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EXCLUSIVE: There Were At Least 4 Different Fraudulent Steele Dossiers Floating Around Yet FBI Still Used It for FISA Warrant

The Steele dossier without a doubt was a fraud. The fact that at least four versions of the dossier being passed around provides additional proof that the entire dossier was made up.

Yesterday Congressman Devin Nunes was on Hannity and he explained that the entire Steele dossier was made up. He said –

Well I know this much about Christopher Steele and his dossier. I’ve read plenty of intelligence reports. I’ve met with plenty of British officials that are in intelligence, not only in the UK, but here and abroad. They’ve been very valuable allies to us. They’re not idiots Sean.

There is no possible way that British intelligence folks who read the Christopher Steele dossier and didn’t just laugh. OK so, I actually believe that Mueller knows that the Mueller dossier team knew that the Brits actually did give us some warning. So but we can’t get that information. I think there are things that Mueller knew about. I think the Brits probably did raise their concerns about Steele’s credibility to the new administration….He [Mueller] knew the day he walked in the door that there was no evidence of collusion.

Representative Nunes is right. Per our analysis there were at least four copies of Steele’s dossier being passed around during the time Obama’s corrupt Deep State used the dossier to obtain the FISA warrant. We know this in part, because dirty cop and fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok told us so. This was reported on the Hill in July 2018 –

Now, memos the FBI is turning over to Congress show the bureau possessed at least three versions of the dossier and its mostly unverified allegations of collusion.

Each arrived from a different messenger: McCain, Mother Jones reporter David Corn, Fusion GPS founder (and Steele boss) Glenn Simpson.

That revelation is in an email that disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok wrote to FBI executives around the time BuzzFeed published a version of the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

“Our internal system is blocking the site,” Strzok wrote of the document posted on BuzzFeed. “I have the PDF via iPhone but it’s 25.6MB. Comparing now. The set is only identical to what McCain had. (it has differences from what was given to us by Corn and Simpson.)”

Below is our list of four different versions of the bogus Steele dossier –

Version 1
-July 26, 2016, Christopher Steele allegedly begins sending dossier to MI6 [source]
-September 15, 2016, Steele meets with Jane Mayer/The New Yorker [source]
-September 21, 2016, Glenn Simpson meets several journalists [source]
-September 23, 2016, Steele meets Michael Isikoff [source]
-October 11, 2016, Steele meets State Department Kathleen Kavalec [source]
-October 15, 2016, Steele shares dossier with Paul Wood/BBC and several other journalists [source]
-October 20, 2016, Steele’s last report date [source]
-October 29, 2016, Steele flies into a rage that the FBI opened new email investigation into Clinton [source]
-October 30, 2016, Steele terminated by FBI [source]
-October 30, 2016, Schiff Memo claims that Steele no longer shared dossier with FBI Matt Gaeta after this point [source]
-December 8, 2016, MI6 Alex Younger gives rare public speech which includes information gleaned from dossier [source]

Version 2
-October 30, 2016, Steele shares dossier with David Corn/Mother Jones [source]
-November 7, 2016, Corn gives his version of the dossier to James Baker who immediately forwards it to Bill Priestap [source]

Version 3
-November 1, 2016, Steele meets Sir Andrew Wood [source]
-November 18, 2016, McCain and key aides receive dossier from Sir Andrew Wood [source]
-December 29, 2016, Buzzfeed receives dossier from McCain [source]
-January 10, 2017, Buzzfeed publishes dossier [source]

Version 4
-December 10, 2016, Bruce Ohr and Simpson meet. Simpson gives Ohr thumb drive with dossier on it [source]
-December 12, 2016, Ohr is debriefed by FBI [source]
(“Two days after Ohr’s meeting with Simpson, the senior Justice Department official met with the FBI and submitted to an interview about what he had learned. The information, on face value, has the lowest level of credibility. It was second- or third-hand, they noted, and couched with lots of caveats like “may,” “possibly” and “others disagree.” (FD-302 was not filed until 12/19/16)

Some additional notes about the dossiers

*At least by November 7, 2016, the FBI was aware that there were alternate versions of the dossier

*No later than January 10, 2017, the UK (and many others) realized it was the subject of a disinformation campaign. Before Younger delivers his speech, the dossier has three different versions, while Younger’s speech would be based on Version 1.

