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Breaking: Seth Rich’s Parents Grateful for Assistance Finding Son’s 2 Murderers – No Indication They Want Search Stopped

The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday, May 16th that the parents of slain former DNC worker Seth Rich denied that he was the one who released 44,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks. In the piece the family supposedly reported that:

We are a family who is committed to facts, not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth’s murderers,” the family’s statement continued. “The services of the private investigator who spoke to the press was offered to the Rich family and paid for by a third party, and contractually was barred from speaking to press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family.

However, shortly after the Washington Examiner piece was released, WikiLeaks tweeted that

Seth Rich’s new “family spokesman” is Brad Bauman a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.

Shortly after this, FOX News reported that they had information that Seth Rich did provide the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Now it is being reported that the parents of Seth Rich are on the Internet thanking everyone who is helping the family find the two individuals who killed Seth Rich. A video of Rich’s parents was tweeted as follows:


So now it looks like Seth’s parents want help in finding their son’s killers.

Hmmm – go figure.

Analysis: Significant Amount of Liberal MSM Leaks Most Likely Just Made Up Lies

Per an analysis of a dozen of the most recent so called ‘leaks’ being reported and repeated by the liberal mainstream media (MSM) involving President Trump, the probability that these ‘leaks’ are just plain lies is very high.

An analysis of the most recent leaks clearly shows that the leaks are being reported by very biased liberal MSM outlets that were adamantly opposed to the election of President Trump. These ‘leaks’ in all cases are not supported with any names of so-called sources. Former FBI Director James Comey reportedly made some statements in the ‘leaks’ but to this date he has not corroborated any of the statements he reportedly recently made after his firing.

Date Media Outlet Reporting Stated Source Leak Rebuttal
5/20/17 CNN Source [not identified] Comey now believes Trump was trying to influence him on his judgement about Russia probe Not corroborated by Comey
5/19/2017 New York Times Document summarizing the meeting [not provided] Trump called Comey a ‘Nutjob’ Russian FM Lavrov refutes claims that He discussed Comey’s dismissal with Trump
5/19/2017 Washington Post Sources [not identified] law-enforcement investigation into possible co-ordination between Russia and the Trump campaign had identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest No legal implications at all
5/17/17 Washington Post Audio recording [not in their possession] House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says Putin pays Trump Those present said he was joking
5/16/17 New York Times Comey memo [not provided or admittedly seen by NYT reporter] Trump had asked Comey to stop Flynn investigation Comey testified under oath on May 3rd that he had never been pressured by Trump to stop any investigations
5/15/17 Washington Post Current and former US officials [not identified] Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador National Security Advisor McMaster stated nothing shared that was not already public and article itself stated President has authority to declassify secrets.
5/12/17 The Hill One former transition team official with close ties to the administration [not identified] “It’s total chaos” [the White House] Constant message coming out of MSM not substantiated
5/12/17 ABC Sources [not identified] Comey furious at lack of respect White House showed Not corroborated by Comey
5/12/17 CNN Source familiar with the matter [not identified] Former FBI Director James Comey is “not worried about any tapes” of conversations between him and President Donald Trump Not corroborated by Comey
5/12/17 Daily Beast One official [not identified] White House staff react to Trump tweet with “Jesus” Not corroborated by anyone, not illegal, another MSM hit piece
5/11/17 New York Times Two people who heard Comey’s account of the dinner [not identified] In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred. Trump denied this in NBC Interview
5/10/17 CNN Two sources [not identified] James Comey sought more resources for Russia investigation Current Director Rosenstein stated in a House probe that there was no evidence Comey asked for more resources for Russia probe

Evidence in Hillary Clinton’s creepy campaign manager John Podesta’s emails released before the election by WikiLeaks show that the Clinton campaign was in cahoots with the MSM. At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and/or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisors.

The WikiLeaks emails also show that as early as December 2015 Podesta discussed Trump’s “bromance with Putin” and the potential for using it as a means to slander Trump. Based on his emails, there is a very high probability that Podesta is behind the ‘leaks’ reported since the election by the MSM. If Podesta is involved then the probability that the ‘leaks’ are just plain made up is also highly likely.

If some of the ‘leaks’ are coming out of the ‘deep state’ government then the President is not at fault because a large portion of the government is still basically run by the prior Obama Administration. The responsibility for replacing these individuals is with Congress and the Democrats have done all they can to stall the appointment process and Republican leadership appears in no hurry to place the President’s appointees as well. There are 455 key executive branch positions with Obama administration holdovers in many sections of the bureaucracy that are still in control.

