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Newly Confirmed Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch Grills Lawyers About the ‘Text of the Statute’

In his first day hearing Supreme Court arguments newly confirmed judge Neil Gorsuch instantly and with ease jumped in and began grilling attorneys with questions about statutory law and how it applied to their arguments.

The justices, with the exception of the usually silent Clarence Thomas, are known for their aggressive questioning, and Gorsuch showed no qualms about jumping right in. Eight times during the course of three one-hour arguments Gorsuch peppered attorneys with a series of pointed questions.

The court had its full complement of nine justices, five conservatives and four liberals, for arguments for the first time since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February 2016.

Judge Gorsuch was welcomed to the bench but was not shy in his questioning:

Judge Gorsuch asked 22 questions in total after waiting only 10 minutes before jumping in.

At one point, Christopher Landau, a Washington, D.C., lawyer representing a former federal worker trying to navigate a complicated law governing grievance procedures, said, “We’re not asking this court to break any new ground.”

“No, just to continue to make it up,” Gorsuch shot back with a grin, indicating he believed previous court decisions had strayed from the text of the law.

Judge Gorsuch said he would judge cases based on the law while not creating the law and he showed this in his questioning of attorneys presenting cases to the Court.

Is Paul Ryan a Democrat in Disguise?

Whose side is Paul Ryan on? It appears that Speaker Ryan is more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Before the election Speaker Ryan was no friend of President elect Donald Trump. He privately told his piers in Congress that he would never support Donald Trump. Now that the President is in office it appears that he is sticking to this position.

Since President Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th, the President has signed a number of Executive Orders. Through March 28th, the President had signed 32 Executive Orders.

The President has:

-Selected the newly appointed Supreme Court Judge
-Reversed Obama’s climate change policy
-Issued two travel bans on travelers from a select number of countries
-Reversed Obama era water regulations
-Reversed Obama era coal regulations
-Began the process for eliminating unwanted government regulations
-Issued two orders for the creation of pipelines
-Withdrew from the TPP

To highlight a few.

The US Senate at least voted in Gorsuch as the new Supreme Court Judge.

But the results from Speaker Ryan’s US House of Representatives are basically zero, zilch, nothing.

US citizens want Obamacare repealed and replaced and the high burdensome taxes reduced but after no material results to date, Congress is now on vacation.

It’s time for Speaker Ryan to either get some work done for the American people or resign.



Susan Rice’s Husband’s Employer – ABC News – Doesn’t Cover Biggest News Story of the Year about Rice Spying on Trump Team

(photo from Fire Andrea Mitchell! website.)

Senior Fox News Correspondent, Adam Housley revealed on Friday that Intel Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) knows who unmasked the identities of Trump and his close associates. Sources also told him that the unmasking was purely for political purposes to embarrass Trump and had NOTHING to do with national security.

Then over the weekend it was CONFIRMED that Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice Requested the Unmasking of Incoming Trump Officials.

This is perhaps one of the biggest news stories of the year and maybe the biggest story of its kind EVER. That politicians were using US spying techniques put in place to protect Americans from terroriststo spy on competing political campaigns is unheard of in US history.

The coverage in the Main Stream Media (MSM) was apathetic but the coverage at one major MSM outlet was nonexistent. ABC News this morning has no mention of the story on its home page.

ABC also has no mention of it on its politics page.

Perhaps ABC isn’t covering the story because Susan Rice’s husband, Ian Cameron, was once an ABC News Executive Producer?

Is nepotism keeping ABC from reporting on Rice’s illegal actions?

It’s Official: Obama Presidency Had Worst Economic Growth in Modern Era – 4th Worst in History!

Jonathon M. Trugman at the New York Post reported this week that the final numbers for the Obama Administration are in and they are abysmal:

On Thursday we closed the book on the Obama economic “miracle” — and it’s a miracle we are not in a recession.

Last week the Commerce Department released its third revision for fourth-quarter 2016 gross domestic product. The number came in at a paltry 2.1 percent, meaning that growth during President Obama’s final year in office — the end of an “Error of Hope” — landed with a big thud at just 1.6 percent.

That low-water mark puts the Obama presidency in last place among all the post-World War II presidents when it comes to economic growth.