*December 13, 2016, Steele files last supplemental “unsolicited” report

*No journalist that received Version 1 and Version 2 has commented about the differences with Buzzfeed Version 3

*All of the version changes happened after Steele submitted his last dossier report.

The dossier was so bogus that multiple copies of it were passed around. It was as credible as a paperback fiction novel. To think Obama’s Deep State used this to spy on the President of the United States – pathetic!

Hat tip D. Manny

The ‘Insurance Policy’ Was Obstruction – But President Trump Never Obstructed and Stopped Obama’s Deep State!

The Deep State players in the FBI left a clue of their plans when they called what they were doing an ‘Insurance Policy’. Their plans were to catch President Trump obstructing their fraudulent investigation. But the President outsmarted them and by not obstructing ended their soft coup!

As previously reported, a portion of the approximately 10,000 texts messages sent between FBI agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page were released in 2017. Among the messages is an exchange revealing Strzok and Page discussed an ‘insurance policy,’ against a Trump presidency.

The text from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page said this:

I want to believe the path u threw out 4 consideration in Andy’s office-that there’s no way he gets elected-but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.It’s like an insurance policy in unlikely event u die be4 you’re 40.”

There has been much speculation as to what exactly the insurance policy was that Strzok and Page were discussing. Some suspect that it was the fake dossier created by former MI6 Agent and Trump hater Christopher Steele that the FBI used to obtain the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and administration via a Carter Page warrant.

Others suggest that the insurance policy may have been the Mueller investigation. It may have been all of the above that were created to take the focus off of Obama’s crimes and the Deep State.

But what we believe is that the ‘insurance policy’ most likely was the attempt to frame the President and lure him into an obstruction charge.

This makes sense when you review the activities that led up to today. For starters, Obama’s Deep State and its leaders in the FBI, DOJ, State Department and CIA were all working overtime to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on Trump. Hillary Clinton was tied to the Uranium One scandal and she was also skating by after the bogus investigation into her emails. Obama and Hillary had to do something so they decided to go on the attack and frame Donald Trump.

They started by spying on candidate Trump and his team. They did this across Europe and in the United States. They even spied on Trump in Trump Tower in New York City. But President Trump found this out and tweeted about it in the first months of his administration –

Next the Deep State set in motion the most corrupt actions in US history. They fed fake news to the media who gladly repeated it. All of it was anti-Trump propaganda. They leaked information to the press, some real and much fake, that added to the media’s Trump frenzy.

They used the US Intel apparatus to spy on the President and his team. The next big move was to get the President’s Attorney General to recuse himself from just about everything and then encourage the DOJ to hire their corrupt guy to run the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG. Rosenstein did a masterful job in redacting anything that Congress would ask for related to their coup, so much so that he was soon known as Rod Redactenstein.

Rosenstein’s major move though was to create the Mueller Special Counsel. But what’s most telling is the manner in which they did this and nearly every criminal action that they took that followed.

Mueller and his team were as conflicted as any gang in US history. They all were related to the Hillary campaign, gave money to her campaign or both. These people were more conflicted than any group in history. They should have never been put together. This was part of the Deep State’s tactics, to make the team so incredibly conflicted that Trump would have to intervene, but he did not.

Mueller was conflicted as well. He had a conflict with Trump in the past and the President suggested that he be replaced according to the Mueller report. But Mueller was never replaced.

The investigation was not based on a crime, which is required by law. The President had every right to fight the legitimacy of the investigation based on this or the fact that the scope of the investigation was broader than the law permits. But the President did not take this to court. The truth is the President could have argued the legitimacy of the investigation on numerous counts, but he did not.

The Mueller team obtained documents from the Trump team related to his transition. This was in spite of the Trump team providing the Mueller investigation everything they asked for. This was a material breach of trust and an act that questioned the Special Counsel’s legitimacy again. The material used from this was arguably tainted (fruit from the poisonous tree) but Trump never took this to court.

The Mueller team questioned the President’s White House Council for hours. This took could have been stopped by the President at any time claiming an executive privilege but he did not stop it. The President never once claimed executive privilege throughout the entire ordeal.

