If Dems Think They Can Impeach President Trump for Nothing after He Won 30 States in Election They are Sadly Mistaken

Democrats and their liberal media cohorts in the mainstream media (MSM) are doing all they can to create a case out of nothing to impeach President Trump. Democrat Congressman Al Green called for Trump’s impeachment on the House floor this past week. Crazy Old Democrat Maxine Waters called for Trump’s impeachment then denied it a few days later but now she is again for impeachment.

In spite of having no grounds for impeachment, the liberals are calling for it. Their calls for Trump’s impeachment are based on unsupported allegations that the President colluded with Russia to steal the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton. However, their arguments are very weak as even Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz states that he sees no evidence of collusion and that if Trump did collude with Russia to win the election it would be no crime.

Liberal Democrats and their MSM somehow forget that Hillary Clinton called President elect Trump on election night and conceded:

Liberals also somehow forget that in the 2016 Presidential election, President Trump won more than 30 states. He won 30 states and 1 of 4 delegates in Maine. He crushed Clinton in the electoral college, winning 306 delegates to HIllary’s 232 and he totally crushed Hillary in counties won as depicted in the following map:


Maybe this is why conservatives who voted for Trump are saying:

30 States voted Trump into the Presidency.
If the swamp thinks they can undo that, they’ve got another thing coming. #MAGA is happening.

The Democrats are nuts if they think they can impeach such a popular President for no reason whatsoever!