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Former Porn Star Lawyer Avenatti Connected to FBI Spies in the UK Via a Saudi Spy

Obamagate is getting more sinister by the day. Information is now available showing a connection between the creepy porn star lawyer Avenatti with FBI spies in the UK and the connection is through a spy from Saudi Arabia!

Julian Assange from WikiLeaks shared a series of tweets in March of 2018 about one of the spies involved in Obamagate, Joseph Misfud. In one of his tweets, Assange tweets that “Misfud worked in Riyadh for a “think tank” run by the former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki al Faisal. (BBC)”

Mufsud is one of three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence who appears to have targeted George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, in 2016. The other individuals with Joseph Mifsud are Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a ‘nobody’ and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Although the common story is that Mifsud is a Russian Agent, many ties seem to lead [him] back to UK Intelligence. Julian Assange’s Twitter Thread notes the connection between Mifsud and UK Intelligence.

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ creepy attorney Michael Avenatti also has ties to Saudi Prince Turki al Faisal. Avenatti and the Prince’s son raced together in some major car races.

In addition the Saudi Prince was a big donor to the Clinton Foundation (note it’s illegal to accept donations from foreigners in a political campaign in the US.) –

So now we have the UK and Saudi Arabia meddling in the 2016 US Presidential election! This scandal keeps getting bigger and bigger and more corrupt.

SHOCK REPORT: New Evidence of Foreign Government Meddling in 2016 Election Finally Uncovered — But it was from the UK – not Russia!

New evidence proves that a foreign government meddled in the 2016 US Election. But the government identified is the UK, not Russia!

After more than a year of the Mueller investigation, millions of dollars and the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) relentless attack on President Trump, what do we have? Nothing really.

President Trump tweeting in February that if the goal of Russia was to create discord in the US then they have succeeded. “They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!”

Since this tweet, the Russia fairy tale has fallen apart! Corrupt Mueller and his team of conflicted, biased and corrupt investigators and attorneys have found nothing related to their target, President Trump, and now their indictments are unraveling.

Far left VOX provided a list of those indicted by Mueller in February –

1) George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, pleaded guilty in October to making false statements to the FBI.

2) Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, pleaded guilty in December to making false statements to the FBI.

3) Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, was indicted in October in Washington, DC on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, false statements, and failure to disclose foreign assets — all related to his work for Ukrainian politicians before he joined the Trump campaign. He’s pleaded not guilty on all counts. Then, in February, Mueller filed a new case against him in Virginia, with tax, financial, and bank fraud charges.

4) Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide and Manafort’s longtime junior business partner, was indicted on similar charges to Manafort. But he has now agreed to a plea deal with Mueller’s team, pleading guilty to just one false statements charge and one conspiracy charge.

5-20) 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies were indicted on conspiracy charges, with some also being accused of identity theft. The charges related to a Russian propaganda effort designed to interfere with the 2016 campaign. The companies involved are the Internet Research Agency, often described as a “Russian troll farm,” and two other companies that helped finance it. The Russian nationals indicted include 12 of the agency’s employees and its alleged financier, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

21) Richard Pinedo: This California man pleaded guilty to an identity theft charge in connection with the Russian indictments, and has agreed to cooperate with Mueller.

22) Alex van der Zwaan: This London lawyer pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Rick Gates and another unnamed person based in Ukraine.

The Russians

The largest group in the above list, the 13 Russians and 3 Russian Company’s, indicted by Mueller were expected to be no-shows as their court cases arrived. Some people believe that the 13 Russians listed in the indictment are not even real people. They’re certainly nowhere to be found and no doubt never will come forward, even if they were real.

In this past week’s case involving one of the company’s listed by Mueller, Concord Management, Mueller’s attorney Jeannie Rhee (who previously represented the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton) suggested that the Russians indicted by the Mueller team worked for Concord Management. But the attorneys for Concord management stated that they never have worked for their client.

Mueller’s corrupt and conflicted attorney Rhee also was put on the spot when Concord Management’s attorneys noted that the second company indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Catering, was not in existence at the time Mueller’s team alleged they committed crimes (others suggest their crime may really be too much Russian Dressing on a tossed salad).

Concord Management’s attorneys noted that the Facebook posts identified by Mueller’s team were all in Russian and Rhee and her team admitted having not translated them to English (so who knows what they said or how they somehow helped President Trump win the election?). Overall it is becoming clear that Mueller’s indictments of the Russia individuals and entities supposedly impacting the election are a farce and therefore these cases may likely be tossed just like the salad mentioned above.

General Flynn

General Flynn’s case is also falling apart. The original judge overseeing the Flynn case, Judge Rudolph Contreras, was recused and we still do not know why or by whom? Contreras is also a FISA Court Judge and he may have signed off on the FISA warrant to spy on the General in the first place. He also is a friend of former Mueller team members, the corrupt Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. In their text messages, they text about meeting with the judge for dinner.

