New York Time’s Complete List of Insults Donald Trump has shared on Twitter – Shows the Trump Dichotomy – Terrific!


The New York Times published a complete list of insults that Donald Trump has made on Twitter.  To the Times and other #NeverTrumpers this list is distasteful and abusive rhetoric that surely no person, let alone a Presidential contender, should partake.  For example, Trump tweets –

Jeb Bush – “Will NEVER make America great again”

Ted Cruz – “the worst liar, crazy or very dishonest”

Barack Obama – “looks and sounds so ridiculous”

The Republican Establishment – “could not stop Obama (twice)”

Mitt Romney – “a disaster candidate who had no guts and choked”

The Trump Dichotomy

To those who started out slightly not liking Trump, these tweets only helped to solidify their anti-Trump position. As Trump showed more and more his ability to manage the headlines, in part through these tweets, these individuals began to hate and then rage over Trump.  (Glen Beck is an excellent example from this group who Trump by the way tweeted – “failing, crying, lost soul” – likely increasing Beck’s rage against Trump.)

On the other side of the spectrum are the Trump supporters. To this group, as these tweets were unleashed, one at a time, day by day, this group was quickly sold on Trump with his unbelievable ability to stifle opponents in the political arena and in the media.  Each tweet solidified their support for Trump as he showed his wit that shaped the narrative and shut down the liberal media in a few simple words or phrases.

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump’s tweets have been the subject of some major news discussions this political season.

Our vote for the current most outstanding Trump tweet –

Elizabeth Warren – “All Talk, no action – maybe her Native American name?”