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American Patriot – General Michael Flynn Under Attack – We Urge You to Stand With Him Against the Evil Deep State

General Michael Flynn has been under Deep State attack since 2015 when he was spied on at an event with Deep State spy Stefan Halper. He has been under a gag order for at least two years. He has spent his life savings trying to protect himself from the Deep State and after assisting Deep State crooks since before the 2016 election, they now want to put him behind bars for six months. This is an OUTRAGE!

Attorney Sidney Powell, who represents retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, filed a motion Tuesday in federal court seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in the Mueller probe.

Powell alleged the government broke its agreement with Flynn. Flynn was scheduled for sentencing next week, on January 28th. The filing asks for a continuance to February 27 to afford prosecutors time to respond to the motion to withdraw.

On Thursday US District Court Judge Sullivan rescheduled General Flynn’s sentencing by one month until February 27.

Below is a summary of events that led up to today in a Twitter thread:

Please contribute to General Flynn’s Defense Fund here.

Rudy Giuliani Claims on Judge Jeanine that Impeachment of President Trump is Unconstitutional and Should be Voided

Rudy Giuliani was on Justice with Judge Jeanine on Saturday night claimed that President Trump could have the articles of impeachment from the House thrown out because they are unconstitutional. This strategy is something we argued for a month ago.

The President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was on Judge Jeanine’s show on FOX News on Saturday night. He immediately offered an option that the President has for dealing with the House’s unconstitutional impeachment in the Senate:

There has to be treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. Abuse of power and the other ridiculous obstruction of Congress, you can’t find anywhere in 18 USC. You can’t find it under common law. You can’t find it in Lithuanian law.

It doesn’t exist as crimes so they have rendered the Constitution of the United States as words, meaningless. It’s as if they took the Constitution and struck out the words.”

Earlier this week Rudy wrote a piece at the Daily Caller where he states:

House Democrats have put our constitutional government in grave danger by attempting to rewrite the carefully calibrated separation of powers under our Constitution and usurping powers not granted to the House. They have brought Alexander Hamilton’s nightmare of an entirely partisan impeachment to fruition and are making a mockery of fair proceedings.

While the Constitution does give the House broad discretion in impeachments, there are limits. The most explicit of these is that impeachment can only be for, “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” (Art. II, Sec. 4, U.S. Constitution) However, the articles for impeachment voted on by this entirely partisan Democratic Congress, which are currently being unconstitutionally withheld from the Senate, charge no such offenses. In fact, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are not crimes of any kind, high or low. Therein lies the real reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate.

How can you impeach a President for something other than what the constitution calls for? The simple answer is that you can’t.

We agreed with the former New York City mayor in post a month ago when we wrote ==>>

If the President wants to, and he’s a fighter, he could take them to court on numerous activities and he’s likely win. He would also put the whole sham on hold and with a judgement from the courts the whole process would slow down. This could prevent him from being impeached in this horrible activity from the corrupt Democrats in the House and their cohorts in the Deep State.

Earlier this week President Donald Trump dropped a bomb upon arrival in London. Trump threatened to go to the US Supreme Court to stop the unconstitutional impeachment proceedings.

President Trump: Just landed in the United Kingdom, heading to London for NATO meetings tomorrow. Prior to landing I read the Republicans Report on the Impeachment Hoax. Great job! Radical Left has NO CASE. Read the Transcripts. Shouldn’t even be allowed. Can we go to Supreme Court to stop?

President Donald Trump is right.

The Democrat Impeachment process is Unconstitutional:

** President has no due process
** President has no right to confront the witnesses
** President has no right to bring forward witnesses
** President has not been convicted or indicted of any crime of any kind
** Rep. Adam Schiff was a witness, investigator, the prosecutor, the judge and jury
** Rep. Nadler will take over and declare himself the lead investigator, prosecutor, the judge and jury
** Rep. Schiff determined which questions could be asked
** Rep. Schiff determined which questions could be answered
** Rep. Schiff denied Republicans their right to call witnesses
** Rep. Schiff is withholding evidence — The ICIG interview and testimony in the Capital dungeon still has not been released
** Rep. Schiff refuses to call in the alleged whistleblower to testify
** Rep. Schiff and his team met with several witnesses (including the whistleblower) before the whistleblower even filed his report
** President Trump has NO IDEA who he is being accused by!
** The whistleblower has NO firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s phone call – nor do all but one of the witnesses
** Democrats are trying to prosecute impeachment for a thought crime and the president’s “intent” — Something impossible to prove

Many others believe the Democrats’ impeachment effort is unconstitutional.

