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Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill Determines Biggest Issue for Missouri is Child Sex Trafficking? Wants to Protect “our kids” but Ignores Most Sex Trafficking Victims are Immigrants!

Claire McCaskill - child sex trafficking

This week Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill emailed her constituents a video promoting herself regarding the topic of child sex trafficking. She states that she is going to “keep fighting tooth and nail to protect our children and prevent these horrifying crimes from taking place in our own back yard.”

This is all fine and any efforts to protect children should be commended. However, what McCaskill ignores is that in the US, “victims of trafficking are almost exclusively immigrants, and mostly immigrant women.”  Also, “in the US, immigrant women and children are particularly vulnerable to the deceptive and coercive tactics of traffickers because of their lower levels of education, inability to speak English, immigration status, and lack of familiarity with US employment protections. Further, they are vulnerable because they often work in jobs that are hidden from the public view and unregulated by the government.”

If McCaskill really wants to stop child sex trafficking, she should support building a wall at the border, exporting illegal immigrants and fixing our totally messed up US Immigration system.

Another major problem with McCaskill emailing her constituents this self-promoting video is that she implies that child sex trafficking is the number one issue impacting her state today. She ignores Missouri issues like the fallout from Ferguson and the declining enrollment at the University of Missouri as a result of Black Lives Matter protests.  She also ignores increased healthcare costs to Missourians as a result of insurers leaving the state due to Obamacare, the horrible health care mandate pushed into law by Democrats only, including McCaskill.

McCaskill also ignores the slowing US economy, the massive federal debt, the record number of people on food stamps, ISIS, the dismantling of the military, trade issues killing jobs, etc.

It’s a shame Democrat Senator McCaskill chooses to promote herself rather than truly help Missouri residents.

Hillary’s Gamble Didn’t See Guccifer Coming! Did Guccifer Provide Hacked Hillary Emails to Investigators?

Hillary Clinton

Any individuals with government experience with top secret information could tell you that they are repeatedly reminded to take good care of the information that crosses their path to ensure it is well protected. This is repeated over and over.  Someone with the security clearance like the one Hillary Clinton had while Secretary of State would have surely known that classified information was to be maintained on government servers and that any information even the least bit classified should be handled with care and be confined to well-protected environments, like government servers.  The fact that Mrs. Clinton even decided to house government related emails on her personal server was incomprehensible.  The fact that she then decided to cover this up and prevent access to her server may very well be illegal.

One challenge for the government in their investigation of Mrs. Clinton is to determine whether Secretary Clinton handed over all her emails to authorities after she said she did. Clinton’s lawyers admitted that Clinton’s drive was wiped clean after it was requested from the Department of Justice and before being handed over. There must be legal consequences to this action but Clinton evidently determined that these consequences were less than the alternative if her emails were provided to government authorities.  Hillary seems to be gambling that the FBI will not be able to retrieve the deleted contents of the drive. This gamble seemed like a good one for Clinton until recently.

The Associated Press reported in October 2015 that “Hillary Clinton’s private email server maintained in her home while serving as secretary of State was possibly hacked by Russia-tied authorities, and others, on five separate occasions.” This is why government authorities are required to maintain their emails on government servers.

The AP report noted that investigators discovered among Clinton’s cache of released emails malicious software aimed at transmitting data to three overseas computers, including at least one in Russia.

Recently separate reports noted that Romanian computer hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel (Guccifer) had indeed hacked Clinton’s emails. It’s also been reported that Russia cracked into Hillary’s server as well.

Guccifer was transported to the US where he was questioned by the FBI and just this week he plead guilty to the crimes he committed related to hacking into others’ servers illegally.  When discussing Clinton’s email server, Guccifer claimed that it was “completely unsecured”, which he compared to “an open orchid on the internet.”

Guccifer was able to bargain a plea deal with the government. It is unknown what the deal entailed.  If Guccifer did hack into Clinton’s private server and if the kept the contents of the emails he took from her server, then Hillary could have a major problem she hadn’t gambled on.  If he was able to provide investigators copies of Clinton’s emails not already provided by Clinton, then Hillary is in a whole lot of trouble.  If there are criminal acts recorded in these emails she is in more trouble.

It looks like Hillary had not counted on someone else having her emails. This is why she should have protected them on a government server!




