Multiple Discrepancies Uncovered in Senator Feinstein’s Letter – It Must Be a Fraud!

Another Internet sleuth released a series of tweets that are damning to the letter provided by Senator Feinstein from Dr. Ford who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct nearly 40 years ago.

The Internet is the place where individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets are able to combine their efforts to address the many lies in the MSM today. This happens all the time and the MSM hates it when their lies are uncovered or questioned.

Yesterday Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal released a series of tweets that dissect and refute the letter provided by Senator Feinstein from the accuser of Judge Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford’s letter is full of flaws which lead one to realize something just doesn’t add up!

Dr. ‘Dossy’ Blumenthal states that she believes Ford’s letter is written by a third party –

Dossy states that it is ironic that the same people that contaminate our culture promoting sex to children scream outrage when conservatives are accused of sexual misdeeds –

Dossy lists her credibility reviewing letters to Congress –

Dossy also has a Ph.D with a focus on creative writing –

Dossy overall believes that an educated person did not write Dr. Ford’s letter –

Dossy provides a copy of the letter –

Dossy notes that the first clue is “high school” is capitalized when it shouldn’t be –

Dossy says people use their best English when writing Congress yet Dr. Ford’s letter is sloppy –

The font size of the first line of the second paragraph is in a different font – would a professor send such a sloppy letter to Congress?

Dr. Ford wrote “in the early 1980’s” – wrong grammar – should be “1980s” –

Emotional constituents would not be so vague –

It’s odd that Judge Kavanaugh’s name is not in the first line – why? –

Why did Dr. Ford say she hasn’t “knowingly” seen Kavanaugh since? Was she drunk?

Dr. Ford says “they” locked the door – which one – both?

Dr. Ford writes a “very drunken” – poor English again – should be “very drunk” –

The letter does not mirror being from someone who is a Dr. –

The awkward English has poor grammar interspersed with flowery language –

Dr. Ford calls psychotherapy as medical treatment – why? –

The letter is not from someone who has been published in journals – no way –

The letter refers to the same bathroom twice making it sound like two different bathrooms –

Why does Dr. Ford use her maiden name in the letter?

Why does Dr. Ford not refer to herself as Dr.?

Confidential is in the letter 3 times – when did Dr. Ford agree to release her name? –

Dr. Ford shifts tense in the same sentence – not professional –

Was there a privacy release from Dr. Ford? If so, when? –

The whole letter just does not add up – no way –

It looks like the Internet again uncovered another Left wing lie! Let’s hope Republican Senators point this out in the upcoming hearing!