The new judge overseeing the case has asked Mueller’s team to provide all information to the General that he apparently was not provided when he plead guilty to lying to the Mueller team. The FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn stated that they did not believe he lied! It’s looking more and more like the General was set up and his case will be tossed as well.

Paul Manafort

Manafort was indicted for two cases. The first case is being prosecuted in Washington DC. Manafort is being charged with not filling out some forms in prior years starting in 2005. Clearly these indictments have nothing to do with Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

Manafort challenged the case by challenging the legality of Mueller’s investigation. He claimed that his case should be tossed because the investigation is not constitutional. When Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein set up the investigation he did not have a crime and he set the scope of Mueller’s work way too big, basically claiming that Mueller could look into anything he wanted. Both of these claims were valid.

However, the judge overseeing Manafort’s first case is Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee. Judge Jackson has a horrible record and has seen her verdicts overturned by the Supreme Court. She tossed Manafort’s plea.

Judge Jackson should be impeached and there may be support for this as the Judge of Manafort’s second case challenged the Mueller team on exactly the above two points. Also, the Chairman of the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, late last week sent a set of questions on this very point to Rosenstein to answer.

Manafort’s second case is another fruadulent case. Manafort obtained loans to pay his attorney fees by using some of his properties as collateral. Mueller’s team charged that the amounts on the fair value of the properties were not accurate and therefore charged him with bank fraud. This case was moved to Virginia per Manafort’s option and a good thing. The DC courts are filled with Obama crooks (i.e. Contreras, Jackson, etc.).

Judge T. S. Ellis III oversees Manafort’s case in Virginia. According to FOX News in early May –

A federal judge on Friday harshly rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team during a hearing for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking “unfettered power” and are more interested in bringing down the president.

Judge Ellis has also requested an un-redacted scope document from Mueller’s team and he received it on Friday. Based on recent events this case may be tossed. Of the other individuals indicted by Mueller, they all appear to have been coerced into pleas in a manner similar to the way they worked over General Flynn.

As the Russia meddling into the 2016 US election unwinds, the meddling by the UK, is becoming surprisingly more apparent.

Christopher Steel

We’ve known for over a year that the Clinton campaign and the FBI worked with former UK MI6 spy Christopher Steele, who authored a dossier of salacious statements about President Trump. Steele was reportedly paid by Fusion GPS for the document.

Steele was paid $168,000 by Glenn Simpson’s company Fusion GPS for the series of memos containing information that was selectively briefed to journalists approved by Simpson and used by the FBI.

The Steele dossier was never verified and is suspected of being a total fiction. This act alone by a spy from the UK is troubling enough, but that is not it.

Joseph Mifsud

George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, appears to have been targeted by three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a ‘nobody’ and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Although the common story is that Mifsud is a Russian Agent, many ties seem to lead [him] back to UK Intelligence. Julian Assange put out a Twitter Thread noting the connection between Mifsud and UK Intelligence.

Alexander Downer

Although, not a Brit, Alexander Downer is the Australian individual who apparently overheard Papadopoulos talk about Trump and Russia in a bar which alerted the FBI to the story and their eventual spy program on Trump. This story has been refuted for months.

The Papadopoulos/Downer meeting has been portrayed as a chance encounter in a bar. That does not appear to be the case….Downer has direct ties to UK Intelligence firm Hakluyt where he served on the Advisory Board from 2008-2014.

Shortly after the Papadopoulos and Downer chance encounter, Peter Strzok was in London per texts released by the FBI. “Strzok texts suggest he was in London on August 3, 2016.” The corrupt FBI’s investigation into Trump officially started a few days earlier.

Stefan Halper

One individual all over the Internet and social media by the name of Stefan Halper has been identified as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy on the Trump campaign). The most intriguing individual related to Papadopoulos is Halper.

According to Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork

My guess is Papadopoulos never knew what hit him. A young man, suddenly thrust into a position beyond his experience, Papadopoulos made for an easy intelligence target.

Carter Page almost certainly discussed the just completed Moscow trip with his host, Stefan Halper, during the London symposium.

It’s now being reported that Devin Nunes has learned the identity of a “top secret intelligence source” that was part of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Investigation.

I think there’s a decent chance that source is Stefan Halper.

Halper had contact with both Papadopulos and Carter Page. Halper has connections to UK Intelligence and US Intelligence. Halper met with Carter Page just days after Page’s Moscow trip.

Other Internet sleuths tied Halper to the Obama team of crooks. Halper was paid more than $400,000 in 2016 for his efforts to set Papadopulos up and get him to sing to the Australia diplomat about Hillary’s emails being held by Russia. Halper and others planted this information on Papadopulos before he shared this with the Aussie in a drunken London pub discussion.

Additional research shows that Halper was a classmate of impeached President Bill Clinton. Halper apparently knew Bill Clinton well in their days at Oxford. He later worked as an Advisor to the Clinton Administration.