The President has a great case in regards to the unconstitutional Democrat impeachment process, investigation and indictment. The President, any President, deserves more. Rudy is right. The President, any President, deserves justice.

Joe diGenova: Corrupt Mueller Prosecutor in General Flynn’s Case, Van Grack, Is a “German Soldier Digging His Own Friggin’ Grave”

Corrupt DOJ Attorney Brandon Van Grack is neck deep in the General Michael Flynn case initiated by the US government and the Mueller gang. Van Grack was involved in numerous corrupt and fraudulent activities in the Flynn case. Former US Attorney Joe diGenova tells us why AG Barr has kept Van Grack on his team.

In May 2018 we reported on the 13 Angry Democrats on Robert Mueller’s investigative team including Obama donor Brandon Van Grack. CNN had heralded Van Grack and the rest of the Mueller team. In regards to Van Grack, CNN stated as follows:

Brandon Van Grack served in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. He prosecuted counter-espionage cases in the department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section.

His Role on Mueller team:

Van Grack was one of the lawyers on Mueller’s team that handled the Flynn investigation, set-up and guilty plea.
He is overseeing Flynn’s case in court.

Notable cases:

Van Grack was involved in several high-profile cyber and counter-terrorism cases, including the prosecution of a Kosovo hacker who gave personal information of US service members to ISIS. The hacker, Ardit Ferizi, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to a DOJ press release.

Van Grack also helped prosecute a US government employee who took home classified documents that contained national defense information. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee Mohan L. Nirala was found guilty after federal agents made a forced entry into his home and discovered over 500 pages of classified documents in his basement, according to a DOJ press release.

We noted at the time what CNN Left Out in their report on Van Grack:

He led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael Flynn’s foreign lobbying. And Van Grack donated to the Obama campaign.

Since this time Van Grack was involved in many questionable, corrupt and even criminal activities while serving on the Mueller gang.

The following Twitter thread outlines many of corrupt DOJ attorney Van Grack’s crimes when working for the Mueller gang via Techno Fog:

With all this corruption and criminal activity related to FARA why would AG Barr allow this low-life to return to the DOJ and run the FARA Unit at the Justice Department as noted in his DOJ online resume?

Brandon L. Van Grack is the Chief of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Unit at the Department of Justice, where he oversees the enforcement and administration of FARA. Mr. Van Grack also supervises investigations and prosecutions across the Department of Justice involving malign foreign influence. He previously served as a Senior Assistant Special Counsel on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and related matters. Prior to that, Mr. Van Grack served as Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, where he advised Department of Justice leadership on national security matters, including economic sanctions, export controls, foreign investment, and cyber threats. He also worked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, where he prosecuted the Department of Justice’s first-ever cyberterrorism case.

Van Grack should be in jail for colluding to overthrow the government – what is going on? Why is he or anyone on the Mueller team back in the Department of Justice? Former US Attorney Joe diGenova may have the answer.

In a radio interview with Howie Carr on Monday, diGenova said this about Van Grack (at the 12:37 minute mark below):

diGenova: I’m watching this thing with Emmet Sullivan in the Michael Flynn case and the way he has been just frivolous in the way he dealt with Sidney Powell’s pleadings on the violation of due process in Michael Flynn. Just reading his stuff and listening to him, it’s disgusting that a federal judge would sit there and listen to the lies that the Justice Department committed in that case and literally basically do nothing.

Carr: And they’re still foot dragging too Joe. I mean this is Barr’s Justice Department, right. Why aren’t they just coming clean?

diGenova: I think Barr is letting them commit harry carry. Remember the guy running that case, Brandon Van Grack. Van Grack is part of the Mueller cabal. I think he’s letting them dig their own grave. It’s like in that scene in The Irishman when De Niro is over in World War II and he’s having the German soldiers dig their own grave and he says, you know what, I kept saying to myself, why’d these guys keep digging. They know what’s gonna happen and that’s where Van Grack is. He’s a German soldier digging his own friggin’ grave and he just happens to have a name like Van Grack…

We know that Huber did nothing. Let’s hope that Barr and Durham do something and Joe diGenova is right. Americans are sick of the high and mighty not being held accountable for their crimes.