Breaking: Trump Wins! – According to AP and Real Clear Politics – Donald Trump Awarded 1,239 Delegates –GOP Breaks Primary Record in Votes

Delegate Count 5-26 AP

The AP and Real Clear Politics today reported that Donald Trump has surpassed the number of delegates needed to win the Republican nomination for President. With the delegates awarded from his win Tuesday in the state of Washington and additional delegate reporting predominantly in Pennsylvania and North Dakota, Trump surpassed this magic number today. (Note that the Green Papers website has yet to record Trump going over the top.)

5-27 Delegates

The Republican Party started the year with 17 bona fide candidates in the race. This was more than any major party ever. In spite of this, Trump has now accumulated 57% of all Republican delegates to date and enough to win the nomination.

5-27 Wins

As of today 45 Republican state elections and 44 Democrat state elections have taken place. Trump leads Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in state wins with 31 and in primaries with 28. He’s won 69% of the state elections to date.

5-27 Votes

Trump has received more than 11 million votes to date in the state elections according to This is 42% of all Republican votes received to date. The Republican Party has set a party record this year in pre-convention state election turnout with over 28 million votes to date which is 136% of the record high voter turnout in 2008. This increase in votes can be attributed to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump One Step Closer to Nomination – Today in Washington 44 Delegates at Stake

Donald Trump will be one step closer to the Republican nomination for President after today’s primary in the state of Washington. This West Coast state allocates its 44 delegates on a pro-rata basis. Trump currently has 1,161 delegates and after today will need around 50 delegates to reach 1,237 and win the nomination.

The Republican Party started the year with 17 bona fide candidates in the race. This was more than any major party ever.

As of today 44 Republican and Democrat state elections have been held with the primary in Washington being the 45th state election for Republicans. There is no Democrat state election today.

5-24 Wins

Trump leads Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in state wins with 30 going into today and in primaries with 27. He’s won 68% of the state elections to date and when accounting for the number of candidates in the race (17), is 1,159% of the average per candidate in state wins. No candidate does better in wins than Trump this year.

5-24 Delegates

Trump starts the day having accumulated 1,161 delegates, which is 94% of the 1,237 he needs to win the nomination. He has accumulated 55% of all Republican delegates to date and when accounting for the number of initial candidates in the race, is 929% of the average number of delegates per candidate to date.

5-24 Votes

Trump has received more than 11 million votes to date in the state elections according to This is 41% of all Republican votes received to date. The Republican Party has set a party record this year in pre-convention state election turnout with over 27 million votes to date. Again, when accounting for the number of competitors in the field, Trump is 697% of the average vote per candidate (surpassing Hillary at 333% and Bernie at 256%).

5-24 Receipts and Disb

According to the Federal Election Commission, Trump has raised and spent significantly less money than his Democrat counterparts. He has spent only $55 million compared to Hillary’s $174 million and Sanders’ $202 million. Socialists Sanders and Clinton spend much more than Trump of other people’s money in running their campaigns.

By the end of today these numbers will all improve for Donald Trump.

Breaking: Islamic Pilot of EgyptAir Flight 804 Prepared Last Supper then Most Likely Brought the Plane Down Himself

EgyptAir Flight 804Captain Mohammed Shakeer most likely plunged the plane from 30,000 feet into the Mediterranean Sea last Thursday on an apparent suicide mission for Allah. Christian website reports that Captain Shakeer had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and prepared a farewell supper shortly before the incident.

Flight 804 Captain Mecca

It was reported last week in ‘the Telegraph’ that Captain Mohammed Shakir (Shakeer), was “a cheerful and religious man who would pray on board and help others find the direction of Mecca using the flight’s navigation equipment.”

The captain of EgyptAir’s air hospitality testified that the pilot of flight 804 “Captain Mohammed Shakeer” had organized a “last supper” knowing he was “about to die”. According to the testimony, Shakeer called on his colleagues a few days before the incident to have lunch at his house. During the lunch Shakeer hinted “that the end is near, the end of his life that is and that he is ready to meet his maker”.

Most disturbing is a picture recently released showing Shakeer with Amr Khaled, a well-known Muslim Brotherhood operative and an active Jihadi. Khaled posted a picture of himself with Captain Shakeer on an airplane and stated: “May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger[s].”

Flight 804 Captain Mecca w Khaled

(Post from

Flight 804 plunged 30,000 feet with smoke reported in the cockpit and indications that a bomb went off internally causing the rapid descent. The Captain held a last supper, was known to help people find the location of Mecca using his plane’s navigation equipment and is shown in a picture with a known member of the murderous radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood.