They next went after the President’s personal attorney. To hell with attorney – client privilege! They raided his place in the early morning hours and took information that was used against the attorney for things not even closely related to the investigation.

The set up and indicted the President’s ally and friend General Mike Flynn. They did the same with other individuals who worked with the President, some working for free like George Papadopoulos.

They brought crimes to the court for Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, the whole time ignoring that Manafort worked with Hillary’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta. They ignored all of Hillary’s crimes.

They went after the President’s son, Don Jr, and set him up with some Russians during the campaign. They held him for hours answering questions related to this set up. They threatened indicting younger Don and the President did not obstruct!

Evidence Shows Obama’s Top “FBI Executives” Knew Steele Dossier Was a Fraud Before They Signed Multiple FISA Apps to Spy on President Trump

Per a review of information related to the fake Trump – Russia sham, it is now clear that the top Executives in Obama’s FBI all knew that there were multiple copies of the Steele dossier and yet they signed multiple FISA warrant applications to spy on President Trump anyways.

Per a review of prior posts and information released to the “Spygate” scandal, it is now clear that the FBI knew the Steele dossier was a fraud and yet they used it to not only obtain a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump, they also used this dirty information multiple times to obtain additional warrants. It’s highly probable that this information was never shared with the FISA Court of course. According to a report from the Hill released in July 2018 –

Now, memos the FBI is turning over to Congress show the bureau possessed at least three versions of the dossier and its mostly unverified allegations of collusion.

Each arrived from a different messenger: McCain, Mother Jones reporter David Corn, Fusion GPS founder (and Steele boss) Glenn Simpson.

That revelation is in an email that disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok wrote to FBI executives around the time BuzzFeed published a version of the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

“Our internal system is blocking the site,” Strzok wrote of the document posted on BuzzFeed. “I have the PDF via iPhone but it’s 25.6MB. Comparing now. The set is only identical to what McCain had. (it has differences from what was given to us by Corn and Simpson.)”

The significance of Strzok’s email is obvious to investigators who reviewed it in recent days. The FBI is supposed to be immune to manipulation by circular information flows, especially with sensitive investigations such as evaluating whether a foreign power tampered with an American election.

Remember also that the FBI was warned that the Steele dossier was fraudulent by the State Department’s Kathleen Kavalec after meeting with Steele. Taken together this information shows that not only did the FBI apply for the initial FISA application knowing the dossier was a fraud created by a Trump hater from the UK, but the “Executives” at the FBI filed for additional applications all knowing the dossier was a fake with numerous versions in the public square.

Top Obama FBI Executives (likely including Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok and Page, to name a few) all knew the Steele dossier was a sham and yet they used it to file multiple applications for warrants to spy on the Trump administration.

Hat tip D. Manny

Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and All Americans Labeled “Operation Hammer” Will Soon Be Exposed

One of the many illegal actions that President Obama partook during his eight years in office was the assimilation of personal data on all Americans. His “Operation Hammer” will soon be uncovered and show his contempt for Americans and the rule of law.

Maxine Waters slipped up during a 2013 interview with journalist Roland Martin. In this interview Waters said –

…I think some people are missing something here. The President [Obama] has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database than no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful and whoever …and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been don before.”


Maxine was right and Obama’s spying was soon uncovered –

Just five months after the Martin interview, Obama was exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden for operating a massive government surveillance program which targeted just about every American to ever use a cellular or communicate from the internet. The Washington Post described the program as a massive expansion of President George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program.

Obama’s illegal initiative labeled “Operation Hammer” was in full force in March 2016 –

FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his supposed paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, exchanged a cryptic, indeed coded, text message on Sunday, March 19, 2017, twenty-six minutes after retired U.S. Air Force Four Star General Thomas McInerney read our exclusive “Whistleblower Tapes” exposé over America’s airwaves, revealing “The Hammer.”

The Hammer is the Stasi-like secret surveillance system created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery for Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The Hammer, under the Obama administration, negated every American’s constitutional rights to privacy, turning the United States into a police state where the federal government was weaponized by the Obama administration against its political enemies.

According to the secretly-recorded audio tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow, Brennan’s and Clapper’s illicit super surveillance system “The Hammer” wiretapped Trump “a zillion times.”