BREAKING: Sharyl Attkisson Suing Rod Rosenstein and Other Deep State Dirty Cops for Illegally Spying on Her During Obama Years

Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson announced yesterday that she is suing former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for illegally spying on her during the Obama year. Rosenstein and other Deep State dirty cops are identified in her filing.

Attkisson announced her lawsuit tonight on her website:

Attkisson notes:

A former U.S. government agent has admitted participating in the illegal government surveillance on then-CBS New investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. The insider has identified former U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein as the person responsible for the project.

As a result of the new admission, Attkisson and her family are filing suit against Rosenstein and four other men allegedly involved. According to the lawsuit, the illegal surveillance was conducted against Attkisson and other U.S. citizens under a government operation based at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The Plaintiffs first acquired the details regarding key individuals involved in the surveillance in August, 2019, from a person involved in the wrongdoing who has come forward to provide information. Prior to that time, the Government and its agents and representatives had denied that any such conduct had occurred, including denials in Court pleadings and argument.”

The Attkisson lawsuit claims that in March 2011, Defendants Shawn Henry, Shaun Bridges, Robert Clarke, and Ryan White, all of whom were government employees connected to a special multi-agency federal government task force based in Baltimore, Maryland, were ordered by Defendant Rosenstein to conduct home computer surveillance on Attkisson and other U.S. citizens.

Shawn Henry was head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. In 2012, Henry left the FBI and now is president of CrowdStrike Services, a company that seeks to mitigate targeted online attacks on corporate and government networks globally.

Shaun Bridges was as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service for approximately six years, operating out of the Baltimore Field Office. Between 2012 and 2014, he was assigned to the Baltimore Silk Road Task Force, a multi-agency group investigating illegal activity on the Silk Road, a covert online marketplace for illicit goods, including drugs. In 2015 and 2017, Bridges was convicted of corruption related to his government work, and is now serving a prison sentence.

Of course it comes as no surprise that CrowdStrike is involved. CrowdStrike is the firm President Trump asked the President of the Ukraine to look into and is also the only firm which reportedly reviewed and determined that the DNC’s emails were hacked by Russians during the 2016 election.

Also, this is not the first we heard of Rosenstein being involved in spying on Americans during his tenure in Baltimore. An individual named Johnheretohelp popped up on Twitter and in early 2019 he claimed to have had information that Rod Rosenstein ran an operation out of Baltimore during the Obama years where he was spying on everyone:

Some of John’s information wasn’t verifiable but it looks now that his accusations about Rosenstein may be accurate. Of course, Rosenstein didn’t like it when Republican House members asked him about his actions related to the Russia Hoax and the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein did all he could to prevent the Republican House members from investigating the actions of the Obama DOJ and the DOJ involved in the Russia Hoax:

Let’s hope Sharyl Attkisson is rewarded millions for Rosenstein’s illegal actions taken under the Obama Administration in spying on Sharyl and her family.

EXCLUSIVE: We Caught Christopher Steele from Russia Collusion Hoax Lying Before Either the Senate or the DOJ IG

Christopher Steele has some explaining to do. He either lied before the Senate Judiciary Committee or to the DOJ IG or both. Either way, he’s a liar.

One article noted Christopher Steele’s actions and testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to a post at the Free Republic by Sara Carter from February of 2018, Steele stated that he was compiling information on candidate Trump long before he was hired by Fusion GPS:

A new and highly redacted document released Monday by the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals that former British spy Christopher Steele, the man behind the unverified and controversial dossier, wrote an additional memo regarding alleged Russian collusion with President Donald Trump but that the information was largely based on information provided by allies of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Lindsey Graham, R-SC, sent a criminal referral regarding Steele’s involvement in the dossier to the Department of Justice referral January 4. The criminal referral confirms that allies of Clinton and the Obama administration were providing Steele with what they deemed damaging information on then candidate-elect Trump. The Senate Judiciary Committee spent more than a month in talks with the DOJ about what parts of the referral, which was classified Top Secret, should be redacted from the document before it became public.

“One memorandum by Mr. Steele that was not published by Buzzfeed is dated October 19, 2016. The report alleges (redacted), as well as (redacted). Mr. Steele’s memorandum states that his company “received this report from (redacted) U.S. State Department,” that the report was the second in a series, and that the report was information that came from a foreign sub-source who ‘is in touch with (redacted) US State Department,’ that the report was the second in a series, and that the report was information that came from a sub-source who ‘is in touch with (redacted), a contact of (redacted) of (redacted) a friend of the Clintons, who passed it to (redacted).”