Robert Hannigan

Hannigan had been Head of the GCHQ and he suddenly resigned in January of this year –

Hannigan only took over at the UK’s surveillance agency in November 2014 to oversee a more open approach after revelations by the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden put GCHQ on the defensive in 2013.

His sudden resignation – he informed staff just hours before making this decision public – prompted speculation that it might be related to British concerns over shared intelligence with the US in the wake of Donald Trump becoming president.

But the GCHQ press release stressed his decision was exclusively for family reasons. As well as his ill wife, Hannigan has two elderly parents to look after. He will remain in post until a successor is appointed.

It’s still not known, what, if any connection to the Trump – Russia collusion fantasy, Hannigan may have had.

In Summary

Based on information to date, the UK had more to do with interfering with the US 2016 Presidential election than Russia. The Obama team and the Clinton campaign spied on the Trump Administration and used the entire government apparatus, including the CIA, FBI, the DOJ and others, to do so. It appears, they also had help from the UK.

These crooks were willing to risk World War III with Russia rather than face a Trump Presidency. This all leads to the question – What is so damn damning that these many individuals would go to such brazen lengths to remove President Trump from office?

This is clearly 100 times worse than Watergate!

Judge Jeanine – Jeff Sessions is the Most Dangerous Person in the US Government Today!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

For months we have argued that Jeff Sessions is dangerous. In November 2017 we called him the modern day Benedict Arnold for not investigating Obama and Clinton’s Uranium One scandal.

Tonight Judge Jeanine stated that Sessions is the most dangerous person in the corrupt Deep State.

On her weekly show on FOX News, Judge Jeanine in her opening statement said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the most dangerous person in the US government (at the 1:50 mark in video below) –

But what ladies and gentlemen is unmistakable in all of this is that the single most dangerous person to the agenda of President Trump, the Republican Party and ultimately all Americans, is the Attorney General of the United States himself, Jeff Sessions.

The man has done nothing to make anyone responsible for the blatant corruption, the unmistakable perjury, the in-your-face obstruction of our laws that we’ve seen play out every day. He has fought the release of telling documents that would put an end to this horrible period in America’s political history. Documents that would make clear that the criminals in this attempt to overthrow an American President. He’s even argued that he doesn’t want to release records of Hillary because she’s now a private citizen.

This man’s done nothing to create confidence that wrong doers will be accountable, answerable. He’s done nothing to create confidence on the part of the American people in our system of justice.

In March 2018, we listed the following 12 reasons why AG Sessions should be removed from office now –

1. After accepting the AG job, the next day Sessions recused himself from everything Russia and turned over the US AG Office to the deep state. We now know that the law he quoted to recuse himself was the wrong law and was provided by Obama attorneys.

2. Corrupt and criminal Rod Rosenstein is now running the AG Office, not Sessions. Rosenstein is connected to the Uranium One scandal. When asked, Sessions stated to Congress that Asst AG Rosenstein can investigate himself in a Uranium One criminal probe.

3. It took Sessions months to fire FBI criminal Andy McCabe finally on Friday evening [March 16]. McCabe should have been fired months ago. Maybe he wasn’t fired sooner because McCabe threatened to take others down with him.

4. Corrupt and criminal Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still employed by the FBI [as of March 18th the date of this initial post – Lisa Page has subsequently resigned from the FBI, but Strzok is still employed]. They have numerous text messages that show criminal and corrupt actions related to the Hillary email scandal, FISA abuse and the Mueller investigation. Most recently, texts were uncovered by Congress that show they had a relationship with the FISA Court judge who sentenced General Flynn and later was recused. They should not be employed, they should be in jail!

5. Robert Mueller’s criminal and corrupt witch hunt is still in place. It was created on a lie and is still in place after millions of wasted tax payer money. The Mueller investigation is criminal but Sessions won’t shut it down. Mueller is best friends with former FBI Director James Comey and he won’t recuse himself. This investigation is a farce.

6. Mueller’s entire team is made up of the likes of Strzok and Page. It’s a witch-hunt. The entire team is corrupt and criminal. They should all be in jail.

7. Hillary is still walking around – in India no less [in March 2018]. Her email fiasco was criminal. Much evidence shows that she was let go before even being interviewed. She destroyed evidence and obstructed justice but she walks free. There is no investigation from AG Sessions to date covering the criminal Clintons.

8. Uranium One and the sale of 20% of US uranium is yet to be investigated by AG Sessions. This is the real Russia collusion and Sessions won’t touch it.

9. Joe Biden and John Kerry are now embroiled in another Obama – Clinton related play for pay scheme with China. The AG is nowhere to be found.

10. James Clapper, the former disgraced NSA Director was allowed to walk this past week [in mid-March 2018] after lying under oath to Congress due to the statute of limitations. His lying was depicted in the movie “Snowden”.

11. The IRS scandal under Obama involved Mueller and yet Sessions has done nothing to address turning the other way rather than seeking justice.

