Bomb Experts Agree that Mail Bombs are “Mickey Mouse” – 4Chan and Twitter Users Provide Pics of Additional Devices!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

As more information is provided on the recent bombs sent through the mail to prominent Democrat leaders, it’s becoming clear that these devices were more of a joke than bombs that would explode.

Bomb experts on last night’s Laura Ingraham Show on FOX News commented that the bomb devices they saw on TV were as they termed it ‘Mickey Mouse’. They stated that there is no way these devices would function. One expert explained that the sender’s purpose was to either scare the individuals who received them or to create sympathy for the receivers. We don’t know which at this time.

Experts on 4Chan yesterday came to the same conclusion. By the end of the day they began providing pictures of some more bombs they uncovered not yet reported in the news –


A user on Twitter also posted some bombs not yet in the news –

Thank God no one was hurt but this bomb scare has quickly turned into a joke!