Late that Sunday evening, just hours after General McInerney’s radio appearance, Strzok and Page exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.

Only a few hours earlier, General McInerney had referenced Montgomery and Klayman on “Operation Freedom,” exactly the same names about which Strzok and Page were now texting.

General McInerney appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” that broadcasts from terrestrial radio station WAAM 1600.

The next morning, the Russian Collusion investigation was born.

The day after the airing of General McInerney’s discussion related to Obama’s spying, FBI Directory James Comey went before a House committee [emphasis added] –

Early the following morning, Monday, March 20, 2017, FBI Director Jim Comey announced before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI Counterintelligence Division, where Strzok served as Deputy Assistant Director, was investigating Trump’s connections to the Kremlin, and that the FBI had “no information” to support Trump’s tweet claiming that President Obama wiretapped Trump.

That morning, FBI Director Jim Comey lied to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and to the American people.

Comey was well aware that President Trump was under illegal surveillance because Montgomery had already turned over to Comey’s FBI mountains of evidence confirming the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance system.

On August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over to FBI Director Jim Comey’s office 47 hard drives that he alleges contain over 600 million pages of documentation from Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret surveillance system.

Comey lied [again].

According to the “Washington Examiner,” former FISA court counsel Joe diGenova stated during an April 24, 2019, Fox News panel discussion:

The problem for Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Baker and all of them now is, is that the FISA court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. And their findings are that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors, four of them, to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans, and to use it against the Republican Party.

There are going to be indictments. There’s going to be grand juries. John Brennan isn’t going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five. . .

. . . The Obama administration, for more than four years before the 2016 election, allowed four contractors working for the FBI to illegally surveil American citizens, illegally. The FISA court has already found that.

Dan Bongino believes Obama’s spying will be a major part of his corrupt legacy –

Obama spied. Comey lied. Deep State tried. Now they have no where to hide!

Your Son or Your Country? Make Your Decision! – Mueller’s Ultimatum to General Flynn!

General Flynn was given an ultimatum by the corrupt Mueller team – choose your son or your country! This grotesque abuse of power and the legal system by the Mueller gang should never have happened and should not go unpunished!

General Flynn worked for the Obama Administration but at some point was fired by Obama for apparently disagreeing with his policies or actions. Soon after then candidate Trump ran for office and General Flynn supported the future President and introduced the candidate at rallies and then was offered a position on the Trump team.

Obama was upset with Flynn for supporting Trump and it appears that he had some sort of vendetta with Flynn for his comments on the growing threat of ISIS. It’s also suspected that after Flynn parted ways with President Obama he was set up at a dinner with Russians where he was seated next to Russian President Putin in December 2015.

The American spy in England used often by the Deep State, Stefan Halper, seated Flynn next to Putin and then it is suspected used this information as an informant for the Obama administration to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on General Flynn.

Additional information on the framing of General Flynn was reported from a woman who said she was used as a Russian against the General –

Svetlana Lokhova, the Russian historian at the center of Michael Flynn investigation for ‘alledge contacts with Russians’, told Fox News in an exclusive interview with Catherine Herridge, that she is not a Russian spy and that she thought “there’s a high chance that is was coordinated, and believe it needs to be properly investigated.”

In 2017, American various media outlets framed her as a Russian operative and linked her to Michael Flynn. The allegations involved her contact with Flynn three years prior at a 2014 dinner at the University of Cambridge, England, when Flynn was Defense Intelligence Agency director.

General Flynn’s actions had nothing to do with collusion with Russia. He was set up and spied on!

In October 2016, shortly before the election, based on a bogus and fake dossier financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, Obama’s gang of corrupt Intel Heads filed for and eventually obtained a warrant to spy on fellow Americans. The warrants were fraudulent due to their source and made up content.

Obama spied on the Trump team as well as President Trump’s leadership team, including General Michael Flynn for some time. (When and for how long is still unknown. Many suspect this is why Flynn was targeted by the Mueller gang – because Flynn was spied on illegally by the Obama Deep State for some time before the 2016 election most likely based on the phony reports that Flynn was working with Russians. By indicting General Flynn the Deep State could say – see he was a Russian sympathizer and therefore their illegal spying was justified.)