12. Every day the DOJ and FBI are delaying evidence being requested by Congress or Judicial Watch. Names are redacted for no reason other than to cover up Deep State crimes. Sessions allows this and his actions arguably show he is behind it.

The country and the President deserve justice and a strong AG. Jeff Sessions is the opposite. His actions are abysmal and non-existent. America needs justice now. Jeff Sessions must go!


Lawsuit Reveals New Connections Between the DNC, Outside Contractor Crowdstrike and FISA Court Abuses

New revelations by Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork reveal that the DNC claimed that their servers were compromised by Russia on the exact same date that the FBI stopped allowing outside contractors access to raw FISA data collected by the US Government’s intelligence agencies.

According to Carlson –

The DNC lawsuit against Russia and the Trump Campaign provides for a new timeline of events. And raises new questions.

Recall, the DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to examine their servers – which has always seemed more than a bit odd.

If the DNC had definitive proof of Russian hacking, one would expect a standing invitation to examine the evidence. Instead, they have protected those servers from any outside examination.

This may be tied to NSA Director Rogers’ discovery of Outside Contractors.

The DNC lawsuit files show that the DNC was supposedly under a cyberattack on DNC servers located in Virginia and Washington DC which was executed by GRU agents on April 18, 2016.

Ironically, at about the same time a government investigation related to the many issues with the FISA court process and government sharing data with outside contractors was in place. Based on feedback to Admiral Rogers shortly after he became Obama’s NSA Director, the investigation was requested.

Per a report from the investigation released in early 2017, long after the 2016 election, many abuses in the FISA process were uncovered –

Private contractors, employed by the FBI, were given full access to raw FISA data. FISA data that, once in their possession, could not be traced.

The apparent purpose for the FBI’s granting such access was to receive analytical assistance from [Redacted]. Nonetheless, the [Redacted] contractors had access to raw FISA information that went well beyond what was necessary to respond to the FBI’s requests; [Redacted]. The FBI discontinued the above-described access to raw FISA information as of April 18, 2016.

Note that on the exact same date that the DNC says their systems were attacked, the NSA under Admiral Rogers stopped the sharing of raw FISA data with outside contractors by the corrupt FBI.

Remember that per Attorney Joe DiGenova, Admiral Rogers is a good guy who warned President Trump that he was being spied on by the Deep State shortly after the 2016 election –

It is unknown how the DNC determined that the Russia attack, if it occurred, was performed by the Russians. Based on a long history of ‘lack of candor’ by Obama, Clinton, the Deep State and the DNC, it is highly likely that the DNC was never hacked by the Russians and that this is entirely made up.

The one company that was allowed to search the DNC servers after they were supposedly attacked by the Russians was a company called Crowdstrike. It is suspected that this is one of the companies listed in the FISA report that was given access to the DNC server.

Was the DNC receiving raw FISA data from the US government via Crowdstrike? It is time to investigate Crowdstrike and the DNC!

One thing is clear. Today because of all the many lies and fake news stories created and promoted by the left, there is no way that the average American can trust anything coming out of the Deep State FBI, DOJ, DNC or other government entities. There is an old saying that applies well to all of this –

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

Americans will not be fooled anymore.

Lawyers Defending Russian Firm Blast Mueller’s Team Again – Establishing Mueller’s Claims Are “Made Up”

Lawyers defending the Russian company indicted by the corrupt Mueller team, Concord Management, again called out Mueller’s liberal hacks and labeled their allegations “made up”.

As reported on Wednesday, Concord Management’s lawyers revealed that Mueller’s team of ignored over 70 discovery requests they had made for information before the case. In response Mueller’s team offered to give Concord Management’s lawyers a massive amount of social media data from those dangerous trolls (jk) who sought to influence the US election and the majority of it was in RUSSIAN.

Mueller’s lawyers then admitted that they don’t even have English translations for the Russian social media posts. So Mueller’s lawyers don’t have English translations to the Russian social media posts but we’re supposed to believe we were influenced by these posts?

Now we have more information on the hearing. At one point, the Mueller attorney, former Clinton Foundation attorney Jeannie Rhee stated that there is “1.5 to 2 terabytes of data, covering hundreds of facilities that compromise the defendant’s operational accounts” provided to the courts.

It turns out that the ‘facilities’ that Clinton supporting Rhee was referring to were actually just social media accounts.

Then among other things previously reported, lying and corrupt attorney Rhee went on to align the 10 Russians identified by the Mueller team as members of an ‘organization’. The Russian company’s attorney responded to the judge who apparently understood that these Russians were all members of Concord Management. He said –

No that’s not correct. The individual defendants? No. It’s not even alleged they are. They’re alleged to be associated with something called an “organization,” which is a made up thing by the special counsel. They just made it up, and they called it an “organization”. Were not even alleged to be part of the organization. We’re alleged to have funded it. But those people don’t work for us. It’s not alleged they they work for us.