“It is troubling enough that the Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steele’s work, but that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility,” the criminal referral states.

In the document, Grassley and Graham noted that “there is substantial evidence suggesting that Mr. Steele materially misled the FBI about a key aspect of his dossier efforts, one which bears on his credibility.”

The pair of lawmakers also allege that Steele was compiling information on Trump and his campaign before being hired by now embattled research firm Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign for his work.

However, we also uncovered that Steele told the DOJ IG that he had not conducted any research on Trump before being hired by Fusion GPS:

OK Mr. Steele, which is it and how many more lies have you made?

Hat tip D. Manny



“This is the Biggest Single Development in the Durham Investigation to Date” Joe diGenova on Admiral Rogers Assisting Durham

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova warned the Deep State for a few years that the day of reckoning was coming. This past week he claimed that the biggest single development in the Durham Investigation to date occurred when it was uncovered that former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was assisting in the investigation.

diGenova was on the radio as posted by the America First Blog when he shared the following:

This is the biggest single development in the Durham Investigation to date. We were told according to public reports that Admiral Rogers met several times with John Durham and that we now know that Admiral Rogers, who is the central figure in uncovering the illegal electronic spying done by the Obama Administration, prior to the Carter Page FISA warrant. The spying that went on from 2012 to 2016, involving FBI contractors illegally accessing NSA data.

Mr. Rogers discovered that, reported it to the FISA Court, all of that spying was stopped and has led to this crescendo of illegal activity by Comey, Clapper and Brennan. It led into the so-called ‘Crossfire Hurricane investigation to cover up that previous spying that had been going on.

Rogers has an electronic trail of all the spying that went on over 5 years. He has personal notes, ala James Comey, only this time they are not self-serving notes, they are the truth.

Mike Rogers I have described as the Rosetta Stone of this investigation. This is the single most important development in this. I have been suggesting for a long time that ultimately Rogers would be the key to any criminal investigation. That is coming true. What we now know will happen is I can be fairly comfortable in suggesting there will be a substantial criminal conspiracy indictment involving a lot of people with the electronic spying that was done.”

diGenova went on to call our Rep. Devin Nunez and his courage in bringing much of this to light.

Nunez and Mike Rogers should both get the Medal of Freedom from President Trump. They are heroes, American heroes.

diGenova also thinks that the FISA Court is not doing enough. He said their efforts are “too little too late”.

We reported in April 2018 that:

On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office. The report to date received little attention. Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

This heavily redacted report also stated that James Clapper’s NSA had an “institutional lack of candor”. When this report came out there was little mention in the MSM and the FISA Court did little to nothing to bring the culprits in front of the court and held accountable.

Jeff Session’s DOJ did nothing. The FISA Courts did nothing. Now it’s up to AG Barr and US Attorney Durham to finally bring justice to the illegal actions taken by the Democrats and the Obama cabal who had no respect for the rule of law.

MUST VIEW: New Documentary Details How General Flynn Was Targeted and Set Up by Obama White House For Calling Out Clinton and Obama Supported Terrorist Cabal in the US

On July 24, 2019, we reported that General Flynn and his business partner and son were targeted by the Obama Deep State for outing the former President and the Clintons in aiding and abetting an Islamic terrorist in Pennsylvania.

We reported the following==>>

A federal jury on Tuesday found General Flynn’s associate Bijan Rafiekian guilty of illegally lobbying for Turkey after just 4 hours of deliberation. Politico reported that Rafiekian, an Iranian-American and former business partner of Flynn’s was caught up in Mueller’s Russian collusion witch hunt — for his work with Turkey.

The timing of this announcement is suspect because Mueller is scheduled to be in front of Congress tomorrow to talk about his sham investigation.

Mueller investigated a $600,000 contract and public relations work Rafekian did and determined he was working as an unregistered foreign agent while he worked for the Flynn Intel Group.

In the summer of 2016, a Turkish businessman named Ekim Alptekin paid the Flynn Intel Group (through a Dutch shell company) $600,000 to investigate a Turkish cleric living in the United States — the Turkish cleric, Fetullah Gulen was living in exile after the Turkish government accused him of masterminding a failed coup in July of 2016. Gulen is a allegedly a terrorist.