The rate of real economic growth is the single greatest determinant of both America’s strength as a nation and the well-being of the American people.

From 1790 to 2000, U.S. RGDP growth averaged 3.79%. America needs at least 3.0% economic growth-the nation cannot defend itself and pay its bills without it. However, America’s elites have largely given up on growth, and are now distracting themselves with academic musings about “secular stagnation.”

By February of 2016 it was clear that Obama had given up on economic growth. Obama’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasted in early 2016 that America will never see 3.0% economic growth again.

As a result of his failed economic policies, Obama now ranks as the fourth worst presidency on record in GDP growth at 1.6%. Only Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%) currently have lower average annual GDP growth than Barack Obama. In addition, Obama has the lowest annual GDP growth rate of any President since World War II.

Barack Obama is the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.

Here are the average growth rates for each president since World War II:

  • Johnson (1964-68), 5.3 percent
  • Kennedy (1961-63), 4.3 percent
  • Clinton (1993-2000), 3.9 percent
  • Reagan (1981-88), 3.5 percent
  • Carter (1977-80), 3.3 percent
  • Eisenhower (1953-60), 3 percent
  • Nixon (1969-74), 2.8 percent
  • Ford (1975-76), 2.6 percent
  • G.H.W. Bush (1989-92), 2.3 percent
  • G.W. Bush (2001-08), 2.1 percent
  • Truman (1946-52), 1.7 percent
  • Obama (2009-16), 1.6 percent

Obama’s economic policies failed America and resulted in 95 million without work, the debt at an astronomical $20 Trillion and more Americans on Food Stamps than ever before.

Obama left America in a mess!

See the following for additional reasons why Obama was the ‘Worst. President. Ever’:

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There is even a book on this subject:

‘Obama – The Worst President in History!’

HUGE! Body Language Expert Reveals Evelyn Farkas Knew of Trump Surveillance, Is LYING ABOUT IT Now

At the YouTube Channel – Bombard’s Body Language – an expert in body language explains how Evelyn Farkas lied in interviews about statements she made about President Trump and she reveals this in her body language.

Farkas went on several news outlets this week in an effort to cover up the comments she made in early March about the Obama Administration spying on President Trump’s Team before and after the 2016 election. Farkas claimed she said nothing wrong but her statements and body language tell a different story.

In a detailed analysis the expert “Bombard” laughs at how obvious Farkas is in lying about her earlier comments –

I mean that face alone should tell you something – mouth slightly open, eyeballs bigger than saucers, as he reads what she’s done.”

The video was promoted by Intelligence expert Tony Schaffer –


CBS’s 60 Minutes Piece on ‘Fake News’ Ends Up Being ‘Fake News’

Last night CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ presented a segment on ‘#Fake News’. The far left group of hacks known as “60 Minutes” interviewed pro-Trump Twitter legend Mike Cernovich the founder of Danger and Play in the segment.

This #FakeNews segment is the latest ploy by the left to shut down conservative voices who speak the truth.

The leftist “60 Minutes” hacks first interviewed some buffoon during their segment who admitted to creating false news stories during the 2016 election. They could just have easily invited on reporters from CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times for that segment. Then they interviewed Mike Cernovich — in the same segment.

One of the two articles posted by Cernovich that 60 Minutes considered #FakeNews was related the Hillary Clinton’s health during her campaign. Cernovich noted that a physician reported that Hillary had Parkinson’s disease. Rather than look at the information available during the campaign or since, 60 Minutes determined in their infinite knowledge that Hillary did not indeed have Parkinson’s because her campaign told them so.

Cernovich stumped “journalist” Scott Pelley. 60 Minutes apparently believed that Hillary was in tip-top form and was not sick when she collapsed at Ground Zero and had to be chucked in her Scooby van like a side of beef.

Mike Cernovich had an epic response:


During the campaign we pointed out the many reasons why Hillary was sick. It didn’t take much. All you had to do is trust your senses.
hillary gay pride parade with huma and doctor

Hillary Clinton was dishonest about many things during the campaign including her health. During the primary season Hillary had some sort of seizure or attack during a stop at a coffee shop. She blamed it on her chai tea. 60 Minutes didn’t report this.