Also, regardless of whether the ‘leaks’ are coming out of the government or are just being made up by someone like Podesta, the MSM outlets reporting these stories insulting the Trump Administration are showing the lowest form of journalistic professionalism. Joel Pollak at Breitbart News provides this summary:

In their effort to impugn Trump, the [New York] Times and the [Washington] Post violate the most basic journalistic standards. Publishing parts of a document that you do not possess and cannot verify, and timing the release to cause maximum political damage (right after the president leaves the country), is not investigative journalism. It is political propaganda.

It is the mirror image of what the Los Angeles Times did in April 2008, when it published a story referring to a speech then-State Senator Barack Obama gave at a farewell celebration for radical Palestinian-American academic Rashid Khalidi in 2003. The Times was given a video of the speech, but refused to publish the video. Instead, it offered a mere summary, raising suspicions that the Times had sanitized the event to protect Obama’s presidential campaign.

The pattern is the same, from the Khalidi tape to the “nut job” story. For the elite mainstream media, when it comes to protecting Democrats or attacking Republicans, there are no journalistic standards, no ethics, and no shame.

Pollak is right. Liberal reporters in the MSM have no ethics and along with their mentor Podesta are out to get President Trump.

Fortunately for President Trump, the majority of the US that voted him into office stopped reading failing newspapers like the New York Times and stopped watching MSM media outlets like ‘real fake news’ CNN.

The President has the law on his side. Attorney General Sessions needs to add these entities and individuals to a growing list of corrupt swamp dwellers that he needs to bring to justice.

Drain the Swamp!

Is Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta Behind Lies Strategically Leaked to Cover Up Dem Crimes?

Hillary Clinton’s Creepy Campaign Manager John Podesta has a history of sneaky and seedy activity. The late Andrew Breitbart, entrepreneur and creator of knew this back in 2012 (warning on language):

Breitbart was ahead of his time. During the recent 2016 Presidential election John Podesta’s emails were obtained and released by WikiLeaks late into the campaign. Although the mainstream media would not report what was in these emails, the GWP and other conservative websites did report the insidious, corrupt and elitist activities and scheming included in the emails.

The WikiLeaks emails showed that the Clinton campaign was in cahoots with the MSM. At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and/or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisors. Wikileaks emails also showed that as early as December 2015 Podesta discussed Trump’s “bromance with Putin” and the potential for using it as a means to slander Trump.

Again in April 2016, Podesta was busy conjuring up a Russia smear campaign against then candidate Trump.

The day after Hillary’s loss to President Trump, it is reported that Podesta and the Clinton campaign put the Trump/Russia smear campaign into full swing. Podesta and Clinton led this smear campaign in spite of having multiple connections with Russia themselves.

Hillary, through the Clinton Foundation, received millions from Russia in return for providing a large percentage of US uranium to Russia while Secretary of State under President Obama. As for Podesta, his own emails released by WikiLeaks show that he received 75,000 shares in a Russia President Vladimir Putin connected energy company and then in an apparent move to cover this up, gave the shares to his daughter.

President Trump even tweeted about the Clinton – Podesta connections to Russia, asking why the MSM doesn’t cover these seedy links.

Many others have tweeted the same:

Knowing that Podesta is involved with the Russia/Trump fallacy, it is clear that it must be full of lies. What also is clear is that Podesta, Clinton, the Democrats and their MSM are doing all they can to push these lies. (There’s also probably a good chance that a number of the ‘leaks’ in the press are just out right lies created by someone like John Podesta.)

The reason why the Democrats are doing this is not only because the Democrats want to smear Trump and his legacy. The more plausible reason is that the Democrats all know that once the President’s team starts investigating the Clinton Foundation, Obama’s illegal wire tapping and all the many other Democrat scandals and illegal acts, many of them are facing jail time.

Attorney General Sessions and his team cannot move fast enough to “Lock Her Up” (and all her corrupt friends like John Podesta).

Saudi Arabia Gives President Trump and Wife Melania a Warm Welcome

Above US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump step off Air Force One upon arrival at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on May 20, 2017. / AFP / MANDEL NGAN

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia this morning for their first stop on a tour throughout the Middle East and Italy. Saudi Arabia is the first country visited by President Trump and the first Muslim nation selected by a President for his first country to visit. The President’s First Daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump and son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner are also scheduled on the first leg of this tour.