Government prosecutors even admitted that they did not have evidence that the Turkish government actually paid the $600,000 contract to investigate Gulen, but that they have emails from Flynn, Rafiekian and Alptekin that suggest the Turkish government was being kept up to date on the investigation.

The US government planned to call General Flynn in as a witness, however at the last minute they moved to designate Flynn as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the case against Rafiekian.

Government thugs also tried to intimidate the younger Flynn, Mike Flynn Jr. and named him as a government witness — Prosecutors ended up not calling in Mike Flynn Jr. as a witness.

This entire sham is in part due to General Flynn outing terrorist Gulen after the Trump election win in 2016.

On November 10, 2017, we reported how the Wall Street Journal had received information from anonymous sources who said that General Flynn and his son Michael were involved in a plot to kidnap Muslim cleric and return him to Turkey.

The Wall Street Journal reported

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating former White House national security adviser Mike Flynn’s alleged role in a plan to forcibly remove a Muslim cleric living in the U.S. and deliver him to Turkey in return for millions of dollars, according to people familiar with the investigation.

(Of course in the aftermath of Obama it is now customary and expected for FBI, DOJ and other government officials to leak true and false stories to the left wing media as long as they attack or discredit President Trump or anyone who voted for him. These corrupt and criminal leaks will never be investigated or addressed in court with the Deep State in charge of the US government.)

Regardless, the story may have been placed with the WSJ to entice General Flynn to later plead guilty to lying to the FBI. Of course, what Flynn supposedly lied about has never been leaked through the mainstream liberal media.

But based on a report at Neonrevolt, there is much more to this story.

In November 2017, General Flynn wrote an op-ed for the Hill. In the piece Flynn wrote –

The primary bone of contention between the U.S. and Turkey is Fethullah Gülen, a shady Islamic mullah residing in Pennsylvania whom former President Clinton once called his “friend” in a well circulated video.

Flynn then shared a video of President Clinton claiming that the shady mullah is a friend of the US –

Flynn then shared:

Gülen portrays himself as a moderate, but he is in fact a radical Islamist. He has publicly boasted about his “soldiers” waiting for his orders to do whatever he directs them to do. If he were in reality a moderate, he would not be in exile, nor would he excite the animus of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government.

Flynn then compared Gulen to leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Turkey’s Osama Bin Laden”. He discussed how Gulen brought into the US numerous individuals to run his charter schools he set up:

To add insult to injury, American taxpayers are helping finance Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the United States. These schools have been granted more H1-B visas than Google. It is inconceivable that our visa officers have approved thousands of visas for English teachers whose English is incomprehensible. A CBS “60 Minutes” program documented a conversation with one such imported English teacher from Turkey. Several lawsuits, including some in Ohio and Texas, point to irregularities in the operation of these schools.

Flynn then dropped this bomb about the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with this terrorist:

However, funding seems to be no problem for Gülen’s network. Hired attorneys work to keep the lucrative government source of income for Gülen and his network going. Influential charities such as Cosmos Foundation continue their support for Gulen’s charter schools.

Incidentally, Cosmos Foundation is a major donor to Clinton Foundation. No wonder Bill Clinton calls Mullah Gülen “his friend.” It is now no secret that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, worked for 12 years as the associate editor for a journal published by the London-based Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs. This institute has promoted the thoughts of radical Muslim thinkers such as Qutb, al Bana and others.

Neonrevolt notes a New York Times article that discusses the terrorist organization in the US led by Gulen. What is happening is this:

The taxpayers fund the school system

The school abuses the H1-B visa program to import “teachers.”

The “teachers” get paid by taxpayers.

The “teachers” then donate 40% of their paychecks BACK to the Gulen Movement.

And Gulen goes and donates a chunk of this change back to the Clinton Foundation… while also trying to subvert and overthrow the Turkish government.

Neonrevolt then notes some statistics on the corruption in the US related to the Gulen group.

Gulenists’ contributions to congressional campaigns have been known for some time, as Buzzfeed reported last year. Texas Reps. Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Henry Cuellar, both Democrats, are among the biggest benefactors of Gulen contributions.

USA Today reported last month that the House ethics committee has investigated more than 200 trips taken by members of Congress since 2008 that were secretly funded by Gulen groups.

Clinton has been the biggest recipient of Gulenist donations of any presidential candidate this cycle, federal election records show.

