G’day Mate – Even Aussies are Beginning to See Liberal Media Bias – #WheresHillary Trending #1 Globally

Hillary - Where's HillaryAfter months of media bashing the Trump Campaign has taken a 2% lead in the polls and it’s even worse for the Clinton campaign.  The media blitz against Trump has not only failed but there are signs that it is beginning to break.

This week even Aussie website news.com.au shared, “Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘sleeping’ as #WheresHillary goes viral.” #WheresHillary is now trending #1 worldwide and even the Aussies notice!

Hillary - Where's HIllary 2

The more the media bashes Trump, the more Trump gains in the polls. Average Americans are beginning to see how incredibly biased the media is.  It appears that the dike has cracked and from this point forward the media campaign to bash Trump only hurts Clinton and her biased media allies.

Hillary - Where's Hillary 3

Americans and now people around the world are becoming aware of the liberal media bias while the polls which are designed to put Hillary ahead are now showing her behind.  Trump campaign event attendees have been heard cheering – “Do Your Job!” to the media.  It now is clear that the media cannot be partial and Americans are seeing right through it as well as the world.

hat tip Gavin