This is more proof Mueller rolled out this indictment of Russians as a PR stunt to justify his witch hunt; his team is not prepared to try this case and it’s hilarious to watch as they struggle and look like the corrupt amateurs that they are.

Concord Management’s lawyer’s previously said Mueller indicted “the proverbial ham sandwich.”

The reason the Concord Management attorneys called the case a ‘proverbial ham sandwich’ was because one of the entities indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Catering, was not in existence at the time the crimes were alleged to have taken place.

Mueller and his corrupt team are pathetic, a disgrace and a historical stain on this great country!

Joe DiGenova: John Brennan, Will Be in Front of the Grand Jury Soon — He Needs a Good Lawyer! (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson had legal expert and appointed Independent Counsel in the Clinton era, Joe Digenova, on his show tonight on FOX News. He singled out former CIA Head, the corrupt John Brennan, noting that he will be in front of the Grand Jury soon.

The former Independent Counsel was outstanding in his synopsis of the current status of Obamagate –

DiGenova said –

We know that Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated. We knew that a year ago. We know that there was a substantial effort to frame the current President of the United States with crimes by infiltrating his campaign and then his administration with spies that the FBI had set upon them.

We have learned that the crimes were committed by the FBI, senior members of the Department of Justice, John Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Mr. Comey and others associated with the Democratic Party and Donald Trump and his associates committed no crimes….

Mr. Brennan who loves to make comments about the process get himself a good lawyer, not a good writer…

Yes, NBC News’ consultant, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the most partisan hack leader of the CIA needs a very, very good lawyer…

He’s going to be in front of a grand jury shortly.”

On Wednesday, DiGenova shared on Newsmax that he thought Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s days were numbered.

Attorney Joe diGenova predicted that both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ days are numbered at the Department of Justice during a telephone interview with Newsmax’s Howie Carr Wednesday. DiGenova’s claim came after the New York Times published a report titled “Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation”. The report has been interpreted by many as an attempt by sources within the “Deep State” to cushion the blow of the imminent DOJ inspector general report, which is expected to be explosive.

Brennan is only one of the many Obama Administration leaders to be involved in the Obamagate scandal to spy on their opposition candidate, President Donald Trump. Lock these criminals up!


Obama’s FBI Plant in Trump Campaign was Bill Clinton Classmate and Later Advisor to Clinton Administration

This past weekend we reported that Internet sleuths determined who the Obama FBI spy was in the Trump campaign. Now we know he was a classmate of Bill Clinton’s and an advisor to the Clinton Administration!

Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork on last Thursday identified an individual by the name of Stefan Halper as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy on the Trump campaign).

Carlson determined that George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, appears to have been targeted by three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a nobody and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Carlson notes:

Although the common story is that Mifsud is a Russian Agent, many ties seem to lead [him] back to UK Intelligence. Julian Assange put out a Twitter Thread noting the connection between Mifsud and UK Intelligence.”

Alexander Downer is the Australian individual who apparently overheard Papadopooulos talk about Trump and Russia in a bar which alerted the FBI to the story and their eventual spy program on Trump. This story has been refuted for months. Carlson writes –

Shortly after the Papadopoulos and Downer chance encounter, Peter Strzok was in London per texts released by the FBI. “Strzok texts suggest he was in London on August 3, 2016.” The corrupt FBI’s investigation into Trump officially started a few days earlier.

But, the most intriguing individual noted by Carlson is Halper. Carlson concludes his post with the following –

Giuliani: Puts the Corrupt Mueller Team on Notice – “We’re Ready to Rip Them Apart if that’s What They Want!”

Former Federal Prosecutor and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on Laura Ingraham’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on FOX News last night. Rudy and all of America know there is no collusion between President Trump and Russia and so Rudy encouraged the corrupt Mueller team to wrap it up.

Rudy discussed the corrupt Mueller investigation that has now been going on for a year. At the beginning of the below segment of the interview Rudy stated that the guys on the Mueller team are taking so long because maybe “these guys, you know, figure they can’t get a good job”.

Rudy was outstanding and he never let up. At the end of the interview (at the 9:10 mark in the video below) Rudy addressed the crooked Mueller team straight on –

Ingraham: Timeline, what is your optimal timeline for this to wrap up?

Rudy: They should do it today. I mean as soon as possible. I think that they have the facts from which they can write their report.

If you can write a fair report fine, then write it.

If you’re gonna write an unfair report, write it and we will combat it. We’re ready to rip it apart.

And we’re ready to rip them apart if that’s what they want. We’d rather peacefully settle this and get it over with.

This is why the Mainstream Media is after Rudy. He destroys the left. They know it and they want him gone! He is too effective!

On One Year Anniversary: A List of 12 of the Most Egregious Crimes, Conflicts and Unconstitutional Acts Committed by Mueller Witch Hunt

The future of our nation is at stake. The Mueller investigation will either succeed in its mission to unseat the President of the United States, Donald Trump, from his duly elected position to govern this nation or it will not.