This all leads up to today (July 24, 2019) –

General Flynn as we all know now was targeted by Obama and the Clintons for some reason. He knew too much, he disagreed with Obama on ISIS and he was working with Trump, but maybe his oped was what scared them the most. He had to be taken down and so he was targeted.

He lost his job with the Trump team due to shady actions by the Deep State and then was targeted by the Mueller team. He eventually pled guilty to a crime of lying to the FBI.

What we know now is that based on Flynn’s current trial date, set in August, his cooperation with the government should come to an end soon.

The DOJ’s website shared this about his partner’s case –

According to allegations in the indictment, the two men were involved in a conspiracy to covertly influence U.S. politicians and public opinion against a Turkish citizen living in the United States whose extradition had been requested by the Government of Turkey. The plot included using a company founded by Rafiekian and a person referred to as “Person A” in the indictment. The company, referred to as “Company A” in the indictment, provided services based upon Person A’s national security expertise.

According to Neonrevolt, person A is General Flynn and Company A is his company. The individual that reportedly hired the Flynn group was a man by the name of Ekim Alptekin, who is connected with a consortium of Deep State spies –

How was Alptekin connected to the authors of Spygate? It depends on who you think they are, but he’s a Dutch citizen of Turkish origin with an array of connections that include Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud, George Soros, and senior U.S. officials, some of the connections through Soros’s European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), which has appeared as a hub for other Spygate connections in Europe. Halper is not a member, but shows up for ECFR events.

This whole thing looks like another setup. Flynn, his business partner and his son were all wrongly targeted by Obama’s Deep State.

In December 2019 a documentary released shows Obama’s White House set up General Flynn ==>>

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds released the following documentary covering the Flynn scandal. The video is and hour and a half in length but it describes General Flynn’s case and Obama’s role in setting up General Flynn:

God bless General Michael Flynn and his family and all Americans targeted by the evil and corrupt Deep State.

Hat tip Marty

“He Was My Good Samaritan” – This Christmas Natalie Harp Thanks President Trump for ‘Right to Try’ Legislation That Saved Her Life

Young Natalie Harp thanked President Trump at a Faith&Freedom Coalition meeting in June of this year. Her life was saved by President Trump’s “Right to Try” legislation.

At the Faith&Freedom Coalition meeting this year, young and healthy Natalie Harp claimed President Trump was her ‘Good Samaritan’. She said:

We all know the story of the Good Samaritan, but what you don’t know is that I was that forgotten person on the side of the road. The victim of medical error, the number three cause of death under the previous administration, and left to die of cancer.

First the medical establishment, they came by and they saw me there, so they wrote prescriptions for opioids, and they walked on.

Next the political establishment, they saw me there, and they stopped just long enough to come over and tell me how to die, how to speed up my death so I could somehow, “Die with dignity”.

But then an outsider, my good Samaritan, President Donald J. Trump, he saw me there and he didn’t walk by. He stopped, and for every single one of us, he gave up his own quality of life, so we could live and work and fight with dignity. Because he believes in survival of the fighter, not the fittest.

And so Mr. President, I have to say that you have made a lot of promises to us and you have kept every one of them. So we’re going to make you this promise. Just as you fought for us for God and America, we’ll never forget how you saw us on the side of the road and you walked over and you picked us up and you made us great again. And now we’re going to fight for you Mr. President. God bless you!

Ms. Harp was also interviewed by the Trump Team where she gives more of her story and how the “Right to Try” legislation saved her life:

No doubt Ms. Harp and many, many Americans are grateful this Christmas day for the sacrifices made by President Donald J. Trump!

Despite a Significant Amount of Evidence to the Contrary, Far-Left WikiPedia Continues to Report ‘Spygate’ Did Not Occur

The FBI and DOJ and multiple government agencies were out in force in 2015 spying on candidate Trump in attempts to link him up with their fake Russia conspiracy.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell gave us clues in September that Professor Mifsud may have been one of the Deep State’s spies used against the Trump team in late 2015!

In June of 2018 The Gateway Pundit posted an article identifying unredacted words in previously redacted texts between corrupt cops Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two individuals supposedly having an affair and key players at the top of the FBI involved in spying on candidate and then President Trump.

The discovery came from an individual on Twitter who was then removed from Twitter named Nick Falco who identified a word uncovered in a Senate text that was previously redacted by the corrupt DOJ.

