S&P 500 Reaches New All Time High – DOW at 3rd Highest Close Ever!

The Trump markets are at it again! Yesterday the S&P 500 reached a new high while the DOW reached its third highest close ever!

Yesterday the S&P 500 hit a new all time high close. CNBC reported

Stocks rallied on Thursday, led by strong gains in tech and energy shares, as Wall Street cheered the possibility that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates next month.

The S&P 500 surged 1% to 2,954.18, a record close. The broad index also hit an intraday record of 2,958.06. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 249.17 points higher at 26,753.17.

What CNBC and other far left media outlets won’t report that the DOW also was in record territory. According to our records, yesterday the DOW reached it’s third highest close ever.

The DOW closed at 26,753 when the markets closed. The only time the DOW closed higher was last October when the DOW closed at it’s all time high of 26,828 on October 3rd, 2018 and at it’s second highest close ever at 26,774 on October 2nd, 2018.

More people are working than ever before. Unemployment is at 50 year lows. And, now the stock markets are again in record territory. Winning, Winning, Winning!


Live from Hong Kong: Protests Continue Despite Extradition Vote Being Delayed

Live report from Hong Kong

Over the past week huge numbers of protestors have gathered in Hong Kong to take a stand against another change in Hong Kong law moving the tiny country further under Mainland China’s grip. The protests turned ugly when police fired tear gas at the outraged demonstrators.

Thousands protested last week after Hong Kong politicians announced changes to the law that would allow the country to extradite suspected criminals to China. The concern is that it would allow Beijing to arrest protesters and deport them to China –

This law that infuriated Hong Kong citizens which led to more violent protests during the week. The Hong Kong Free Press reported:

Hong Kong Police Commissioner Stephen Lo has said “low fatality weapons” were used to clear Wednesday’s anti-extradition law protests because demonstrators charged police lines with weapons.

Lo said the protests were organised, describing them as a “riot.” He added that around 150 tear gas canisters, “several” rounds of rubber bullets, and 20 beanbag shots were fired during the protest clearance. In comparison, 87 rounds of tear gas canisters were used during the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests.

Eleven people were arrested for crimes in relation to disorderly conduct in public, unlawful assembly, assaulting police officers, and riot-related offences. He said 22 police officers were injured.

The protests are in response to changes to be voted upon in Hong Kong law –

It explicitly allows extraditions from Hong Kong to greater China – including the mainland, Taiwan and Macau – for the first time, closing what Hong Kong government officials have repeatedly described as a “loophole” that they claim has allowed the city to become a haven for criminals from the mainland.

Over the weekend, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive announced that the vote on extradition will be delayed but this didn’t stop thousands from protesting and calling for her resignation this afternoon –

Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill, despite the bill having been suspended.

The bill, which would allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China, has prompted hundreds of thousands to demonstrate in the past week.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Saturday that the plans had been “suspended” for the time being.

But protest leaders demanded that the bill was scrapped.

Some have called on Ms Lam to resign over the unrest.

The BBC reported hours ago –

This all comes at a delicate time in Chinese-US relations after the current trade negotiations were stalled. China cannot afford to appear weak in any of its activities and therefore these protests are coming at a bad time for China and certainly are being closely watched by Beijing.

Here’s More Ammunition for Roger Stone – Additional Reasons Why Mueller’s Story that the DNC Was Hacked by Russians is a Fairy Tale!

Roger Stone is requesting proof that Russians hacked the DNC server, as was reported in the Mueller report. Stone claims if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, his case should be dismissed.

We reported on May 11, 2019, that Roger Stone and his legal team requested the report from Crowdstrike, the firm connected with the Deep State who reportedly did inspect the DNC server after emails were released by WikiLeaks. This report was used by the FBI and the Mueller gang as support that the DNC was hacked by Russia.

Stone’s position is that if the Mueller team and the FBI did not inspect the DNC server, then how can they know that the server was hacked. This logical argument makes sense –

The Mueller team is fighting back against the Stone team and arguing that it is not necessary to see the documents that support that Russia hacked the DNC –

We’ve been saying for months that the entire Russia collusion delusion is a sham. To date there has been no information reported that ascertains that the DNC was hacked by the Russians. No reports to date show that the DNC server was inspected by the Mueller team and the FBI. Since this is the case, there is no way the Mueller team can claim the server was hacked.