If Mueller succeeds the nation will no longer be free. Rogue institutions, government bodies and individuals will continue to use the power behind the US government to overthrow, imprison, slander and control Americans. The US will officially become a banana republic and the world will no longer have that shining light on a hill to look up to.

If Mueller and others in the ‘Deep State’ are brought to justice, America will flourish as a nation and the world will benefit from a strong America that stands for freedom and justice.

For months we have presented numerous articles about the rampant and brazen abuse of justice carried out by corrupt and criminal individuals within the US government known as the ‘Deep State’. The Mueller team is the pinnacle of Deep State aggression.

The Deep State continues to control the FBI, DOJ and multiple other government agencies and judgeships. Under President Obama the Deep State was allowed to flourish and grow, it was fed, protected and groomed.

Deep State created a corrupt plan to prevent Hillary from being charged for crimes before the election. Even the casual observer knew she had committed numerous crimes related to racketeering through the Clinton Foundation and somehow to date has dodged any wrongdoing by the Deep State. The crimes related to her email server were even more apparent and yet, nearly two years since she was exonerated by corrupt FBI Director Comey and his team of corrupt investigators and attorneys, she still walks free.

Very few Americans who voted for President Trump would have believed that today we have a special investigation into the President for collusion with Russia during the election and none into the many Clinton and Obama criminal activities unearthed over the past decade.

One year ago, on May 17, 2017, corrupt Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a Special Counsel to look into the phony Trump – Russia collusion allegations, a total scam to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency that he won.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself of anything related to Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign and the Robert Mueller Special Counsel team took over to investigate the alleged Trump crimes. Ironically over the past year, no crimes related to the President have been uncovered but numerous crimes have been uncovered related to the Deep State’s corruption, abuse and brazen disregard for the rule of law through the Trump – Russia ‘Witch Hunt’.

One of the most profound interviews that described the events over the past few years by the corrupt and criminal individuals in the Deep State that led to the Mueller investigation was reported by the Daily Caller in January. Legal expert Joe DiGenova explained the many criminal activities by the Deep State –

A Dozen Criminal and Unconstitutional Acts Over the Past Year

As the past year moved forward we uncovered many crimes and corrupt acts, but to the surprise of the mainstream media, Democrats and the Deep State, the crimes uncovered were not related to the Trump Administration, but rather with the Deep State and the Mueller investigation.

Here is a list of a dozen of the more material acts –

1.Rosenstein’s special counsel order identifies collusion as the crime but no such crime exists in US Law.

Gregg Jarrett at FOX News wrote when Mueller initially brought charges against Manafort that Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. He is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable because there is no such thing as the crime of collusion with foreign countries in the US statutory code.

Jarrett wrote about the Trump – Russia Collusion investigation and in his post Jarrett makes many statements that are almost shocking, but none more than the fact that the entire investigation is lawless.

2. Mueller’s investigation exceeds the scope of special counsel law which requires the scope of a special counsel to be specific. Rosenstein created the special counsel with a scope that is so broad it is not supported by this law.

Paul Manafort sued the DOJ, Mueller and Rosenstein because what they are doing is not supported by US Law as noted previously by Jarrett. Manafort’s plea argued in paragraph 33 that the special counsel put in place by crooked Rosenstein gave crooked and criminal Mueller powers that are not permitted by law –

But paragraph (b)(ii) of the Appointment Order purports to grant Mr. Mueller further authority to investigate and prosecute “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” That grant of authority is not authorized by DOJ’s special counsel regulations. It is not a “specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated.” Nor is it an ancillary power to address efforts to impede or obstruct investigation under 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

After Rosenstein and Mueller provided additional documentation to the court about the scope of Mueller’s investigation, Gregg Jarrett tweeted that this was additional support that Mueller’s investigation is unconstitutional –

Manafort argued that the Mueller investigation was unconstitutional because it was not based on a crime and the scope was too broad, but his plea was dismissed. Unfortunate for Manafort (and justice) the plea was in front of Obama’s corrupt liberal Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Jackson had unexpectedly replaced another DC judge to oversee the Manafort case. It is unknown why this reassignment was made nor who made it. Regardless, on April 27, 2018, Judge Jackson dismissed Manafort’s plea and Deep State was able to hang on for another day.

3. Mueller accepted the special counsel position with known conflicts of interest and was assigned in spite of a horribly corrupt track record.

Gregg Jarrett called for Mueller to resign in June of 2017 stating the special counsel has an egregious conflict of interest. In a Fox News column, Jarrett stated:

The Washington Post reported that that Robert Mueller is now investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice, examining not only the president’s alleged statement to James Comey in their February meeting, but also the firing of the FBI Director.

If true, this development makes the argument even more compelling that Mueller cannot serve as special counsel. He has an egregious conflict of interest.

The special counsel statute specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.” The language is mandatory. He “shall” disqualify himself. Comey is substantially involved in the case. Indeed, he is the central witness.