The AP reporter who was there stated that she was not horrified by Hillary’s seizure, but her face showed a different story. WikiLeaks later uncovered that the reporter, Lisa Lerer, was one of many reporters who dined at Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s house, diminishing her account of the event.

Hillary was seen being carried up steps on a different occasion. 60 Minutes didn’t report this.

hillary stairs

In one campaign event, Hillary suddenly froze and forgot where she was at and continued with a totally different train of thought. This was about the time that people on social media began to notice a large black man at her side. He then began popping up all over the place. 60 Minutes didn’t report this.

After all these episodes the Hillary campaign continued to argue that there was nothing wrong with Hillary, but then she attended the 9-11 ceremony in New York City. Unfortunately for her campaign, Hillary got really sick and left the event. She ended up losing control of her body, passing out, losing her shoe and had to be thrown into her car like a side of beef! 60 Minutes did show this but they agreed with her campaign that she had pneumonia.

Hillary’s doctor Lisa Bardack came out after Hillary’s 9-11 collapse to declare for a second time that Hillary’s health was fine. But like everything surrounding Hillary this was clearly not the case. 71% of doctors in an Internet survey responded that concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health are serious and could be disqualifying for the position of President of the US. 60 Minutes didn’t report the results of this survey.

FOX Business News next shared a video of Hillary’s coughing fits. 60 Minutes didn’t report this either.

An email released by WikiLeaks showed Hillary’s campaign team strategizing about hiding Hillary’s poor health issues. Another report by a British paper discussed Hillary’s floating eyeball which it was suggested could indicate some very serious issues. In addition, Hillary participated in only 11 campaign rallies in both September and October which are very low numbers for a candidate running for President. (Trump had 59 during the same time period.)

Finally, WikiLeaks released an email from her team stating that Hillary was drunk in the afternoon and indicating someone should call her so she can sober up. 60 Minutes never reported any of this.

The media has not done its job in reporting accurately on Hillary’s terrible health and 60 Minutes should be ashamed. Those in the media that said something were punished. (Dr. Drew on CNN had his show cancelled shortly after questioning Hillary’s health.)

Now the same news outlet that gave us the Benghazi Fake News story and Rathergate now considers themselves the purveyors of truth. Hardly. 60 Minutes just wanted to damage a good man (Cernovich) who was more honest and courageous in reporting on Hillary’s health than they ever will be.

President Trump with 38 Executive Actions to Speaker Ryan’s Paltry 6 Bills Signed into Law

With the Obamacare bill being pulled by President Trump yesterday due to lack of votes, Speaker Ryan’s House has little or nothing to show for itself since the President’s Inauguration on January 20th. Compared to President Trump, Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives looks stagnant! The President has signed 38 game changing executive actions to six rather insignificant pieces of legislation signed into law since the President’s inauguration.

Today, Ryan’s Republicans tried to scrape up the votes to pass a highly unpopular healthcare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Eventually President Trump stepped in to pull the bill due to lack of votes.

President Trump is implementing all he can for Americans who struggle daily with financial challenges due to Obamacare and a burdensome federal tax regime. However Speaker Ryan’s Republican House continues to work at a snail’s pace with little or no successful legislation to brag about to date. After eight years of Obama and seven years since Obamacare was first introduced, Speaker Ryan’s Congress could not put together a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that all Republicans would sign into law.

Alternatively, President Trump has signed 38 executive actions that include banning immigration to the US from certain terrorist nations (twice); protecting law enforcement; enforcing regulatory reform; helping the coal industry; beating ISIS; nominating a new US Supreme Court Justice; building a border wall; completing the Keystone pipeline from Canada; recommending a new fiscal budget; and killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

During the election Speaker Ryan said that he would not defend President Trump, now or in the future, and it looks like he may really have meant it. Because of his statements, it is difficult to tell if Ryan’s House wants to prevent the President’s policies from becoming law.

In early March Speaker Ryan was on Tucker Carlson on Fox News and he bragged that his House had passed bills but blamed the Senate for not passing them. However, the White House shows that only six materially insignificant pieces of legislation have been signed by the President since January 20th. The shocker is that Ryan’s House and the Senate are Republicans like Trump and yet they are apparently unable to provide the President any significant bills to sign.

