Nasty Medea Benjamin and Code Pink Interrupt Another RNC

The founder of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin interrupted the RNC event last night during Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.  The radical rude agitator tried to hang a banner while screaming out in anger.

Trump paused and then handled it by speaking to the cheers of the RNC, “How great are our police? And how great is Cleveland?!”
Code Pink states that they are against war but they have done little to fellow liberal Democrats when they bomb innocents throughout the world (i.e. Libya, Syria, etc…) without any Congressional approval.
This is not the first time Code Pink interrupted the RNC. They did it on Tuesday night as well.

They interrupted Paul Ryan during his 2012 RNC speech.

Medea Benjamin also interrupted the 2008 RNC during Sara Palin’s speech.

They also interrupted George W. Bush in his 2004 RNC speech.  What a bunch of hateful people.