The two men and former colleagues have long been friends, allies and partners. Agents have quipped that they were joined at the hip while at the Department of Justice and the FBI. They have a mentor-protégé relationship. The likelihood of prejudice and favoritism is glaring and severe.

So, it is incomprehensible that the man who is a close friend of the star witness against the president… will now determine whether the president committed a prosecutable crime in his dealings with Mueller’s good friend.

In addition to his many conflicts, Mueller has a seedy track record which was uncovered by US Representative Louie Gohmert. Gohmert released a 48 page document covering Mueller’s past which involves amongst other things, protecting crime bosses and throwing innocent people in jail.

4. Rosenstein and Mueller’s entire team have known conflicts of interest.

Rod Rosenstein signed a FISA application to spy on Trump but he never recused himself from the Mueller investigation. In addition, Mueller brought in a team of Obama and Clinton lackeys to form his investigative team who had no intention of performing an independent and objective investigation.

CNN posted a list of the Mueller team bragging about their credentials and prior work while ignoring their obvious and clear conflicts. The entire team is corrupt lefties who have represented the Clinton Foundation or let Hillary go in her obvious crimes related to her email scandal. This group donated to Obama and Clinton campaigns and have no intention of looking into their crimes at all.

5. The Investigation exceeds the scope of Jeff Sessions’ recusal of only 2016 campaign related matters. Mueller’s scope is much broader.

Legal expert and attorney Robert Barnes tweeted this argument regarding the scope of the Mueller investigation –

6. Rosenstein’s original authorization to Mueller extended to “Russia government collusion” in 2016 campaign only. By pressing charges against Manafort for 2006 actions, Mueller’s scope is much broader.

7. Rosenstein does not have authorization over tax crimes. Only the Assistant Attorney General in charge of Tax Division can authorize indictments of tax crimes.

8. Rosenstein’s letter tells Mueller only to look to Rosenstein for clarification of Mueller’s authorization. Rosenstein is not the Attorney General of the United States, and could not monopolize supervision of Mueller for matters that did not relate to Sessions’ recusal.

9. By Rosenstein issuing his expanded authorization to Mueller in secret, Rosenstein created a secret inquisitor, unelected and un-appointed by elected officials, with all the powers of the federal criminal law enforcement, but none of the democratic checks and balances.

10. The special counsel law requires that the Attorney General create the special counsel when a criminal investigation is warranted. There was no reason for Rosenstein to create the special counsel that could not have been addressed with other means, if necessary.

According to the Cornell Law School, the law states that the grounds for setting up a special counsel require the following –

The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted.

Because President Trump had committed no crimes, there was no reason to create the special counsel in the first place. Some may argue this and say Rosenstein had every right to create the special counsel but now we know that Rosenstein created the special counsel and appointed former FBI Head Robert Mueller to lead the investigation because they wanted unlimited resources to investigate the President and to remove him from power by any means possible.

For political reasons President Trump is not shutting down the unconstitutional and corrupt Mueller investigation at this time but AG Jeff Sessions has every right and even the duty to reign in on it or shut it down.

Robert Barnes wrote at Law and Crimes that –

Paul Manafort‘s legal team brought a motion to dismiss on Tuesday, noting that Rosenstein could not appoint Mueller to any investigation outside the scope of the 2016 campaign since Sessions did not recuse himself for anything outside the campaign. I agree with this take on Mueller’s authority. If we follow that argument that would mean Sessions himself has exclusive authority to appoint a special counsel for non-collusion charges, and Sessions has taken no such action. Sessions himself should make that clear to Mueller, rather than await court resolution. Doing so would remove three of the four areas of inquiry from Mueller’s requested interview with President Trump.

Sessions formally notifying Mueller that he does not have authority to act outside of campaign-related cases and cases related to obstruction of Mueller’s investigation would be doing what the Constitution compels: enforcing the Appointments Clause of the Constitution. Additionally, Sessions notifying Mueller that he does not have authority to act outside of campaign-related cases would be exercising Sessions’ court-recognized Constitutional obligation to “direct and supervise litigation” conducted by the Department of Justice. Furthermore, Sessions notifying Mueller that he does not have authority to act outside of campaign-related cases protects against the inappropriate use of the federal grand jury that defendant Manafort now rightly complains about.

Sessions limiting Mueller to the 2016 campaign would also be restoring confidence in democratic institutions, and restore public faith that democratically elected officials.
One thing to remember about Sessions’ recusal: Sessions only recused himself from “any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States.” This recusal letter limits the scope of Sessions’ recusal to the 2016 campaigns; it does not authorize Sessions’ recusal for anything beyond that. Constitutionally, Sessions has a “duty to direct and supervise litigation” conducted by the Department of Justice. Ethically, professionally, and legally, Sessions cannot ignore his supervisory obligations for cases that are not related to the “campaigns for President.”

