Catherine Herridge at FOX News Reports that Democrats’ Memo Contradicts Corrupt Former FBI Director James Comey Testimony

Yesterday the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee released their FISA memo. It includes many contradictions, including going against what former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath.

The Democrats’ FISA memo claims multiple sources corroborated elements of the anti-Trump Steele dossier; Catherine Herridge reported at FOX News that the Democratic memo in the least appears to contradict testimony of James Comey.

Herridge’s piece was longer than the piece noted above. In the below tweet, FOX news gives more than 7 minutes in her analysis and rebuttal of the phoney Democrat FISA Memo.

The Democrats have made so many lies it is now impossible to keep them all in order. The dike is beginning to crumble. Now all we need is an AG who will bring a barrage of justice on the entire Obama – Clinton cabal.

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