General Flynn was participating in Trump rallies throughout the US and he also became an advisor for the campaign. At this same time the Obama administration was in full force beginning their efforts to frame candidate Trump as a compatriot with Russia to steal the election. One way they did this was to set up Flynn with the Russians.

After Trump eventually won the election, the Deep State that represented and supported Obama was in a panic. They feared that if Flynn looked into efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, they would be found guilty of their many illegal actions in spying on the incoming President and others.

When President-elect Trump met with President Obama for the first time, Obama even recommended that the future President not select Flynn to be on the Trump administration team. It’s suspected that Obama didn’t want Flynn on Trump’s team because Obama feared Flynn would uncover the illegal spying that the Obama team carried out during the 2016 campaign and before.

So the same FBI investigator who led the Hillary Clinton email investigation –
– The same individual who led the Hillary interview and neglected to take notes, put her under oath or record the meeting
– The same individual who assisted in drafting the memo months before the Hillary was interviewed that was presented by corrupt FBI Director Comey to explain why the FBI was not pressing charges against Hillary
– The same individual who lead the Russia – Trump investigation
– The same individual who neglected to do anything when presented with information that China was hacking Hillary’s emails real-time
– The same individual who personally reviewed over 300,000 Hillary emails found on perp Anthony Weiner’s computer a week before the 2016 election
– The same individual that said all of Weiner’s emails were reviewed in less than a week and no criminally related information was found
– This individual, Peter Strzok, went to the White House a couple days after President Trump’s inauguration and entrapped General Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, in discussions related to Russia.

Corrupt Strzok asked Flynn questions related to a call Flynn made to a Russian official before the inauguration – totally legal. The rumor is that the FBI Agent with Strzok, Joe Pientka, said Flynn never lied. Strzok and Pientka asked Flynn questions, did not tell him he was under investigation, did not read him his rights, did not allow him to have an attorney and then lied about what was said. The location of the FBI’s original Form 302 recording this discussion is unknown.

After this meeting a few days later, then acting AG Sally Yates, an Obama holdover, went over to the White House and stated that General Flynn had lied to the FBI. Eventually General Flynn resigned from his position at the White House on February 13, 2017.

A few months passed and then the corrupt Mueller investigation started. Mueller’s first target was General Flynn. Mueller had nothing on Flynn so he and his goons went after Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn, Jr. Micheal Jr had a brand new baby and was grilled by the Mueller team. Eventually, they used the General’s family against him. It’s believed that the General could plea guilty to a bogus charge of lying to the FBI or he could watch Mueller’s goons put his son in prison for some bogus crime.

“Make a decision, either your country or your son?”

Mueller’s goons put the General in the worst position possible. He chose his son. The goons then placed the General under a gag order while the media persecuted him for months for a false crime, unrelated to Russia collusion. They paraded him as a criminal.

The judge overseeing the case who took Flynn’s plea was a friend of corrupt cop Strzok and was also a FISA Court judge. He was recused from the sentencing but to this day we don’t know why. They never told Flynn that he was being spied on for months before the election.

The Mueller team and the Deep State and the Democrats didn’t stop with the General, they went after others including the President’s eldest son, Don Jr.

There are so many questions yet unanswered. One question is why did Obama’s Deep State not tell the President that General Flynn was under investigation during his campaign? Who made this decision? This would have been the proper thing to do. Were they afraid that illegitimate spying by the Obama team would be uncovered?


General Flynn is a patriot. He never should have been put in this situation. He was illegally set up and lied to. He was forced to choose between his family or his country. General Flynn chose his family. What would you have done?

Please donate to the Michael T. Flynn Legal Defense Fund. This ordeal has cost him and his family millions.

Et Tu Brute! – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Betrayed President Trump – Recommended FBI Director Chris Wray!

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova identified the culprit who betrayed President Trump and recommended Christopher Wray as the replacement for James Comey. Clearly this recommendation has kept the Deep State running the FBI as Director Wray is in no way for justice and draining the swamp.

Et tu Brute! The famous words from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Caesar was betrayed by his best friend Brutus. When Brutus stabbed him, Caesar’s says, “and you Brute!” This famous line is symbolic of all betrayers since the words were shared by the famous Roman emperor himself.