(photo also from

President Trump was met on the tarmac by the Saudi King as reported by the far left liberal New York Times:

In Riyadh, Mr. Trump is viewed as a refreshing change from President Barack Obama, who was viewed with disdain in the wake of the Iranian nuclear deal that Mr. Obama brokered in 2015. Last year, Mr. Obama visited Saudi Arabia for meetings with King Salman and Gulf leaders, but the king did not meet him on the airport’s tarmac. Mr. Obama’s aides later played down the incident, but it was broadly portrayed in news accounts as a snub.

Mr. Trump’s planned trip had been greeted with public enthusiasm that is rare for this usually restrained country. Huge billboards around the city featured Mr. Trump and King Salman, while the city’s roads were lined with alternating American and Saudi flags.

After First 4 Months in Office, President Trump’s Economy Thumps President Obama’s

The Trump Thump!

It’s now six months since the Presidential election which was held on November 8th, 2016 and 4 months since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

The main stream media (MSM) and Democrat Party will not report it but the Trump economy is on fire and when compared to President Obama’s first four months, Trump’s economy is totally thumping Obama’s.

Charles Payne from FOX Business News reported earlier this week that the Trump economy is “rocking”.

US Stock Markets

In President Trump’s first few months since the election and since his inauguration the US Stock Markets are at record highs and millions of Americans are benefitting in their retirement savings accounts.

* The DOW daily closing stock market average has risen nearly 14% since the election on November 8th. (On November 9th the DOW closed at 18,332 – on May 19th the DOW closed at 20,804).
* Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW is up 5%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th.)
* The DOW took just 66 days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The DOW closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd and closed above 21,000 on March 1st.
* The DOW closed above 20,000 on January 25th and the March 1st rally matched the fastest-ever 1,000 point increase in the DOW at 24 days.
* On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan’s 1987 record for most continuous closing high trading days when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!
* The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have both set new all-time highs during this period.
* The US Stock Market gained $2 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!
* The S&P 500 also broke $20 Trillion for the first time in its history.

How does this compare with President Obama’s first 4 months? The stock markets under President Obama moved in the exact opposite direction in the 6 months after President Obama’s election win in November 2008.

* The DOW daily closing stock market average tanked (went down) -13% between Obama’s election win on November 4th, 2008 and May 20th, 2009. (On November 4th the DOW closed at 9,625 – on May 20th the DOW closed at 8,422. Overall it decreased more than 1,200 points). This is the opposite direction of President Trump’s rally.

US Debt

As of today, President Trump decreased the US Debt since his inauguration by $100 Billion.

President Obama on the other hand increased the US debt in his first four months by ($659) Billion.

The difference between Presidents Trump and Obama here is $759 billion or nearly three quarters of a trillion dollars!


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics President Trump added a projected 738,000 jobs in his first four months (January through April 2017.) President Obama on the other hand lost more than 3 million jobs in his first four months. (President Obama was so bad at creating jobs that by the end of his second term he said that jobs were not coming back.)


Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics President Trump decreased unemployment every month since his inauguration (January through April 2017.) The unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8% and by April it was down to 4.4%.

President Obama on the other hand again moved in the opposite direction. In his first four months as President the US unemployment rate increased each month from 7.8% in January 2009 to 9% by April of 2009.

Housing Sales

Housing sales are red-hot in the US right now. In 2011, houses for sale were on the market an average 84 days. This year, it’s just 45 days.

According to the US Census Bureau, there were nearly twice as many US housing sales in the past couple of months as there were in 2009 during the same time period. (The annualized housing sales for March 2017 is reported at 621,000 where in 2009 this amount was only 339,000.)

Economic Outlook and GDP

The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high in February 2017 shortly after President Trump was sworn into office. The index reached 43 in February which was the best outlook since 1983 under President Reagan.

In Obama’s first four months in office (January through April of 2009) the best manufacturing index activity rating was a negative -25.

The difference here is greater than 50% with Obama again in the wrong direction.

Also, as Charles Payne notes above in the video from FOX Business News, 2nd Quarter GDP is projected to sky rocket to above 4% in President Trump’s first full quarter in office. On the other hand, President Obama never reached 3% in any year during his Presidency resulting in being one of the worst Presidents for GDP growth in US history.

Other Comparisons Between Presidents Trump and Obama

Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump’s Inauguration. President Obama opened up the US borders and Trump has drastically shut down illegal immigration.

NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 Billion because of President Trump. (According to a top general, Obama viewed NATO as a threat rather than a peace alliance.)

