DONALD TRUMP Outperforming Hillary Clinton Despite Competing Against 16 Opponents

As posted at by Jim Hoft Apr 23rd, 2016 9:02 am


Presidential contender Donald Trump has done very well in spite of the 16 opponents he has faced.

Hillary Clinton is behind Trump in many categories and she has really only had only one competitor in Socialist Bernie Sanders. Here are a few amazing statistics on Donald Trump’s historic presidential run.

** As most people know, Trump had 16 Republican opponents

** Per data from, Trump is the only Republican candidate to have held 66% of the delegates awarded at one time during this campaign (after the South Carolina win).

** For that matter, Trump is the only Republican candidate to have held more than 35% of the delegates awarded at any one time.

** Trump has held more than 40% of the delegates awarded at any given time since the South Carolina win. (Trump currently holds 47% of the delegates awarded to date and he should be back at 50% after Tuesday’s primaries out East where he is heavily favored.)

** There have been 9 Republican Candidates to win delegates in this election cycle to 3 for the Democrats.

Donald Trump had more competition than Democrat Hillary Clinton  but he still leads her in numerous categories.

As previously reported, Trump has:

** More primary wins (18)

** More overall state wins (21)

** The highest percentage of primary wins (82%)

** The highest percent of overall state wins (64%)

** The highest percent of primary delegates (68%)

** The highest percent of overall delegates (60%)

** And Trump now leads all these candidates in the highest percent of overall votes (58%).

Trump continues to truly outshine all candidates.

On the other hand, as previously reported, Cruz will not only be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright by this Tuesday, April 26th, he will have fallen to third place in popularity too.

Cruz needs two out of every three delegates next Tuesday to stay alive but he is way behind Trump in polling and currently in 3rd place in many of these states and therefore will be finished on Tuesday.

Bernie too will be mathematically eliminated from gaining enough delegates on Tuesday. Bernie currently needs a little less than half of the delegates next week to stay alive but is also behind in the polls to Hillary.