreed there was not case [PL], he [Trump] said he disagreed.’

15. President Trump next asked about McCabe and whether he as a problem with the President and Comey said “he’s a true professional [L] and had no problem at all” [L – it was well known in the FBI that McCabe hated Trump].

16. Comey next bashed former Republican AG’s but not Obama’s AG’s Holder or Lynch.

17. President Trump again said the dossier Comey presented to him in the previous meeting was not accurate. Trump noted that he didn’t even stay the night in Russia during the Miss Universe contest when some incidents were said to take place.

18. Comey said, “I wouldn’t want to create a narrative that we were investigating him [L – this went on for months and Comey never once came out and said the President wasn’t under investigation – this is the 2nd time Comey admits Trump not under investigation.]

19.Comey says Obama “wanted competence and independence and didn’t want the FBI involved in policy.” [L – Comey went to the White House on numerous occasions and is now suspected as following Obama’s orders – also, Obama’s entire administration was corrupt.] Comey also said Obama slept well knowing the FBI was well run. [L – for Obama well run meant corrupt]

20. Comey next again said McCabe was “professional”. [L]

21. The next notes were from February 8, 2017, starting on p. 7. Comey said that a redacted item was necessary in the now known as fake dossier.  He states “analysts from all three agencies agreed it was relevant and that portions of the material were corroborated by other intelligence.”[PL]

22. Comey notes a primary source of the dossier but it is redacted [PL]

23. Comey talked about leaks and said they were probably from folks “who have left government”. [PL] He also said unlikely they came from the FBI [PL], and that most leaks come from one or two out. [L – Comey and McCabe both have testified under oath that they leaked]

24. On page 8, Comey tell Priebus their conversation was private [L].

25. Priebus asked whether there was a FISA application on General Flynn and Comey answered but it is redacted.

26. Next Comey’s note reflect something strange. Comey notes that Priebus asked why Hillary was not charged with “gross negligence”.  [Comey changed this as we now know to clear Hillary of emails crimes.] Comey then says I took him through “facts and the law”. [L – we know Hillary was guilty of numerous crimes.]  Then unexpectedly Comey writes “I added that it wasn’t my fault that Huma Abedin forwarded emails to Anthony Weiner.”  [This suggests the Weiner emails are an important part of the 2016 campaign and the Hillary email investigations.]

27. Next and again Comey calls McCabe a “pro” and that he had no problems with the President. [L] Comey says McCabe “put everything aside and did his job well”. [L – he and Comey are both fired]

28. Comey said referring to the FBI “we aren’t the kind of killer that Putin is”.  President Trump apparently paused [does Trump know something or was Comey trying to scare the President?]

29. On page 10 Comey begins his notes from a February 14, 2017, meeting with the President [Valentine’s Day]. President Trump says that he thought his phone was protected but that the calls he made with Australia and Mexico and that General Flynn’s call with the Russians were taped and then leaked.  Comey says he tried to interject several times that “leaks are terrible” but the President wouldn’t let him.  [L – Comey is a leaker]  Comey says it’s terrible his calls were leaked.  [L – Comey is a leaker]  Comey says FBI leaks were terrible [L – Comey is a leaker].

30. Comey agrees that leaks compromise the President and that he was “eager to find leakers”. [L – Comey is a leaker]

31. Comey then said he was eager to put a “head on a pike” of a leaker. [L – Comey is a leaker.]

32. On page 12 Comey notes a very brief call from the President and then on page 13 he notes from his discussion with the President on March 30, 2017 via a phone. The President stated that the Russia business was hurting him and that he was going to personally sue Christopher Steele.

33. President Trump asked what Comey could do to lift the cloud. Comey replies that they were “running it down as quickly as possible’ [L – this mess is still going on and the cause of the corrupt Mueller investigation].

34. Comey again tells Trump that he was not under investigation and the President said it would be good to get that out. [Comey leaked everything else but never announced or leaked that the President was not being investigated.]

35. Trump again brings up McCabe and Comey says again two more times that McCabe is an honorable guy. [L and L] Then Comey says he’d see what he could do to get out that the President is not under investigation. [L – Comey never did until under oath in front of Congress months later.]