In Summary

President Obama left President Trump with a weak economy and all sorts of domestic and foreign policy nightmares. To date President Trump has had little time to address all of these messes but if he handles these as well as he has the economy Americans will soon be in a much safer place.

Overall based on the above data it is clear that President Trump is doing a solid, if not excellent job.

The mainstream liberal media won’t report this, but when looking at the economy, President Trump the businessman crushes the former community organizer Barack Obama.


After ‘Poll Testing’ President Trump Impeachment, Dems in Concerted Effort to Stop Impeachment Talk

For months since the election the only topic on the mainstream media (MSM) news outlets has been that President Trump somehow stole the election from Hillary Clinton by working in collusion with Russia. This fallacious argument is played around the clock by the MSM and discussed repeatedly ad nauseam by Democrats every chance they get.

On Wednesday the headline of the Drudge Report was that Democrats felt they were finally at the place where they could poll test their efforts to impeach President Trump. (Dems can’t do anything without a poll.)

Drudge’s headline linked to a report from McClatchy’s DC Bureau that discussed the Democratic Party’s plans to impeach Trump and their efforts to first poll test this action with voters.

In a significant development, party operatives say they expect Democrats to poll-test the public’s views on impeachment, trying to acquire hard data about an issue that until now has not been seriously analyzed. Other strategists say that candidates and party organizations will begin conducting focus groups on the question.

The results of their polling must have been God awful shocking for the Democrats and their liberal MSM because today in every way the Democrats are retreating from impeaching Trump.

For example, three of the biggest far left publications posting fake news stories about President Trump to justify his impeachment are now backing off:

1. The New York Times is reporting that “Democratic Leaders Try to Slow Calls to Impeach Trump“.

2. CNBC reports “Chances of Trump impeachment are low, says Nomura“.

3. The Washington Post reports “Considering Impeachment? Slow Down

The Democrats play to remove President Trump via impeachment is backfiring. Americans are seeing more than ever before how biased the MSM in America is and are fed up. The more the MSM promotes impeachment the more Democrats and the MSM look foolish like upset spoiled little children. President Trump calling the MSM ‘fake news’ is resonating with Americans.

A significant majority of electoral college delegates, states and counties in the US voted for President Trump despite the MSM’s all out assault. Without voter fraud President Trump would have easily won the popular vote as well. Now more Americans are waking up and they don’t like their President being treated so terribly unfair.

The results must have been bad, real bad, for the Democrat/MSM complex to suddenly begin their all out retreat.

If Dems Think They Can Impeach President Trump for Nothing after He Won 30 States in Election They are Sadly Mistaken

Democrats and their liberal media cohorts in the mainstream media (MSM) are doing all they can to create a case out of nothing to impeach President Trump. Democrat Congressman Al Green called for Trump’s impeachment on the House floor this past week. Crazy Old Democrat Maxine Waters called for Trump’s impeachment then denied it a few days later but now she is again for impeachment.

In spite of having no grounds for impeachment, the liberals are calling for it. Their calls for Trump’s impeachment are based on unsupported allegations that the President colluded with Russia to steal the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton. However, their arguments are very weak as even Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz states that he sees no evidence of collusion and that if Trump did collude with Russia to win the election it would be no crime.

Liberal Democrats and their MSM somehow forget that Hillary Clinton called President elect Trump on election night and conceded:

Liberals also somehow forget that in the 2016 Presidential election, President Trump won more than 30 states. He won 30 states and 1 of 4 delegates in Maine. He crushed Clinton in the electoral college, winning 306 delegates to HIllary’s 232 and he totally crushed Hillary in counties won as depicted in the following map:


Maybe this is why conservatives who voted for Trump are saying:

30 States voted Trump into the Presidency.
If the swamp thinks they can undo that, they’ve got another thing coming. #MAGA is happening.

The Democrats are nuts if they think they can impeach such a popular President for no reason whatsoever!

FBN’s Charles Payne: Trump Economy is Smoking and “Nobody Will Talk About It” (VIDEO)

The Trump economy is taking hold and it is on fire.

But liberal media will not report on it — And Republican Party is neutered weaklings.

Charles Payne at FOX Business News and economist Liz Peek discussed the roaring economic numbers today on FOX Business Network.

But the corrupt liberal media refused to report on this good news.

Charles Payne: So from housing to wages to corporate profits and investment, there are remarkable things that are happening to this economy and nobody will talk about it.”

Jobs in all sorts of industries stifled by the Obama Administration are making a resurgence due to their confidence in the Trump economy.