Since there is no proof for the emails being hacked, the reports Russians involved in the collusion delusion evaporate. This would and should destroy the entire Russian sham make-believe case. Our reporting has been confirmed by others in the Intelligence community.

Next we reported two weeks ago that NSA Whistle blower Bill Binney looked at the DNC data leaked by WikiLeaks and determined that it was definitively not hacked, it was copied to a disk or flash drive.

Former NSA employee and whistle blower, Bill Binney, reviewed the leaked emails provided online and they show that the data coming from the DNC was not hacked but rather copied to a disk or flash drive!

Binney said:

The problem with the Mueller report and the Rosenstein indictment is it’s all based on lies. I mean the fact they’re still lying about the, saying the DNC was hacked by the Russians and the Russians gave it to WikiLeaks.

Well, we had some of our people and our group, the VIPS, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals, look at the data that WikiLeaks posted on the DNC data. They actually posted the DNC data…

…that entire set of data was read to a thumb drive or a CD Rom then physically transported. Now this is what Kim Dotcom is saying. This is what Julian Assange basically was inferring. Others have been saying the same things.”

It’s clear the DNC was not hacked and it’s more likely an insider like Seth Rich copied the files to a disk drive than that the Russians hacked the DNC.

Now today we have more arguments against Mueller’s assertion that the DNC was hacked by Russians. Another Internet sleuth and techie by the name of Yaacov Apelbaum posted an incredible report earlier this year with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians.

Apelbaum’s first argument is this –

Apelbaum next discusses Guccifer 2.0 –

After providing a couple more examples of why the Russian story doesn’t stick, Apelbaum closes with this –

Finally, we know that WikiLeaks has stated numerous times that Russia did not provide them with the emails they leaked in 2016 and Julian Assange has stated that WikiLeaks had nothing to do with Russia.

But of course the Mueller gang never interviewed WikiLeaks in an effort to determine how they received the Clinton emails. Of course the Mueller team could not risk WikiLeaks saying the emails were not received from Russia which would destroy their Russia hacked the DNC fairy tale.

Let’s hope Roger Stone is able to present all the information available to destroy the ‘Russia Collusion’ sham once and for all. There is nothing the Deep State won’t do and nothing they won’t make up!

In Spite of Tariffs US Import Costs Down in May – US Economic Numbers Overall Are Outstanding!

US costs for imports were reported down in the month of May. This is in spite of liberal cries that the Trump tariffs were going to increase costs to consumers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on Thursday that in May the costs for imported goods were down from the prior month –

Prices for U.S. imports declined 0.3 percent in May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, following an increase of 0.1 percent the previous month. Lower fuel and nonfuel prices contributed to the May decline in import prices. U.S. export prices fell 0.2 percent in May, after advancing 0.1 percent in April, 0.8 percent in March, and 0.6 percent in February.


U.S. Import prices fell 0.3 percent in May, the first monthly decline since a 1.4-percent drop in December. Import prices advanced 1.8 percent from December to April before the downturn in May. The price index for overall imports decreased 1.5 percent over the past 12 months, matching the drop in January. These were the largest over-the-year declines since the index fell 2.2 percent in August 2016.

Fuel Imports: Import fuel prices declined 1.0 percent in May, after rising 25.4 percent over the previous 4 months. Lower prices for both petroleum and natural gas contributed to the May decline. Petroleum prices fell 0.9 percent in May, after a 4.7-percent advance in April. The May decrease was the first monthly decline since a 15.3-percent drop in December. Natural gas prices fell 6.8 percent in May following a 51.1-percent decline the previous month. Overall fuel prices decreased 1.1 percent over the past year. The decline was driven by a 1.9-percent drop in petroleum prices which more than offset a 2.5-percent rise in natural gas prices.

The lower costs on fuel allowed the overall import costs to go down for the month. This is in the face of tariffs the Trump Administration put on China as a result of inaction from the Chinese in coming together on a trade agreement with the US.

Despite what all the liberal naysayers said about increasing tariffs costing Americans millions, the costs of imports are actually down.

