CNN Soliciting Information from Families Impacted by President Trump’s Immigration Plan

CNN in its report titled: “They Were Hoping to Get into the US and then Trump Banned Them”, is asking family members that have been impacted by the new Trump order, to contact CNN and let them know. In the Editor’s Note appearing directly under the report’s title CNN shows the following:

Editor’s Note: Does the travel ban affect you, your friends or loved ones? We want to hear your stories. Tag #CNNiReport on social or use WhatsApp +44 7435 939 154 to share stories.

It is clear that CNN no longer wants to report the news but is an activist organization against President Trump. Despite the fact that President Trump’s Executive Order is nearly identical to former President Obama’s order in 2009, CNN and other left wing outfits are attacking it like this is the first time in US history that this order or anything similar has ever been produced.

Note as tweeted by the UK’s Tommy Robinson, that when:

Obama was bombing 5 out of 7 of these banned countries every day for a year. Liberals & Muslims were silent.”