Pakistani General Claims the Pakistani Shadowy Secret Service (ISI) Will Remove US from Afghanistan

Pakistani General Hamid Gul recently spoke on Pakistani TV and stated that the Pakistani secret service (ISI) would ultimately be responsible for the removal of the US from Afghanistan.

The tweet includes that video below –

This isn’t the first time the Pakistani ISI has been reportedly radicalized along the lines of ISIS. The BBC reported

As to the US special forces raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader, questions abound about what the ISI knew and when it knew it.

Similar Western doubts over the ISI’s loyalties have been a recurring theme in recent years.

In documents leaked in April 2011 on the Wikileaks website, US authorities described the ISI as a “terrorist” organisation on a par with al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

He said it had a “long-standing relationship” with a militant group run by Afghan insurgent Jalaluddin Haqqani, which targets US troops in Afghanistan.

President Trump recently announced that the US would cut providing $255 million to Pakistan in military aid. Looks like it is about time.

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