Blue Wave Turning Into a Trickle – With Bernie and Obama – The Tingle is Gone!

For the past two years we’ve heard that there will be a ‘Blue Wave’ as the Democrats would retake Congress in the 2018 Mid-Terms. Sadly for the Dems the tingle is gone!

Democrats, Hollywood and their Mainstream Media (MSM) did all they could to promote the far left liberal socialist cause these past couple of years. The bashed and belittled President Trump at every turn, almost guaranteeing he would soon be gone –

But as the mid-terms draw closer, the Blue Wave is receding. Bernie Sanders held a rally with Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillum and almost nobody showed up –

The same goes for the former leader of the Democrat Party Barack Obama. He too can’t seem to fill even high school gymnasiums –

Sorry haters but it starting to look like 2016 all over again –