Overall the US economy is in very solid shape –

Consumer prices are barely up at 0.1%. Unemployment stands at a 50 year low of 3.6% and 75,000 new jobs were created last month. Hourly earnings are up as well as productivity.

The US economy is on fire and thanks to President Trump, China is finally being brought to the table.

Democrat Rep Adam Schiff Caught in Another Lie While Chairing House Intelligence Committee

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff lied again yesterday at least once during the Intel Committee meeting.

Schiff claimed during the meeting that former and now fired FBI Director James Comey did not circumvent Congress when he created the bogus Trump – Russia investigation in 2016.

New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik begged to differ. Rep Stefanik asked the former FBI Director Comey herself why he went around Congress and did not notify them when the bogus investigation was set up.

It is such a sad situation to have such a corrupt and dishonest man (labeled pencil neck by President Trump) in Congress, let alone overseeing a Congressional Committee.

St Louis Blues Win First Stanley Cup After 50 Seasons in the NHL – St Louis Fans Go Crazy!

The St. Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup after 50 seasons last night in Boston. The Blues finally broke the league’s longest streak for not winning hockey’s championship.

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was behind the Blues –

The fans in St. Louis watching the game in the Arena where the Blues play home games went crazy after the win!


The city erupted in a celebration!


The St. Louis Cardinals fans in St. Louis went wild as the countdown to the Blues victory in Boston was played over the loud speaker!

The Blues went from dead last to Stanley Cup champions this year –

One Blues fan placed a bet in Vegas in January when the Blues were in last place in the league.  Last night he was $100,000 richer!

<h3>It was a great night for the Blues!</h3>

Mueller Gang and Deep State Suspected of Covering Up an FBI Flynn Related 302 – Pertinent to the General’s Case!

General Michael Flynn was an American hero who was set up by Obama’s Deep State before he even joined forces with the Trump campaign. It now looks like the Mueller gang is holding back providing a Form 302 dated the day before the 2017 Trump Inauguration that took place under former President Obama’s watch.

The judge overseeing the General Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, requested that the Mueller team provide all information related to the General Flynn case that the defendant is legally required to be provided. The first line of the Judge’s order stated –

The Pursuant to Brady v. Maryland , 373 U.S. 83 (1963), and its progeny, the government has a continuing obligation to produce all evidence required by the law and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Mueller’s team was required to provide all this information to General Flynn in a timely manner but it now appears they didn’t provide it.

For example, Mueller ignored the court order by not providing the transcript of General Flynn’s call with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, which was the reason Flynn was questioned in the White House within a week of the inauguration.

This questioning by corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok led to Flynn’s firing from the incoming Trump administration and to his indictment by the Mueller gang.

Mueller and his ‘pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann have a history of withholding Brady material in their court cases.
Former US Attorney Sidney Powell was on with Mark Levin and she discussed the criminal actions these two took in their actions with Enron, Arthur Andersen and Merrill Lynch in the 2000’s.

Mueller has also edited the information in its bogus 400+ page report recently released. This was addressed late in the week when President Trump’s attorney’s call to Flynn was released. This report showed that Mueller edited out key parts in their report that were beneficial to the President and General Flynn.

Now there are more suspicions of dirty deeds by the Mueller gang and the Deep State.

(Note this information was provided to me months ago by some Internet sleuths but I did not see the connection until Techno Fog released the tweets below.)

Techno Fog notes that there is an FBI 302 that predates the 302 related to the January 24, 2017 interview in the White House between incoming Trump NSD General Flynn and the FBI.

This unearthed 302 is dated January 19, 2017, just before the Trump Inauguration and it is unknown who did the interview related to this 302.

The timing for this 302 is very suspect as it lands on the last days of the Obama administration.

Techno Fog addresses suspicions that the date is in error but this really doesn’t make sense either.

Back in December I was sent emails regarding this same matter from and Internet sleuth summarized as follows –

EVERY investigation in the FBI MUST begin with a “Paragraph 1,”. You have to have an originating complaint (302) for every action, so if there was a resolution of a complaint, then there was an originating complaint.

Mueller is refusing to supply the earlier 302 [now assumed to be the one dated January 17, 2017] by claiming that 302 had nothing to do with the Flynn lying matter, that the lies centered around the January 24th lying event only in the White House which the interviewing agents apparently said he did not lie.

