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Criminal Clintons and the New York Times vs Trump’s Legal Tax Loss Carry Forwards

trump tax return 2

The corrupt Clinton supporting New York Times released an article today on Donald Trump’s taxes that reads –

The New York Times obtained three pages of Mr. Trump’s 1995 tax returns, for filings in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, marking the first time any of his actual tax returns have been publicly revealed. They showed more than $900 million in losses that could have allowed him to avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.

This is just another illegal act by the Clintons and Clinton cronies.  First of all, if the tax returns provided to the NYT were legit, it would be illegal for someone other than Mr. Trump or his designates to provide to anyone his tax returns or those of his companies without his permission. Whoever provided these documents to the NYT may have committed a crime unless Mr. Trump gave them the authority to release his returns.

For the NYT to publish this information is also unethical if not criminal. The NYT reported this past week that they support Hillary for President.  For the NYT to report Trump’s tax information without his consent, is both unethical and probably criminal.

This is not the first time that Democrats have accused Republicans of not paying their fair share in taxes.  In the 1930’s, FDR started a campaign against prominent Republicans like du Pont, Merrill, Lynch, Westinghouse and others.  FDR of course was a hypocrite who incurred the same tax loopholes in his returns that he accused others of incurring.

US Tax Law permits taxpayers to avoid taxes within the parameters of the law. If it is true that Mr. Trump offset future profits with past tax loss carryforwards, he is smart in doing so and well within the parameters of the law. Mr. Trump has every right to claim tax loss liabilities, if legit and is smart to do so.

Ultimately it is simply incredible for Liberal Democrats and their phony cronies to compare the alleged legal act of Mr. Trump in legally not paying taxes on profits due to past tax loss carry forwards and yet commit a crime by reporting on Trump’s taxes without his consent and then give the Clintons a pass on their criminal activities surrounding Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Impeachment, Disbarment, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s illegal server and email activities, etc.

(The author of this post has a CPA and has attended Board and Audit Committee meetings for profit and non-profit entities around the globe, in the US, Bermuda, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the UK.  Tax loss carryforwards have been discussed at some of these meetings and they are known legal tax offsets.)


After Two Full Months since Conventions – Trump is CRUSHING Hillary in Campaign Event Attendance


(Trump event September 30th in Michigan)

It’s now been 2 full months since the conventions ended and Donald Trump is CRUSHNIG Hillary Clinton in event attendance during this period.

This estimate is based on only campaign events scheduled by the candidates and for the most part does not include events where the candidates spoke to participants at other events. Total attendance is based on best estimates and considers over-projections for Hillary rallies by almost all liberal media outlets and lowball estimates by these same affiliates for Trump events. Actually, almost never has the mainstream media commented on the number of participants at these rallies most likely because these numbers are so shocking and devastating for the Hillary campaign. These numbers also do not include fundraisers, debates or TV events. This is only our best estimate for attendance at these rallies. Note that the 12,000 people were turned away at Trump’s rally in Florida this week and at other events where Trump set attendance records. These individuals are not included in these estimates but if they were the totals would be even more lopsided.

Since August 1st when both parties’ conventions concluded and through the end of September, Trump has had nearly 340,000 people at his events with thousands turned away due to space limitations. He has set records for some of these locations in attendance. However, Hillary has only had 14,000 total at her rallies since August 1st.


To put this in perspective, Trump has had nearly a third of a million (324,000) more people at his rallies than Hillary and 24 times the crowds she has accumulated. Trump turned away 12,000 people Tuesday night alone which was roughly the same amount of people that Hillary had at all her rallies since August 1st through that date! Trump has participation at his rallies nearly 10 times that of Hillary and Hillary is barely averaging getting in front of 200 people per day at her rallies over this 2 month period.


Clearly these numbers show Trump has HUGE momentum. Trump set the record for the most votes by a candidate in US Republican history in the primaries and he is continuing with this momentum since the conventions. Hillary on the other hand barely won her nomination, needing super delegates to beat socialist Bernie Sanders. She very well may be the most unattractive candidate in US Presidential history and this shows in the participation at her events since the Democratic convention.


Did Crooked Cheatin’ Hillary Have an IPad or Monitor and Notes During the Debate?


Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing to get what she wants so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate. Various ways that Hillary apparently cheated have already been identified (e.g. the moderator Holt’s bias, Hillary’s hand signals to Holt during the debate and the noticeable unexplained wires on her back).

Other unusual items are now literally coming to light that show that Hillary may have cheated in additional ways. The below video shows a light on Hillary’s podium go out after the debate. Trump did not have the same light on his podium. The bright light that went out after the debate was a not a light for reading because it was too high and faced her and not the podium. The light appears to be more like a small monitor or teleprompter perhaps used to transmit messages to her during the debate.

Note also that Hillary’s podium has something directly under the top of the podium that Trump’s podium does not have, a sort of black box with an on/off light illuminated.