36. The final set of notes begin on page 15 and refer to a call from President Trump on April 11, 2017. Comey begins to tell the President that he passed the President’s request about letting the American people know that he is not under investigation and Comey says he passed on to the acting AG but had not heard from him. [PL]

37. President Trump this stated that he heard the FBI was involved in an incident in Jordan in delaying a prosecution of a soldier who killed Americans. Comey did not deny but said he would dig into it. [PL – Comey probably knew but lied as he had a pattern of doing]

38. Comey tries to insinuate in some footnotes that the President was up to something but there was no basis for his impressions. [PL – by this time it is clear that Comey was a liar and leaker.]

Overall Summary –

1. The notes were classified and Comey leaked them which is a crime.

2. Comey writes that his “plan” in how he wanted to share the fake dossier with President Trump went exactly the way he wanted. This indicates Comey was conniving and manipulative in presenting the fake dossier to the President.

3. At least three times Comey tells the President he is not under investigation which is probably a lie but no matter how many times the President asks the FBI Director to share this with the American people, he refuses to do so.

4. Comey lies over 40 times in the 15 pages of notes. Some of his lies are known at this point from other information [L] and some probable lies [PL] are based on other information and a track record of lying from Comey.  In total we identified 17 probable lies [PL] and 25 outright lies [L].

5. The Weiner emails are again noted in these notes as they were noted in the McCabe IG Report. These may include information that Comey and others do not want released to American voters and this may be why they are going all out to remove President Trump.

6. The Corrupt individuals in the government have no concern for the American people or the President they elected.

Comey shows in these notes that he is dishonest, manipulative, conniving, conceited, arrogant and corrupt. Fired former FBI Director James Comey is a leaker and a liar!

Gateway Pundit’s Twin Joe Hoft Provides Expert Analysis on IG Report and the Weiner Email Scandal

The Gatewaypundit’s twin brother Joe Hoft was on the Hagmann Report on Tuesday and provided an expert analysis of the DOJ IG’s report released on Friday and connections with the Weiner email scandal.

On Friday the DOJ IG released a report related to fired FBI Chief Andrew McCabe and the many lies McCabe made which resulted in his firing. The Gateway Pundit provided a summary of the report over the weekend.

A point raised from a review of the report was related to the Weiner emails. The Gateway Pundit reported –

The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016. The emails were the suspected cause for Comey’s email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened. However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time. [The Weiner emails may be what the Democrats are most fearful of being released to the public.]

Over the past weekend information from the IG’s report was connected with events from 2016 that validated claims that the Weiner emails included salacious and sinister data that could bring the entire Democrat complex to its knees. This too was reported at the Gateway Pundit.

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit was invited on the Hagmann Report to discuss this relationship between the IG’s report and the Weiner emails.

Over the coming months more corruption and criminal activities will be reported related to the Obama Administration’s FBI and DOJ and the Mueller investigation. The rationale for the Mueller team to partake in such a brazen plot to remove the President is still unknown. Was it simply related to Hillary losing the election?

It must have been something more. Perhaps the answer is hidden in the Weiner emails?


Speaker Ryan’s Biggest Mistake – Not Supporting President Trump! He Should Step Down from the Speakership Now!

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan announced that he is stepping down as Speaker and will not seek re-election in the House of Representatives. He may have higher aspirations but his lack of support for President Trump will ultimately be his downfall.

Speaker Ryan may be planning to run for President someday. He was VP Candidate for losing Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and he is currently Speaker of the House. However, because of his miscalculations and lack of support of President Trump, odds are that Speaker Ryan will never win a Presidential race. He totally underestimated the current President at every turn. Ryan’s lack of support for the President and his massive group of supporters prove Ryan is out of touch with what is important to Americans.

In 2016, during the Presidential campaign Speaker Ryan stated in a call with House Republicans that he will never support then Presidential candidate Trump, and he never has –

Ryan never realized how disgusting his actions and lack of support were to Republicans who admire President Trump for his courage and efforts to change America for the better after the eight destructive years of the Obama Administration. In spite of significant head winds from corrupt Democrats, the media and NeverTrumper Republicans, like Ryan himself, the President succeeded in accomplishing a significant portion of his agenda in his first year in office.