Hard working Americans have had enough of ‘do nothing’ politicians. This is in part why Donald Trump won the Presidency.

It is hardly a surprise that there are now more and more recommendations for Speaker Ryan to be replaced. Obamacare may have been the last straw for Ryan – America and the Republican Party deserve better.

Americans need action now.

Far Left Group ‘Indivisible’ Against Trump Replacing Obamacare – Turns Out To Be Just Another Soros Funded Group

The Tea Party participants were ridiculed, criticized and feared by Far Left Democrats because they were so successful and instrumental in 2010 in transforming Congress from a Democrat super majority into a Congress run by a majority of Republicans. Now one group is claiming they too are grass roots just like the Tea Party but they support Far Left Democrats.

Far Left Group ‘Indivisible’ was trying to claim that they were similar to the Republican Tea Party Groups of 2010 in being grass roots but evidence is now shows that they are just another Billionaire Former Nazi George Soros creation. Soros is famous for helping the Nazis in World War II and in providing financial assistance over the past few decades to the Democratic Party and its corrupt politicians.

This past week Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, the co-founders of left-wing activist group ‘Indivisible,’ were spotted meeting with donors at the lavish Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C..

The former Capitol Hill staffers were attending the Democracy Alliance Spring 2017 Investment Conference which has on its host committee big money Democratic financier George Soros.

So much for the “organic grassroots movement.” It’s clear these two are nothing more than D.C. insiders looking for their next check.


What a Crock – Susan Rice Lectures President Trump About Making False Statements

President Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote an opinion piece for Far Left Mainstream Media Washington Post on March 21st. In the hit piece Rice shared that:

These false statements from the White House are part of a disturbing pattern of behavior that poses real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.

Many on the Internet were shocked with Rice’s remarks.

Former Intel operative Tony Shaffer tweeted “From the Queen of false narratives:”

Actor James Woods tweeted that “I’m rarely rendered speechless, but…”

Rice is infamous for her many lies after four Americans were killed in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, shortly before the 2012 election. Rice shared that the Americans were murdered because of a video by an American that was critical of Islam. The Obama Administration (including Hillary Clinton) decided that the false video narrative was better than telling Americans the truth that Libya was a mess because of the Obama – Clinton administration’s murderous actions and miscalculations in Libya.

Just as Rice’s lies in 2012 were eventually uncovered, Trump’s accusations against Rice’s Obama Administration are looking to be uncovered as well.

Rice is a liar and liar’s often call good people liars.

Was Secret Service Briefcase with Trump Tower Floor Plans ‘Stolen’ or Left for Pickup?

It was reported earlier this week that a Secret Service Agent’s laptop was reported stolen that contained floor plans to Trump Tower,evacuation protocols and information regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Via Daily News:

Authorities have been frantically searching for the laptop since it was stolen Thursday morning.

Some items stolen along with the laptop — including coins and a black bag with the Secret Service insignia on it — were later recovered.

But the laptop, along with other documents described as “sensitive,” were still being sought.

The thief stepped out of a car, possibly an Uber, on a street in Bath Beach and stole the laptop from the agent’s vehicle, which was parked in the driveway of her home.

He was then seen on video walking away from the scene with a backpack.

The agent reported the laptop contained floor plans for Trump Tower, evacuation protocols and information regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Now the New York Post reported that the stolen laptop was on a Bajaj motorcycle:

A Secret Service laptop containing sensitive information about Trump Tower, details about the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe and other national security secrets was swiped from an agent’s motorcycle in Brooklyn, police sources said Friday.

The computer was taken Thursday morning from the driveway of agent Marie Argentieri’s Bath Beach home, the sources said.

The thief drove up to Argentieri’s home around 8:40 a.m., walked right up to her Bajaj motorcycle and took the items. He was then caught on video fleeing the scene on foot, sources said.

The fact that the laptop was stored on a motorcycle is disturbing. Was it stolen or left for someone to pick up?

How in the hell do you even store a laptop on one of these things? This sounds a little fishy.

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