After the debate a strange man now referred to as ‘the cleaner’ quickly rushed the stage and picked up Hillary’s notes off of her podium. This stranger then handed the notes to Holt as he was leaving the stage. He mysteriously is also the first person to meet Hillary before the debate as she walked in the building after arriving in her black vehicle.

Another video shows ‘the cleaner’ after handing Holt Hillary’s notes, grab something from under Hillary’s podium while looking guilty of doing something and then he eventually walks out with the Clinton’s. It looks like he took the black box noted above that was under the podium.

Clintons = Corrupt Cheaters

Hillary Cheat? Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Different Ways in 1st Debate

Guest post by Joe Hoft


Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing to get what she wants so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate. Here are the 3 ways that she cheated:

A picture from after the debate shows Clinton with some sort of device taped to her back below her clothing. Speculation is that this is a device that works with an ear piece that Hillary could have used to receive feedback from advisors during the debate.


Another way that Clinton is being accused of cheating is in signals that she gave to the moderator Holt. During the debate when Clinton wanted to signal Holt that she wanted the floor, she rubbed her face in a manner similar to a baseball manager. According to True Pundit she has not done this in any other debates during her career supporting the accusation that these were signals.


A third way that Clinton cheated was her possibly have notes to the debate before the debate occurred. We know that NBC crank Lester Holt interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary only 7 and Holt lied about Trump’s positions so it is not unlikely that he cheated in other ways during the debate as well. After the debate a strange man quickly rushed the stage and picked up Hillary’s notes off of her podium. This stranger then handed the notes to Holt as he was leaving the stage. Holt stated at the beginning of the debate that neither candidate had received his questions before the debate but with a Clinton in the debate, this was highly unlikely.

Clinton = Cheater, Cheater, Cheater


Damn! – Trump Turns Away 12,000 at Tuesday’s Florida Rally – Same Amount as All of Hillary’s Rallies Since July


Donald Trump had 15,000 people at his rally in Melbourne, Florida Tuesday night. But what’s really noteworthy is that he had to turn away more than 12,000 people due to space limitations.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand had barely 400 people at her rally Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Since August 1st when both parties’ conventions concluded, Trump has had more than 312,000 people at his events with thousands turned away due to space limitations. He has set records for some of these locations in attendance. However, Hillary has only had 12,000 total at her rallies since August 1st.


To put this in perspective, Trump has had 300,000 more people at his rallies than Hillary and over 26 times the crowds she has entertained and Trump turned away 12,000 people Tuesday night which is roughly the same amount of people that Hillary has entertained at all her rallies since August 1st!


Hillary Short Circuits During Her Opening Remarks

In her opening remarks in the biggest US Presidential debate in history, Hillary Clinton had a glitch similar to a record skip. This was not unexpected with all of the recent news about her health. At the 3:37 minute into the debate, Hillary short circuited.

Hillary – …We also have to make the economy fairer. That starts with raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee …&?!… Finally equal pay for women’s work. I also want to see more companies do profit sharing.

This isn’t the first time Hillary changed what she was saying mid-sentence. At a tiny campaign rally in Florida a month ago Hillary short circuited and changed her entire train of thought

In another campaign stop a month ago Hillary froze and had to be urged to continue by her security guard, doctor, handler –

She also had some sort of seizure during a campaign stop that she blamed on chai tea on another occasion –

At a ceremony in New York City earlier this month on 911 – Hillary locked up and needed to be lifted into her van

Hillary’s doctor has not addressed any of these specific incidents to date.

HERE IT IS – Updated Presidential Rally Data – Trump Has 80 Times the Number of Attendees since August 17th!


Trump Rally in Roanoke, VA September 24th –

Donald Trump is increasing his lead over Hillary Clinton in the number of campaign rallies and in the number of participants at these rallies since the major party conventions. When accounting for only campaign rallies held by the Republican and Democrat Presidential candidates since August 1st (i.e. not counting fundraisers and engagements other than rallies), Trump is blowing Clinton away in number of events and in number of attendees.


In August Trump held 32 campaign rallies to Hillary’s 11 and he had attendance at these rallies of twenty times Hillary with nearly 200,000 participants to her 10,000. In September the data is even more lopsided. Through the first 24 days in September, Trump has held 21 rallies to Clinton’s 6 and his rallies have been attended by nearly 100,000 to Clinton’s nearly 2,000. As a result Trump has had 54 times the number of attendees at his events than Hillary in September!

In total Trump has held 3 times the number of events since August 1st (53 to 17) which have been attended by 25 times the number of participants with nearly 300,000 at Trump events compared to less than 12,000 at Clinton events!


Clinton has only held 7 events since August 17th which account for a paltry 2,250 in attendance. On the other hand, Trump has held 32 events since August 17th which were attended by nearly 188,000 people. In this time period Trump has more than 80 times the number of attendees at his campaign events than Clinton.

Clearly there is something wrong with the Clinton campaign to have such a small number of events so close to the election. It might be due to the poor turnout or else she is sick or perhaps both.