But in March 2018, Ryan provided the President a monstrous spending bill. The President signed it but reluctantly. Americans voted against massive spending from the Obama years by voting for Trump. In spite of President Trump’s deficits being half that of Obama’s, the spending bill was not popular and Ryan knew it. Ryan gave the Democrats all they wanted and didn’t provide money for President Trump’s wall on the Southern border.

Since announcing his run for office, the media and Democrats have attacked President Trump relentlessly. He is under attack by the unconstitutional Mueller investigation. In the face of these attacks on Trump and his family, Speaker Ryan remains silent.

Judge Janine argued a few weeks ago for Republican leadership to begin supporting the President, but they have not listened –

The most disturbing actions by the current Speaker are his support for individuals that are against our President. This past weekend former FBI Head Comey slandered the President. Ryan responded by sharing his support for dirty cop Comey.

Speaker Ryan provides no support and remains silent while corrupt and criminal liberals and their elite friends in the media slander and report salacious and unverified reports about President Trump. Americans will not forget. This is Speaker Ryan’s downfall. He should resign from the Speakership now!


HUGE! MAJOR SCANDAL UNCOVERED=> Internet Sleuths Put Together Bombshell Hidden in Friday’s DOJ IG Report – Involving Weiner Emails

The DOJ IG’s report released on Friday was a bombshell. Now we know hidden in it were pieces of information that when put into context with information released at that time indicate unimaginable corruption!

The DOJ IG’s report related to the many lies made by former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here) We reported on Friday our summary of the report. One key item that was included in the IG’s report was related to Anthony Weiner’s emails.

We stated –

The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016. The emails were the suspected cause for Comey’s email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened. However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time. [The Weiner emails may be what the Democrats are most fearful of being released to the public.]

Some Internet sleuths have put together some astounding implications from Friday’s report when put in context with events at the time and Weiner’s emails.

Background –

Anthony Weiner was sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison in September 2017 for sexting minors. The pervert was Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s protégé and is married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s favorite aide during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

When NYPD investigated Weiner’s crime for texting minors sometime in and around 2016 they obtained his computer that at least one source said included up to 650,000 emails related to corruption, pay-for-play and more heinous crimes implicating a number of individuals including the Clintons and other liberal elites. It’s suspected that this was Weiner’s insurance in case he ever needed it. Instead it landed into the hands of the authorities as a result of him texting minors.

The IG Report and the Weiner Emails

One Internet sleuth (@Tracybeanz) on the Internet put together this amazing video explaining the connections between Friday’s IG report and the Weiner emails –

Here is a link to a series of tweets noted in the above video from her Twitter account

Storyline –

Andrew McCabe was made aware of Weiner’s emails in September 2016 but he sat on the emails for a month. After about a month there was either unrest within the FBI or the NYPD. Individuals who knew of Weiner’s emails are suspected of putting pressure on the FBI to look into the emails.

Then on October 24th, 2016, Obama’s corrupt AG Loretta Lynch inserted a new team on the Eric Garner case in New York. Garner was a black man who died under police custody. There were no indictments in the Garner case but somehow the Justice Department got involved.

According to Friday’s IG report, McCabe and AG Lynch held a call with New York –

McCabe told the OIG that during the October 2016 time frame, it was his “perception that there was a lot of information coming out of likely the [FBI’s] New York Field Office” that was ending up in the news. McCabe told the OIG that he “had some heated back-and-forths” with the New York Assistant Director in Charge (“NY-ADIC”) over the issue of media leaks.

On October 26, 2016, McCabe and NY-ADIC participated in what McCabe described as “a hastily convened conference call with the Attorney General who delivered the same message to us” about leaks, with specific focus being on leaks regarding the high-profile investigation by FBI’s New York Field Office into the death of Eric Garner. McCabe told us that he “never heard her use more forceful language.” NY-ADIC confirmed that the participants got “ripped by the AG on leaks.”

