Houston Not Only Metropolis Suffering from Fierce Storms – Hong Kong Expecting 3rd Typhoon in 12 Days Sunday (VIDEO)

Houston is suffering from one of the worst hurricanes in US history. Lives are lost and the destruction is immeasurable. On the other side of the world another major metropolitan area is also suffering from the wrath of Mother Nature – Hong Kong.

While the world is watching Houston, the “Concrete Jungle” of Hong Kong is also recovering from two typhoons in the past week and is expecting another typhoon this coming Sunday.

A week ago Hong Kong was hit with the highest rated typhoon possible – a #10 rated typhoon. Typhoon Hato has accounted for twelve reported deaths to date. Hato was the strongest typhoon in Macau in 53 years with more than half the city out of electricity for more than a day.

One ship near Discovery Bay on Lantau Island eventually capsized after it crew abandoned ship.

The damage to Hong Kong and Macau was simply shocking due to a massive storm surge and ferocious winds.

Hong Kong is expecting another typhoon this coming Sunday. It’s third in less than two weeks!