What the hell is going on? Americans demand to see all the information related to General Flynn and how he was set up by the Obama Administration, including the Mueller gang, Weissmann and Peter Strzok.

Mueller and Weissmann should be interrogated, indicted, sentenced and thrown in jail for multiple crimes. We demand the truth. It’s long over due!

Hat tip D. Manny

FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to “Lock Her Up”

The FBI released more Hillary related emails over the weekend. A review of the emails provides more damning information that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary was a sham as she committed numerous criminal acts and should definitely be locked up.

President Trump provided the best line in US history for a Presidential debate when he said that if he was in charge, she would be in jail!

This past weekend more FBI emails were finally released that show indeed that Hillary was involved in numerous crimes in regards to her abuse of classified emails and yet she was let off by the corrupt FBI.

One of her goons, Sidney Blumenthal, sent her an email requesting information into a $30 billion fortune. In addition, it looks like her emails made it into the dark web and there is one email with a spreadsheet that is a ‘smoking gun’ document.

Blumenthal, Hillary’s goon, was pushing garbage and calling it intelligence that the FBI was just not buying. (Maybe this is why they decided to find the like of Christopher Steele to push their garbage related to Trump and Russia.) Of course, if this was the case and the FBI knew it and pushed this garbage on Trump, the FBI would be guilty of numerous crimes.

Jordan Schachtel thinks the redacted party in the emails is Cody Shearer, a Hillary goon around for ages pushing lies related to her opponents. If so, this would be very unprofessional and deceiving, if not criminal, for Christopher Wray’s FBI to cover this up.

Judicial Watch is related to the emails.

The reason Judicial Watch is related is because Judicial Watch provided this information to Peter Strzok at the FBI a few weeks before Hillary was exonerated by the FBI and they still let her go. Of course Strzok is perhaps the most corrupt FBI agent in US history.

The more that comes out on Hillary Clinton the worse it gets. It was not out of line to call for her to be locked up. She was guilty as hell for many crimes. This is as true now as it was then. More sunlight just confirms it.

China’s President Xi Says President Trump Is His “Friend” – China, US Too Intertwined to Break Up Over Trade War

We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time with China.

China’s leaders snubbed Barack Obama during his last trip to Asia. The Chinese refused to provide a staircase to Air Force one and forced Obama to exit from the “ass” of the plane.

But that was before Trump.

Candidate Donald Trump slammed Obama after the Chinese exit saying,

“If that happened I would say thank you very much. Close it up. I’m going back to Washington. Boom”

On President Trump’s first trip to China the Chinese rolled out the red carpet for the President and his beautiful first lady, Melania Trump.

The Daily Mail reported:

Chinese officials rolled a large set of stairs to the aircraft’s door on Wednesday, avoiding any appearance of the kind of insult that greeted former president Barack Obama in 2016.

Obama was denied use of an airport staircase when he deplaned Air Force One last September as he arrived in China for the annual Group of 20 summit – a move that was seen globally as a major snub.

Since this time President Trump has been working diligently to address the trade imbalance between China and the US – something Obama had all but given up on.

Each year China makes billions selling their products to the US which flow in with little to no tariffs while the US is challenged in selling its goods into China. At the same time, China developed policies that forced US companies to share intellectual property in order to do business in China. This intelligence theft helped China in numerous industries.

No country to date has challenged China on its trade policies and intellectual theft until President Trump. The President has instituted tariffs on Chinese products until China is willing to work with the US on fair trade policies. A deal was almost set months ago and then at the last minute China backed out. At this point the tariffs on Chinese goods were instituted.

Many liberals and Trump haters thought the President was starting World War III with his actions. But that is just not so.

In spite of all this, today the President Xi of China called President Trump his friend.

It was reported that –

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned against a decoupling of the US and China as trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies continue.

Speaking to business men and officials at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, Xi, sitting with this Russian counter part Vladimir Putin, said he believed disengagement would be dangerous and that his “friend”, US President Donald Trump, would share the same view.

“There are some trade frictions between us and the US, but China and the US are closely intertwined, and we are each other’s biggest investor and trade partner, ” he said.