In our post we noted that hidden in the information released by the Senate at that time were unredacted Strzok–Page texts that showed that the FBI initiated actions to insert multiple spies in the Trump campaign in December 2015.

As we reported previously, according to far left LA Times, Comey stated in March of 2017 under oath that the FBI investigation into the Trump – Russia scandal started in July 2016.

We knew then without a doubt that Comey lied about this.

Intelligence expert Tony Shaffer tweeted Falco’s tweet –

Falco’s tweet stated that the texts released from corrupt FBI investigator Peter Strzok to corrupt FBI attorney Lisa Page state the following:

BOMBSHELL- From DECEMBER 2015–The word LURES is redacted by FBI but not OIG; OCONUS LURES; OCONUS= Outside Contiguous US LURES= In this context LURES = SPIES – multiple – Is this an admission that the FBI wanted to run a baited Sting Op using foreign agents against Trump?”

Additional information we also provided showed that Obama’s spy, Stefan Halper, was awarded a contract in September of 2015.

We also pointed out that the problem with Obama spying on Trump before July 2016 is that it is against FBI rules:

Retired assistant FBI director for intelligence Kevin Brock also has questions. Brock supervised an agency update to their longstanding bureau rules governing the use of sources while working under then-director Robert Mueller. These rules prohibit the FBI from directing a human source to perform espionage on an American until a formal investigation has been opened – paperwork and all.

Brock sees oddities in how the Russia case began. “These types of investigations aren’t normally run by assistant directors and deputy directors at headquarters,” he told me. “All that happens normally in a field office, but that isn’t the case here and so it becomes a red flag. Congress would have legitimate oversight interests in the conditions and timing of the targeting of a confidential human source against a U.S. person.” -The Hill

The problem with Comey lying about the start date of the Trump counterintelligence campaign before Congress is that it is against the law.

President Trump tweeted out a follow up to our post the next day undoubtedly referring to our post :

The Mainstream Media was interested. They were interested in denying the fact that spying on candidate Trump occurred in spite of evidence to show it and then slammed the President and the Gateway Pundit for posting the above tweets from Nick Falco.

To this day Wikipedia (which supports crazy far-left and dishonest positions in anything related to President Trump) calls this work, a conspiracy and Spygate a conspiracy.

Wikipedia calls the above a conspiracy and the Gateway Pundit a conspiracy site. They don’t call CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the many other far left sites conspiracy sites for pushing the Trump – Russia collusion for more than two years but President Trump and the Gateway Pundit are slandered with this label in spite of being totally correct.

Their entire rebuttal omitted the facts. For example, they state that the texts were released previously, yes they were but, THEY WERE REDACTED. Wikipedia is a joke when it comes to US politics!

US Intelligence and the Justice Department, including the FBI, were indeed spying on candidate Trump in 2015.

Candidate Trump declared his candidacy for President in June of 2015. While public polls said Hillary would win in a landslide, behind the scenes, the DNC must have been frightened because the Democrats and the Deep State pulled out all their illegal tricks shortly after Trump’s announcement in 2015.

We now know that corrupt DOJ attorney and number four at the DOJ, Bruce Ohr, set aside time to meet with Christopher Steele in his calendar in early October of 2015. Steele is the alleged author of the fake Steele dossier used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, transition team and Presidency. Ohr’s calendar shows this meeting :

Shortly after that meeting, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife is hired by the far left smear firm Fusion GPS. We have conflicting information about Nellie Ohr’s exact hire date, for all we know she could have been hired on October 2, 2015, the same date as the Steele-Ohr meeting. She testified she started working for Fusion GPS in October of 2015 :

Based on his calendar and his wife Nellie’s testimony, we know that Bruce Ohr lied in front Congress. Ohr lied about Nellie’s start date with Fusion GPS. The demoted and disgrace DOJ attorney Bruce Ohr stated in his testimony before Congress that Nellie started with Fusion GPS in November of 2015:

In Nellie’s testimony to Congress in response to Representative Jim Jordan’s questions, Nellie says the following –

Ms. Ohr. Uh-huh. I mean, I did a couple of different projects for them [Fusion GPS].
Mr. Jordan. Can you tell me what those projects were?
Ms. Ohr. Yeah. The first project, the initial project had to do with looking into a particular Russian firm that was suspected of being involved in sex trafficking.
(p 10)
Mr. Jordan. Can you tell me the name of that firm?
Ms. Ohr. Vlad Models.
Mr. Jordan. Okay. And what else did you work on?
Ms. Ohr. I worked on a project looking into the relationship of Donald Trump with organized crime, a Russian organized crime.
Mr. Jordan. Okay. And was that work at all related to the now famous dossier?
Ms. Ohr. No.
Mr. Jordan. What was it related to then — walk me through what that work entailed?
Ms. Ohr. What it entailed in what sense?
Mr. Jordan. Describe what you were doing and what the objective was?
Ms. Ohr. Yeah, I would write occasional reports based on the open source research that I described about Donald Trump’s relationships with various people in Russia.