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova was on radio station WMAL and he identified the culprit who betrayed President Trump and recommended Christopher Wray as the replacement for James Comey. (Listen to interview here).

Early in the interview DiGenova notes that FBI Director Chris Wray classified a document sent to the FBI in October 2016 before the corrupt FBI made their application for the FISA application to spy on candidate Trump through the Carter Page warrant request. The document Wray classified notified the FBI that Christopher Steele’s Trump – Russia dossier was a fraud. At first Wray’s FBI denied its existence to Congressional requests.

Director Wray eventually was forced to unclassify the document because there was no reason to classify it other than to protect corrupt FBI players in the Deep State. This document was then released and it shows damning evidence that Obama’s Deep State FBI knew the Steele dossier was a fraud before they used it to spy on Trump.

The DiGenova interview was great in many ways. One point that the former US Attorney noted was who was so reckless and sinister to recommend President Trump hiring Wray in the first place. That individual was former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

At the 3:30 minute in the interview, DiGenova discusses corrupt cop Chris Wray. He also states that it was Chris Christie who recommended him.

Christopher Wray is a card carrying member of the Deep State. DiGenova says that he was a Mueller and Comey protege. Wray has continued the Deep State FBI’s practice of redacting material to cover FBI crimes. He has allowed corrupt agents and attorney’s to remain in their positions. He has allowed them to roam to and from the corrupt Mueller investigation. Over 40 FBI agents worked for Mueller.

Chris Christie did the President and the nation a major disservice when the big guy recommended Chris Wray for FBI Director. Wray must be removed and the FBI cleaned out or it should just be shut down. No other actions will clean the criminals from the once proud law enforcement entity – the FBI.

When Will the FISA Court Abuses by the Obama Administration Be Brought to Justice?

Where’s the investigation and criminal indictments by the FISA Court related to the abuse of the court by the Obama Administration?

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shared in late April (emphasis added) –

According to [Joe] diGenova, and here is the tremendous breaking news: The FISA court has been looking into abuses of the FISA system and has communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. Their chief judge has already determined that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation (yes, spying — and, yes, illegal) going on by four FBI contractors to break the law to steal personal electronic information about American citizens and to use it against the Republican Party.

We reported more than a year ago in February 2018 the Obama team’s actions with the FISA Court were not just corrupt – they were criminal!

The FISA Court was put in place in 1978 when Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The Court sits in Washington D.C., and is composed of eleven federal district court judges who are designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each judge serves for a maximum of seven years and their terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Court. Judges typically sit for one week at a time, on a rotating basis.

As reported earlier by TGP, on April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office. The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate.

According to the report, Obama’s FBI and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

In addition, the report cites that at the same time that Obama’s DOJ and FBI were illegally searching Americans against their rights and unbeknownst to them, Obama’s FBI was providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim to the information.

The House Intelligence Committee released its FISA memo that described the corrupt actions taken by Obama’s FBI and DOJ to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Obama’s DOJ and FBI used a document created from information by Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC funding to obtain multiple FISA Court warrants. The political anti-Trump sources of the information were not provided to the court when requesting the warrant and top DOJ and FBI officials were the ones partaking in these actions. As a result, Congressional leaders are calling for prosecution of FBI and DOJ officials involved in the criminal actions and FOX News’ Gregg Jarrett stated that the criminal acts by Obama’s scoundrels involved in the FISA crimes could qualify for sentences of up to 10 years in prison.

Devin Nunes, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, spoke last year on FOX about the Obama Administration’s criminal actions listed in the FISA memo –

The House Intelligence Committee also released a separate memo to address left wing politician and MSM attacks on the committee for releasing the memo.

Democrats and the media forget that it’s illegal to spy on Americans without a proper warrant from an entity like the FISA Court. Now more and more evidence is being uncovered that suggests the Obama Administration not only spied on citizen and Presidential candidate Donald Trump but did so before obtaining their bogus warrant through the FISA Court to do so. This may be why Obama’s team produced the bogus FISA applications to spy on President Trump. That or the Obama team was trying to cover up other more serious crimes that they partook in.