This information paints a bloody picture that Captain Shakeer was a radical Islamist who murdered 66 people including himself in taking down flight 804.



Trump is Already Top Primary Vote Getter Since 2000 When Considering the Number of Candidates in the Race


Donald Trump is leading all Republican candidates in the 2016 Presidential race per all sites keeping records of election results. Per the Green Papers website, Trump has accumulated 11,273,417 votes in his race for the Republican nomination for President to date. This is 41% of the Republican votes cast this primary season and much more than the second place candidate, Ted Cruz, who is reported to have accumulated 7,457,980 for 27% of the votes to date.

Some pundits claim that Trump is fairing rather poorly when comparing his current results to prior campaigns. George Bush in 2000 accumulated 62% of the Republican primary votes in 2000, John McCain accumulated 47% in 2008 and Mitt Romney accumulated 52% in 2012. All of these Republican candidates received a higher percentage of votes than Trump has to date in this year’s primary season.

However, this year set a record for the most candidates in a race for President in a major political party. The Republican Party started off with 17 bona fide candidates in the race for the White House – a record.

2000-16 Candidate Votes w Others

When accounting for the number of candidates in the race, no candidate since 2000 (and maybe ever) has accumulated more votes that the average number of votes received per candidate in a Presidential year than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is averaging 697% of the votes in the primaries this year, which is more than any candidate this century.

The closest any candidate has come was in 2012 when Mitt Romney ran against 11 other candidates. However, the 2016 primary season is not yet over. There are another 6 Republican primaries and Trump is expected to continue to receive more than 60% of the vote in these primaries. Once this season is over, Trump will have another record, the most votes by a candidate above the average number of votes when accounting for the total number of candidates in the race.

(Note that Green Papers reports a higher number of votes for George Bush in 2000 than previously reported. Trump will surpass this number reported above on June 7th to record the most votes in a Republican Presidential primary season ever.)

Trump has Spent Only $46 Million on Campaign – Clinton and Sanders have Spent Over $150 Million Apiece


According to campaign finance reporting by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has now spent more than $46 million on his campaign. Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have spent $151 million and $165 million, respectively, or more than $316 million combined. Trump’s expenditures are 28% of Sanders’ expenditures and 30% of Clinton’s.

Republican contenders Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Marco Rubio and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have spent $70 million, $60 million, $45 million and $34 million, respectively, on their failed campaigns. With Trump having gathered 1,168 delegates to date, Cruz 574, Carson 7, Rubio 168 and Bush 4, the dollars spent per delegate for Republicans are $39k for Trump, $122k for Cruz, $8.6 million for Carson, $268k for Rubio and $8.5 million per delegate for Bush. Based on this data, Trump has spent less than 1% that of Bush per delegate.

The Democrats have a larger number of delegates than Republicans, including what are referred to as “super delegates”. Clinton has gathered 2,276 delegates to Sanders’ 1,541. Based on this, Clinton has spent 67k per delegate and Sanders has spent $107k per candidate.

There are a total of 4,765 Democrat delegates and 2,472 Republican delegates, for almost a 2 to 1 ratio in delegates (1.93). Based on this, using the Republican delegate count, Clinton has spent $129k per delegate and Sanders $207k per delegate won. Of the top seven spending candidates, Trump is the only candidate to spend less than $120k per delegate ($39k).

Trump has loaned himself more than $35 million of his own money for his campaign. No other candidate has come close to providing this kind of money for their own campaign. Trump’s campaign is a great example of capitalism; because Trump is spending his own money he is more cautious in how he spends it and he has achieved much better results.

Sanders and Clinton have raised $182 million and $180 million, respectively to date, totaling more than $362 million. Most of this has been spent as noted above.

The Democrat’s contributions have not come without controversy. Sanders complained in April that Clinton has benefited illegally from a joint fundraising committee known as the Hillary Victory Fund. This fund has reported receiving several individual contributions in amounts as high as $353,400 or more, which is over 130 times the $2,700 limit that applies for contributions to Secretary Clinton’s campaign. (We’ll see if anything is ever done about this.)

No such controversy exits on the Republican side since Trump’s receipts to date have been from himself. Trump has not received the fair recognition from the press for paying for his own campaign to date.

