NYC Loves Giuliani! – Yankee Fans Yell “Rudy!” at Yesterday’s Game – Liberals Claim He Was Booed

Yesterday on his 74th birthday former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took in a NYC Yankees game. Giuliani is a long time Yankee fan. During the game the announcer mentioned that the former mayor was in attendance and that it was his birthday. The NYC fans all joined in and yelled, “Rudy!”

The uninformed liberal media (who really know little about sports since sports are not there thing) thought that Rudy was booed. This false narrative was all over the liberal and dishonest MSM.

Listen for yourself –

CBS carried this false narrative.

Crazy Anna Navarro from CNN of course repeated this false narrative.

Nutty Oliver Darcy from CNN repeated it.

Liberal far-left Slate repeated it.

The far left nutters at Huffington Post repeated it – (look at this guy – he looks like he has never thrown a baseball in his life.)

New York City loves Rudy Giuliani. He led them threw the 9-11 nightmare and will always be their mayor. They also love their Yankees.

The left nuts really know nothing about sports. They can only repeat liberal lies. They unfortunately were never taught how to throw a baseball and certainly don’t know what comes after … For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out…