When asked if he thought China’s relationship with the US should be adjusted as globalization has come under pressure, Xi said: “More than 10,000 people fly between China and the US on a daily basis, which is about 4 million [people] a year.”

“I can hardly imagine a complete decoupling between China and the US. This is not the case that I would like to see, and I don’t think our American friends want to see it, and my friend [Donald] Trump wouldn’t want to see it either.”

This is perhaps the first time in history that a Communist Chinese leader referred to the US President as his friend. This is good news for the markets and for US – China trade negotiations.

President Trump is tough, strong and ready to lead. He is making America Great Again.

EXCLUSIVE: Another Mueller Key Witness Noted Over 100 Times in Mueller Report, Felix Sater, a Suspected Deep State Spy

Felix Sater is a deep state Democrat with ties to the the Clintons and the Mueller gang. He’s mentioned over 100 times in the Mueller report but not one mention refers to his connections with the Clintons and the Mueller team.

In March, the far left and dishonest Democrat leader Adam Schiff announced that he had invited in Felix Sater to provide a testimony before Congress. Sater eventually did not present as Schiff and his party realized that Sater’s testimony would be detrimental to their Russia – Collusion sham.

A few weeks before Schiff’s announcement on Sater, far Left Buzzfeed released a bogus report stating the President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen was following President Trump’s orders to lie about an unsupported story on Russia.

Mueller’s team in an attempt to prevent a leak investigation into it’s operations came out 24 hours later and said the story was false.

Now we know that the entire junk report was provided to Buzzfeed by Clinton and Mueller lackey, Felix Sater.

Paul Sperry reported that the individual behind the Buzzfeed fake news story lying about President Trump was none other than Sater, a deep state dirt-bag related to the Clintons and Mueller and his gang of crooks:

Most shocking is Sater’s connections to the Clintons and the Mueller gang of corrupt and criminal attorneys and investigators.

It was reported that Sater’s connections began in 1998 [emphasis added]:

Sater pleaded guilty to racketeering in December 1998. But instead of being sentenced, Sater, like 16 other defendants in the case, signed a cooperation agreement with the US government, and his entire case file was sealed.

Signing Sater’s cooperation agreement for the Department of Justice was Andrew Weissmann, then an assistant US attorney and now a key member of the special counsel’s team. Mueller himself would be the FBI director for most of the time Sater served as a source.

The US attorney who oversaw Sater’s pump-and-dump case was Loretta Lynch, later the attorney general under President Barack Obama. While the Senate was considering her confirmation, Sen. Orrin Hatch asked Lynch about how her office handled Sater’s fraud case. In a written response, she said:

“The defendant in question, Felix Sater, provided valuable and sensitive information to the government during the course of his cooperation, which began in or about December 1998. For more than 10 years, he worked with prosecutors providing information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra. For that reason, his case was initially sealed.”

To the government, he was no longer Felix Sater; in public he was referred to as John Doe, while in hundreds of pages of FBI interview reports, his code name was “The Quarterback.”

None of this stopped the Mueller gang from using Sater as a material witness in their Russia collusion sham.

In the Mueller report Sater is mentioned in the text and footnotes more than 100 times! The Mueller team introduces Sater in the report as a New York real estate advisor –

In the late summer of 2015, the Trump Organization received a new inquiry about pursuing a Trump Tower project in Moscow. In approximately September 2015, Felix Sater, a New York based real estate advisor, contacted Michael Cohen, then-executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Donald J. Trump.

Not once in the Mueller report does the Mueller gang refer to Stater’s connections with the Clintons or with Andrew Weissmann, the suspected drafter of the Mueller report.

Today John Sullivan from the Hill released information that another key witness referred to as a Russian is not even Russian


In Mueller’s report, Ukrainian businessman, Konstantin Kilimnik — the so-called Russian who Paul Manafort shared internal polling data with (gasp) isn’t a Russian, he’s actually as a “sensitive” intelligence source for the U.S. State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian matters, reported Solomon.

It looks like Kilimnik is not the only source the Mueller team used to frame President Trump!


The entire Clinton – Mueller cabal is coming undone. The Mueller Report is a joke as more and more lies are unveiled in the Democrat’s attempted coup to remove President Trump from office.

Hat Tip D. Manny