So Nellie worked for Fusion GPS to find dirt (or make up dirt apparently) on President Trump and she was hired in October of 2015, give or take a few weeks.

But in addition to this, Bruce Ohr is the topic of discussion in a 302 report where he states that someone, very likely his wife – the one name that adequately fits in the redacted sections below, worked for Fusion GPS to dig up Trump’s connections to Russia. Nellie also knew, according to her husband, that she was working for “the Clinton Campaign, John Winer at the State Department and the FBI”!!!

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell gave us another clue in September. She requests that the US government provide her and her client, General Mike Flynn, documents related to Deep State spy Joseph Mifsud from an event in late 2015 –

Notice that Powell refers to “302s” regarding the dinner event in 2015 that General Flynn attended, which means that the FBI was interviewing Mifsud as early as 2015 and knew EXACTLY who Mifsud was and was not before Papadopoulos ever met Mifsud. Notice also that the timing of this event was days before Strzok’s text in late December of 2015!

So we now know that Joseph Mifsud, the same individual that spied on George Papadopoulos in 2016, was also involved in setting up General Flynn with Russians in late 2015.

Oh, we also know that Wikipedia is absolutely inaccurate and even slanderous in their posts related to Spygate, President Trump’s tweet that Spygate started in 2015 and our post that supported the President’s tweet.

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Meanwhile… The Greatest Stock Market Rally in US History Continues – 123rd ALL TIME HIGH TODAY (Up More Than 10,000 Points) Since 2016 Election!

America is in the middle of its greatest stock market rally ever but no one would know it due to the media’s fixation on other matters.

The markets showed today that they maintain their confidence in President Trump as the DOW reached another all-time closing high. This was the 123rd all-time high since the 2016 election.

After President Trump was elected the stock markets exploded. The markets are a gauge of the economy and include expectations of the future. On November 8th, 2016, the DOW stood at 18,332. Since that date, and after Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the DOW has soared. Today the DOW closed at another new all-time high of 28,455 or 10,123 points higher than the day of the 2016 election!

Never has has the DOW risen so much in such a short period of time. THIS IS HISTORIC!

Not only has the DOW skyrocketed since Donald Trump was elected President, the market’s rise is record breaking.

President Trump’s first year in office (2017) saw the most all-time stock market closing highs (71) as well as the largest single year increase in DOW history (4,956 points). Prior to 2017, no year in the DOW’s more than 100-year history ever saw the DOW increase by more than 3,500 points, let alone 4,900. The most all-time highs in a year prior to 2017 was 69 in 1995.

Since President Trump was elected President the DOW tied the record for the most all-time closing highs in a row. In January of 1987 President Reagan saw the DOW increase to new all-time highs a record 12 days in a row. In February of 2017, President Trump matched Reagan’s record.

The DOW reached its fastest 500 point increase between major milestones under President Trump. In January of 2018 the DOW surpassed 26,000 and six days later the DOW surpassed 26,500. Under President Trump the DOW has seen the fastest 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; 4,000; 5,000; 6,000; 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 point increases in DOW history. No similar records occurred at any time in history.

Also, President Trump didn’t ride an Obama wave, the DOW under Obama was down in 2015 and stayed relatively flat until the 2016 election. The DOW is now officially up more than 50% since the 2016 election.

Presidents GW Bush and Obama NEVER reached a new all-time high in their entire first terms. Presidents (Franklin) Roosevelt, Truman and Carter never reached a new all-time high in their Presidencies.

President Trump has now increased the markets by more than any other President in their entire Presidency (when counting from their election win to the election day in their last year in office.) As noted above, under President Trump the DOW has increased 10,123 over the past three years. This has never happened before.

All the major indices are way up under President Trump and many records have been set. The market increases since President Trump’s election three years ago truly are historic.