Highly Likely Mueller Gang Provided a Fraudulent Document Dated Months After They Ambushed General Flynn as Support for His Crime

Mueller gang used certified notes with General Flynn that were dated seven months after the date when the General was ambushed by the FBI in the White House. The 302 reports delays and edits definitely lead the casual observer to suspect that they were doctored because the Mueller gang has done this before.

General Flynn’s short sentencing memo was released within the past 48 hours. In the memo there was a footnote to an FBI 302 form dated seven months after the incident with General Flynn in the White House –

The form 302 is highly suspect due to the fact that the FBI had ‘lost’ prior versions of the same 302 and the latest 302 was not finalized until months after the initial ambush in the White House.

This isn’t new for the Mueller gang of corrupt, conflicted and criminal Democrats. Mueller’s number tow Weissmann destroyed 302’s in the past.

Every day we uncover new crimes created by the crooks involved in the FBI, DOJ and Mueller gang. These people have no morals, thirst for power and will do anything to get it.