Note that McCabe held the call with AG Lynch that was “hastily convened” and McCabe said he never heard AG Lynch “use more forceful language”. Why did McCabe use the word “forceful”? What was she forcing? Also, how did anyone in New York know about McCabe’s leaks which had not yet even occurred at that time (October 30th)? The AG must have been referring to some other leaks.

On about the same day Trump supporter Rudi Giuliani was on FOX News noting that there were big campaign surprises coming out in the next few days –

Two days later on October 28th, 2016, crooked FBI Head James Comey sent a letter to Congress noting that they were re-opening the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

A few days later as reported at Breitbart on November 4th, 2016, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, was on Breitbart radio and he said shocking things about Weiner’s emails –

Prince claimed he had insider knowledge of the investigation that could help explain why FBI Director James Comey had to announce he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email server last week.

“Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed.

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

“The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

“I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said.

Prince shared that the NYPD kept a copy of all the emails on Weiner’s computer, and the following –

Prince agreed, but said, “If people are willing to bend or break the law and don’t really care about the Constitution or due process – if you’re willing to use Stalinist tactics against someone – who knows what level of pressure” could be brought to bear against even the most tenacious law enforcement officials?

Prince also stated that Obama’s DOJ was trying to use the Garner investigation as leverage to shut down the investigation in New York into Weiner’s emails. Friday’s IG report confirmed that AG Lynch did discuss the Garner case with New York and McCabe and she used ‘forceful’ language.

Friday’s IG report confirms many of the statements Prince made just before the 2016 election.

Related Comments –

No wonder President Trump is so confident when calling out McCabe and Comey as the corrupt and criminal individuals that they are. The President may know more than we do.

No wonder President Trump calls the Mueller investigation a ‘witch hunt’. Certainly a number of individuals worked very hard to put the unconstitutional investigation into place. This brazen act is so disturbing that there must be a larger reason for the actions taken. Weiner’s emails may hold the key!

Rudi Giuliani has been very quiet this past year. He also by his own admission is a specialist in racketeering prosecution and he felt the Clinton Foundation was just that.

In Summary –

The Obama Administration’s corrupt FBI, DOJ and AG all were working to cover-up and stop an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s emails before the 2016 election. An individual or a group of individuals forced these crooks to open up the second Hillary email investigation in late October. AG Lynch may have tried to use the Garner investigation to coerce individuals in New York to stop looking into Weiner’s emails. All these Obama crooks were hoping for a Hillary win.

Fortunately President Trump won.

Fired FBI “Slime Ball” Comey Held Meeting with FBI Leadership to Discuss How Leaks Hurt the FBI

The IG’s report related to terminated and humiliated former FBI Head Andrew McCabe was released on Friday. (See report here) In the report former FBI Head James Comey reportedly held a meeting with his staff sharing his thoughts on how leaks hurt the FBI. The audacity!

In the DOJ IG’s report released Friday, former FBI Head McCabe and his Special Counsel, Lisa Page, both were reportedly responsible for leaks to the media. The report notes that McCabe lied about leaking a number of times with investigators. Page texted about leaks with the man she was having an affair with at the FBI, Peter Strzok. (Both were later hired and fired by the Mueller team and are now both back working at the FBI.) The DOJ was also responsible for leaks per the report.

The most shocking piece in the IG’s report is the mention of a meeting held by former FBI Director Comey –

On Monday morning, October 31, 2016, Comey held a staff meeting, which Special Counsel attended. According to Special Counsel’s contemporaneous notes, during the meeting Comey said “Need to figure out how to get our folks to understand why leaks hurt our organization.” That same day McCabe and Comey had a face-to-face conversation about the October 30 WSJ article. The accounts they provided to the OIG of this discussion contradicted one another.

Later in June of 2017 in front of Congress Comey admitted to leaking as well –

Obama’s DOJ and FBI were leaking machines. Comey had no business talking about how leaks hurt the FBI. He was a leaker!

A FISA Court report on FISA abuses stated that James Clapper’s NSA had an institutional “lack of candor”. Now it is clear from the DOJ’s IG report that the FBI and DOJ have the same lack of candor. They were institutional leakers.