Trump has beaten 16 solid Republican candidates while spending less and supporting his own campaign. He has done this with millions in negative advertising spent against him. The only way that Trump can possibly be leading the race, is that his positions on fair trade, immigration and standing up to radical Islam, to name a few, have to be resonating with Americans.


Hillary Clinton Campaign Accused of Cheating in Kentucky Primary – 4,000 Votes Discounted to Give Hillary Win

Hillary Clinton

Multiple outlets have now reported that the Hillary Clinton Campaign cheated in order to give her the win in Kentucky. In Pike County Kentucky, card readers reportedly malfunctioned and votes were fully erased. One local Kentucky station WKYT, was told by the Pike County Clerk’s office that there were issues with one of their card readers, which caused a delay in the numbers and as a result, the AP then erased Sanders’ votes, pushing Hillary to the lead by over 4,000 votes.

The gatewaypundit noted the discrepancy in a tweet Tuesday night –

GWP Kentucky Primary

According to Real Clear Politics Clinton eventually received 212,550 votes in Kentucky to Bernie Sanders’ 210,626 votes for a difference of only 1,924 votes.

There were more than 76 reports of election fraud in 31 different counties called into Kentucky’s Attorney General hotline during the closely contested Democrat primary, according to Attorney General Andy Beshear. The Sanders campaign was expectedly outraged by the reports which were similar to what has occurred in other states – and many are pointing the finger at the Clinton campaign.



Trump Sets Record – Surpasses Bush for Most Republican Primary Votes Ever – Has Now Won 30 States – Hillary Losing to Sanders in Oregon

Donald Trump won Oregon tonight is running away with the Republican nomination for President and now has more than 11 million votes which surpass the most votes ever accumulated by a Republican Presidential Candidate in the primaries. George W. Bush had held that record.

Trump now has won 30 states during this campaign season. Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win in Kentucky and is currently behind Sanders in Oregon. Kentucky was Hillary’s first primary win in nearly a month with the latest reporting showing her beating Bernie by less than 0.5% of the vote. A Sanders win in Oregon would be his third primary win in the last 3 weeks. It appears the email scandal, her husband’s recently reported trips to ‘rape’ island and other questionable acts in her past have come to haunt Hillary.

Per a review of the results of elections to date of the top four candidates, Trump continues to outshine them all and will need less than 80 delegates to win the Republican Nomination for President by the end of the night.

Delegate Count 5-18 Rep and Dem

Trump has more primary wins (27), more overall state wins (30), the highest percentage of primary wins (87%), the highest percent of overall state wins (71%), the highest percent of primary delegates (74%), the highest percent of overall delegates (67%), and the highest percentage of votes (60%) than the final top four Republican and Democrat candidates.

(This data above is obtained from the website. Caucus wins for Cruz in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, Sanders in Maine, Alaska and Washington and Hillary in Iowa and Nevada were added to the results. These states show no winners currently in the RCP data. If these caucus wins were not added to the data, Trump would be even further ahead in the areas mentioned above.)

To date, the Democratic race is much tighter than the Republican race based on wins and delegates. (However, the Democrats also have super delegates which are highly in Hillary’s favor at 524 to 40 for Sanders).

Although Bernie was mathematically eliminated a few weeks ago on April 26th, he has now for the third week in a row beat Hillary Clinton in in a Democratic primary.

Delegate Count 5-17 Chart

As noted previously based on current counts Trump will reach the number of delegates to win the Nomination outright on Tuesday June 7th.   Trump now needs only 18% of the remaining delegates to win the Republican Nomination.

Trump Set for Sweep of Delegates in Oregon Today – Needs only 24% of Remaining Delegates to Win Nomination!

Billionaire Donald Trump is set to sweep all the delegates in the Oregon primary today which will put him one step closer to the Republican Nomination for President.

Based on current counts and as noted previously, Trump will reach the number of delegates to win the Nomination outright on Tuesday June 7th.   After sweeping the past 9 primaries Donald Trump begins the day with 1,134 delegates and needs 1,237 to win the nomination. Oregon offers 28 delegates to the winners on a proportional basis.

Delegate Count 5-17 AP

Already Trump has received more votes in the Republican primary cycle than anyone in history which is somewhat surprising since he has never been in politics before.

** Trump begins the day leading all Republican and Democrat candidates with 26 primary wins and he also leads all candidates with 29 state wins

Delegate Count 5-17 Chart

Chart by Joe Hoft

Overall Trump continues to outshine all the candidates while competing against 16 primary opponents.