11. The entire story of Trump – Russia collusion was a farce. Deep State had a spy in the Trump campaign who set up young and eager twenty-something George Papadopoulos in England.

Rush Limbaugh shared an overview of the setup a couple of days ago –

Now, the important thing to remember here is that Papadopoulos was a peripheral member of the Trump campaign. He didn’t know anything officially. He wasn’t close enough to anybody to know anything. He’s 24, 25 years old, whatever, but he never had day-to-day contact with Trump. He didn’t have day-to-day contact with the Trump campaign foreign policy team, none of that. He was targeted because he was a young, eager beaver. He was targeted and he was set up and he was entrapped,” Limbaugh said in his explanation.

“It’s all trumped up, folks. No pun intended. None of it’s real. All of it was made up. It was simply created to permit an investigation, just like Comey telling Trump the dossier existed served as the mechanism to get the media in the clear to report on the dossier. This thing is more fake… This whole investigation is more fake and more phony — more connived — than you could possibly imagine,” Limbaugh said.

12. Mueller’s Special Counsel took emails and attorney – client privileged information from the Trump transition team and from President Trump’s personal attorney. These egregious acts that destroyed the attorney – client privilege between the President of the US and his personal attorneys are unconstitutional and perhaps the most brazen illegal actions taken in US history.

In July 2017 Rush Limbaugh claimed the Mueller investigation was the largest tax payer funded opposition research campaign in US history. He was right. This was before it was reported in December that the Mueller team obtained the Trump transition team’s emails without permission, taking attorney – client privileged information with no regard for the law. Lawyer Robert Barnes argued at the time that the document grab “cannot conform to either Fourth Amendment standards or attorney-client privilege protections.”

A few months later the crooked Mueller team stole all of President Trump’s personal attorney’s emails in another assault on attorney – client privilege with no regard for the law. These guys are crooks!

Also, not noted and the most egregious acts of the Mueller team are those crimes that have been uncovered related to the Hillary campaign and the Obama Administration that go unnoticed.

For the above reasons, we are currently in a constitutional crisis. If AG Sessions will not uphold the law per his duties per the constitution, then Sessions must be replaced! America cannot stand with an AG that does not uphold his duties and obligations and who allows this unconstitutional witch hunt to continue!

The nation is behind President Trump and justice. We demand integrity at all levels in our government.

The only remedy to preserve and protect this great nation from the Mueller ‘Witch Hunt’ is to charge and imprison the Mueller Team and related other Deep State operatives for their attempted coup d’etat. Then and only then will this nation heal and together we’ll pray for protection so that this never ever occurs in this country’s existence again!

President Trump May Have Destroyed North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Capabilities Last Year Leading to Upcoming Summit

The reason North Koreans are coming to the table now may be because President Trump destroyed all their nuclear missile capabilities last year!

FOX News reported over the weekend that in September of 2017 during a nuclear test a mountain in North Korea where the test was performed was totally wiped out.

According to FOX, “Experts say the underground nuclear blast pushed the surface of Mt. Mantap outward by as much as 11 feet and left the mountain about 20 inches shorter.”

Two days ago the Japan Times reported that North Korea says its going to blow up its nuclear test site before the meeting between their leader and President Trump in June in Singapore –

North Korea wants the world to watch as it blows up its Punggye-ri nuclear test site, the country has said, announcing that it will hold a “ceremony” between May 23 and May 25, inviting foreign journalists to witness what it said would be a “transparent” event.

Some experts believe that the reason North Korea is doing this and meeting President Trump is because the President destroyed North Korea’s nuclear testing ability during the explosion last year.

Newsweek reported on a new book, Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules of War, by international law professors John Yoo (University of California, Berkeley) and Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason University). In the article Newsweek states the following –

…Yoo suggests, the U.S. should go on the offense with cyberweapons designed to do things like make missiles malfunction (which maybe it has already done, but shh!), erase data from military computers, wipe out the country’s bank accounts or even steal and publicize Kim’s smoochy emails to Dennis Rodman. It might send out tiny, barely detectable, AI-driven drones that work together like swarms of bees to take out key assets or people. In the longer run, Yoo says, it’s feasible to develop satellite-based anti-missile technology armed with AI that could watch other nations, learn what an impending missile launch looks like and immediately fry the thing with lasers.

In addition to the article above, after North Korea’s mountain collapse in September 2017, President Trump was bold in his tweets towards the Hermit Kingdom. One tweet will go down in history as perhaps the greatest tweet ever when the President shared he would “NEVER call him [Kim Jong-un] short and fat”.

In January of this year, President Trump was even more bold in his tweets toward Kim Jong-un sharing that his [Trump’s] button is much bigger than the North Korean’s –

Now it looks like the President knew what many in the media who were calling him a ‘mad-man who was going to start a nuclear war’ did not know, that North Korea’s nuclear bomb capabilities had been destroyed. Although not yet verified, it is suspected that perhaps President Trump knew North Korea had no nuclear capabilities because Trump had them destroyed himself.