In addition, the entire FISA court in late 2016 was stacked with Obama appointees. The entire court in March of 2017 was Obama appointees. One of these appointees was also involved in General Flynn’s criminal case. We know this because he recused himself from the Flynn case. Obama FISA Court appointee and U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras recused himself from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s criminal case. It’s yet unknown the reason for why Contreras recused himself.

It is high time that the abusers of the FISA Court system are jailed for crimes against the American people. Time for justice!

Obama’s Intel Leadership Team Included at Least Two Admitted Communists – Was Obama a Commie Too?

We knew that Brennan was a Communist. Now we know Comey was a Communist too! What does this say about Obama?

We’ve known for some time that Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan, the one who’s now knee deep in the scandal to remove President Trump from office, was once a Communist. Brennan, through his own words, let this be known in 2016

Last week, however, CNN reporter Tal Kopan found a striking admission from CIA Director John Brennan. When he first applied to join the CIA, and received his polygraph test, he was asked this standard question:

Have you ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the US?

Remarking on this last week during a panel discussion at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference, Brennan said: “I froze…. This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate.” Brennan was responding to a question about barriers to recruiting diverse candidates for the intelligence agencies, including whether past records of activism could hurt someone applying for a clearance later in life.

Brennan called his support of the Communist Party a mere “indiscretion,” and reminded his audience that the Constitution grants free speech. He then remembered that he said to himself he could either lie and the polygraph machine would “go wacko” or tell the truth and face the consequences, including possibly being rejected for employment. He told the audience he voted for Gus Hall because while in college he was unhappy “with the system” and saw the “need for change.”

We also now know that Obama’s fired and former FBI Director was a Communist. James Comey announced this in a recently uncovered piece from 2003 at the far left New York Times –

Comey has been savaged by William Safire and lauded by Chuck Schumer; just what kind of Republican is he, anyway? This sets Comey howling again. “I must be doing something right!” he says. “In college, I was left of center, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

Barack Obama was a suspected Communist. His mentor as a child was Frank Davis, an avowed Communist. Former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani shared his comments on Obama on FOX News in 2015 as was reported by the far left Washington Post

Rudolph Giuliani: Well, that I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel this love of America. I think this man (Obama) was — when I talked about his background, I’m talking about a man who grew up under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the Communist Party who he refers to over and over in his book, who was a tremendous critic of the United States.

Kelly: But when you say he wasn’t raised to love America, I mean, he was raised in part by his grandparents, his – his grandfather served in World War II, his grandmother worked in a munitions plant to help the nation during World War II. I mean, to suggest he was raised by people who don’t love America, who don’t — didn’t help him learn to love America.

Giuliani: Well, his — his grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, who was a Communist.

Birds of a feather flock together!

Corrupt FBI Agent Strzok Laughed at Pee Pee Russia Collusion Reporting At Same Time Corrupt FISA App Sent to Court

A text message from the former and fired corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok was unearthed that shows him making fun of the ‘Pee Pee’ news hitting the air waves from Hillary Clinton at the same time his FBI was applying for a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump using the same bogus information.

As was reported yesterday, newly unearthed information shows that Christopher Steele shared two different versions of the ‘pee pee’ portion of the fake Russia – Trump dossier used to spy on President Trump. This was discovered after a recent article released last week from John Solomon from the Hill about some notes uncovered by a former Obama State Department employee by the name of Kathleen Kavalec.

One thing that the Solomon article did not mention is information presented on the first page of Kavalec’s notes. Kavalec reveals that the source for Steele’s information is a high level source in the Kremlin –

However, this information directly contradicts the Steele dossier used by the FBI to spy on candidate and then President Trump. Steele tells Kavalec (above) that the source for the story of Trump at the Ritz-Carlton was a high level Russian in the Kremlin.

The dossier says that the source for the incident with hookers urinating on a bed was “several of the staff” from the hotel. This was the most disgusting and outrageous claim in the dossier and has never been verified. The entire piece was a sham.

Now we have uncovered a text from corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok to his lover Lisa Page. At the same time that the fake dossier was used for a FISA warrant to spy on candidate Trump, Strzok was making fun of the entire piece of work –

Strzok texts – Hillary: Russia and WikiLeaks and highest levels of Russian Government and Putin!!! n\nDrink!!!!