Obama – The Worst President in History!


A key measure of a President’s record is the economy. The Obama administration uses multiple select measurements to tout the strength of the economy after his nearly 8 years in office, but some key measurements not noted by Obama prove otherwise.

In a recent Wall Street Journal piece, James Freeman noted that in a study of economic downturns in the U.S. and elsewhere since 1870, that the growth rate of US per capita GDP from 2009 to 2011 should have been around 3% per year, rather than the 1.5% that materialized. However, the Obama administration would have you believe they have done a great job with GDP.

Fortune magazine recently reported the labor participation rate is less than 63% with more than 80 million Americans, as noted by Donald Trump, who want work but aren’t getting it.


Fortune also notes that home ownership is now below 64%.


Fortune also notes that US Home non-mortgage debt is on the rise.


The Washington Times reports that Obama is the ‘$20 Trillion Man’ because by the end of his Presidency he will have increased the US Debt to $20 trillion. Obama has doubled the US debt load and set records every year for debt increases during his Presidency.


The traditionally ultra-liberal Washington Post even reported recently that Gallup found that 60% of Americans think economic conditions in this country are “getting worse.”

Co-Author Matt Margolis provided us a transcript of his new book – “The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama“. This book is a compilation of 200 inconvenient truths about Obama’s presidency: His real record on the economy; the disaster that is Obamacare; his shocking abuses of taxpayer dollars; his bitterly divisive style of governing; his shameless usurping of the Constitution; his scandals and cover ups; his policy failures at home and abroad; the unprecedented expansion of government power… and more. All the facts, the facts that will shape his legacy, are organized into chapters by subject heavily sourced with 1,100 endnotes.

This book is an excellent inventory and reminder of the many Obama scandals and actions taken to destroy America. Although the mainstream media will continue to prop up Obama as one of our great Presidents, the facts as presented by Margolis and many others show him as quite the opposite. Obama has been an American nightmare.


The Clintons – More Scandals than Any US Political Couple Ever

hillary bill

Investigative journalist and author Jack Cashill earlier this month shared at the American Thinker website his concerns that if elected President, Hillary will appoint a judiciary fully indifferent, if not hostile, to the US Constitution. Hillary’s approach would mirror the Obama administration.

Along with the Clintons’ hostility against the US Constitution, they have been involved in more scandals than any US political couple ever. This list includes – Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Bill’s impeachment, Bill’s disbarment, the email scandal, Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation to name just a few. The list goes on and on of corrupt dealings with other countries and lies to the American people.

Cashill has a new book out that discusses yet another incident involving the Clinton’s where a crime was committed, the American public were duped with the help of the mainstream media and then the Clinton’s took numerous activities to cover up the whole incident. Cashill’s book, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, The Conspiracy, was published last month on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster.


When TWA 800 flight crashed off the East Coast the FBI after interviewing 144 witnesses concluded there was a “high probability” that a surface-to-air missile destroyed the 747. Cashill establishes that enough information supported this probability and the Clinton’s tried to cover it up to protect themselves from yet another embarrassing public situation with legal consequences.

Cashill provides yet another example of why Americans, all of us, cannot afford another corrupt Clinton presidency.

Shocking – Hillary Has only 5 Campaign Events Scheduled in September

hillary parade dying

Donald Trump continues to significantly outperform Hillary Clinton in campaign rallies and in participation at campaign rallies. In August Presidential Candidate Trump held 32 campaign rallies to Hillary’s 11 and he had attendance at these rallies of twenty times Hillary with nearly 200,000 participants to her 10,000.


Trump’s momentum is increasing in September. Through September 15th, or the first half of the month, Trump has held 12 rallies to Clinton’s 4 but his participation blows Hillary’s away. Trump has obtained nearly 55,000 attendees at his events through the first half of the month while Hillary has obtained a meager 1,250 attendees for a ratio of 44 to 1!

In total Trump has 3 times the number of events and 23 times the number of participants at rallies in the first month and a half since the conventions! Trump has 240,000 more participants at his rallies than Hillary in this same time period.

If one has difficulties grasping these numbers all one has to do is look at the pictures from Hillary’s and Trump’s rallies in North Carolina this past week to see the striking difference in attendance.

The detailed numbers for each campaign rally are provided below.


Hillary Clinton has no rallies scheduled on her calendar into the future but she does show an ‘organizing event’ in Philadelphia on the 19th where is she is scheduled to attend.





This means that between events month to date in September and with the one ‘organizing event’ scheduled on the 19th, Clinton will have a miniscule total of 5 campaign events that she participates in for the entire month.

Either due to health issues, an embarrassing turnout, or both, the Clinton campaign is holding the lowest number of events for a candidate at this stage of the race in US Presidential campaign history.

It is also clear is that Trump is crushing Clinton in events and in attendance at these events. If this is any indication of what the eventual vote will be, Trump will win in a landslide.