Strzok is making fun of the entire sham and laughing at all of America!

Steele was a liar and his dossier was a sham! The dossier ranks up there with Judge Kavanaugh being a serial gang rapist. Those who promoted it like the corrupt cop Peter Strzok are plain disgusting!

Americans Livid As Far Left Democrats, The Deep State and Their Media Continue Their Illegal Assault on President Trump and Release His Taxes

How much abuse can America take! The Democrats, their corrupt and criminal Deep State assailants and the far-left media again attack President Trump using illegal actions hoping to defame him in the public square. They don’t realize this totally infuriates all good Americans!

The left just doesn’t get it. They think if they trash President Trump through any and all means, that he will just go away. They think that Americans are fine with their illegal assaults on this great innocent American. They think it’s fine to illegally assault a man because he’s a Republican who is doing all he can to Make America Great Again!

After numerous illegal actions to defeat this President, including illegally spying and entrapping himself and members of his team, and an illegal special counsel, yesterday the far left New York Times released the President’s taxes to the world. In a spiteful article where the President’s taxes are released, the Times says


By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir “Trump: The Art of the Deal” hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns.

Mr. Trump was propelled to the presidency, in part, by a self-spun narrative of business success and of setbacks triumphantly overcome. He has attributed his first run of reversals and bankruptcies to the recession that took hold in 1990. But 10 years of tax information obtained by The New York Times paints a different, and far bleaker, picture of his deal-making abilities and financial condition.

The data — printouts from Mr. Trump’s official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, for the years 1985 to 1994 — represents the fullest and most detailed look to date at the president’s taxes, information he has kept from public view. Though the information does not cover the tax years at the center of an escalating battle between the Trump administration and Congress, it traces the most tumultuous chapter in a long business career — an era of fevered acquisition and spectacular collapse.


What horribly spiteful people the Democrats and their media have turned into. They care not about civility or the law, to hell with both. They hate Trump and will do anything to harm him – it’s ok because they know what’s best for America.

The far left idiots, of which the Democrats have become, are pushing Americans away. They believe they know what’s best for America. They are fine with sending billions to Iran, billions to another somebody who will manage the world’s climate, billions to illegal aliens, and billions to colleges and universities to promote their rage with America. They don’t understand God, love for America or the hard working people in America.

Liberals use force, violence and crimes to push their agenda. They prevent conservatives from wearing hats into restaurants. They attack individuals leaving Trump events. They illegally spy on Trump and his team and attempt to entrap them with false crimes. They praise Obama appointed judges who act like they are the President while halting the President’s initiatives through unconstitutional actions in the courts.

In releasing the President’s taxes, liberals have no idea what they are even looking at. Liberals do not understand numbers or taxes. They think an entity’s taxable income is equivalent to its financial solvency. They don’t understand how entities use the tax laws to minimize their tax burden. But then again they believe money grows on trees and any idea they can conjure up to give hard working American’s money away is a grand idea.

Americans are sick and tired of the left’s antics. The point has been reached for some time where the illegal and unjust actions of the left only infuriate the good people of America and lock them in to their support for this President. He is the one who cares for America. He is the one who works for America.

In spite of the left’s antics, the economy is on fire. The US is now the world’s number one oil producer. The unemployment rate is at 50 year lows. Even today, the stock market is up more than 40% since the 2016 election. The President is winning fight after fight after fight for America.

The trade deals the President is making are helping America for once. The President is standing up to Russia and China. The President is demanding free but fair trade and is willing to go to extreme lengths to reach it. President Trump is standing up for Americans everywhere. In the Middle East he sends troops before incidents occur while pressuring Iran and Venezuela regimes to change.

He is building the wall in spite of a lack of Congressional support. He is putting America to work and putting ISIS in graves. This is what America wanted. This is America. This is President Trump.

The left doesn’t understand free speech, an honest day’s work, love for America or love for God. They hate America and everyone who loves her. They try and change our culture through the courts and our savings through their frivolous and inefficient programs.

Americans love President Trump. The more the left attacks him, especially with illegal theft and leaks and investigations, the more America loves him. The left doesn’t understand the only way they win is change and change bigly.