Coal mining, steel and oil are all on the extreme upswing.

The increase in jobs in these areas is impacting an increasing number of jobs and income in other areas like the restaurant business.

The Atlanta Fed reported that the GDP in the 2nd Quarter is expected to move above 4% for the first time in years.

None of this will be touched on by the liberal mainstream media (MSM).


The media is too busy waging war on President Trump.

Message to Nice Guy AG Sessions: No More Being Nice – Lock Her Up!

Donald Trump was miraculously elected President after months of lies, misrepresentations and scathing remarks from the ultra- liberal mainstream media (MSM) and the now communist Democratic Party. The Democratic Party used to be socialist but impatient socialists become violent communists and this is what Democrats have become.

Democrats can’t win elections on their communist ideas and so they play middle of the road during elections and then vote far left when in office. Democrats also no longer stand for democracy. This is verified by the Dems themselves in a court case going on now where socialist Bernie supporters claim Hillary stole the Democrat Presidential nomination from little old Bernie. (She did.) Now the DNC is arguing in the case that the:

DNC can do whatever it wants without being legally bound to the [DNC] charter. The resulting message is that the Democratic Party serves the interests of itself and its wealthy donors and that its voters have no choice but to deal with their totalitarian authority and undemocratic processes.”

The liberal MSM will not cover this nor did they cover any of Obama’s or Hillary’s many criminal acts:

  1. The Clinton Foundation’s Racketeering Acts
  2. Hillary’s Criminal Email Activities
  3. Obama’s Billions to Terrorist State Iran
  4. Obama’s Benghazi Cover-up and Inactions Leading to the Deaths of 4 Brave Americans
  5. Obama’s Gun Running to and Creation of ISIS
  6. Obama’s Creation of ISIS in Libya
  7. Obama’s Illegal Open Borders Policy
  8. Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Innocent US citizens
  9. Suspected DNC Whistleblower Seth Rich’s Suspicious Murder, etc, etc, etc

Liberal Democrats now stand for totalitarianism while President Trump stands for democracy and the American way. These two polar opposites are not compatible and this is why some say we are now in a Civil War. Totalitarianism versus democracy. Communist Democrats and their MSM versus Trump. Slavery versus freedom.

Jeff Sessions should now know this. He was played by the MSM and communist Democrats shortly after taking office as US Attorney General and as a result recused himself from any Trump – Russia crackpot conspiracy investigations. They played him for the nice guy he is and he got burned.

Democrats don’t play fair. It’s high time they be held accountable for their criminal, treasonous and communist acts. Democrats and the MSM are now in all-out Civil War against President Trump who is trying to return the country to democracy and greatness and who shines a light on the Democrats’ many illegal acts.

Trump’s economic policies of less government are already taking hold and the economy is on fire due to confidence in Trump.

It’s now time for his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin indicting Obama and Clinton and all their fellow criminal Democrats for the many acts committed that were real criminal acts.

Trump is America’s only hope. Let’s hope AG Sessions sees this more clearly and moves forward with investigations and indictments that are long past due.

Lock Her Up!

Democrats Creating ‘Civil War’ with Violence, Lies and Rejection of Trump Election Win

Democrats riot in Washington DC in resistance to President Donald Trump on Inauguration Day. (Andrew Marcus)

The Democrats are once again leading the country towards Civil War.
With the latest outright lies promoted by the media and Democrat politicians, the violence at nearly every Trump rally and interruptions at all Trump rallies, the left is leading America to a very dangerous place.

Journalist Daniel Greenfield at penned another great post laying out the direction the liberal Democrats are taking the country.

A civil war has begun.

This civil war is very different than the last one. There are no cannons or cavalry charges. The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule. Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority. The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.

The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans. It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when it decisions don’t accord with its agenda. It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.

It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.

It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama. And now it’s for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow. (As long as that involves defying immigration laws under Trump, not following them under Obama.) It was for the sacrosanct authority of the Senate when it held the majority. Then it decried the Senate as an outmoded institution when the Republicans took it over.

It was for Obama defying the orders of Federal judges, no matter how well grounded in existing law, and it is for Federal judges overriding any order by Trump on any grounds whatsoever. It was for Obama penalizing whistleblowers, but now undermining the government from within has become “patriotic”.

There is no form of legal authority that the left accepts as a permanent institution. It only utilizes forms of authority selectively when it controls them. But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience; it’s treason.

After losing Congress, the left consolidated its authority in the White House. After losing the White House, the left shifted its center of authority to Federal judges and unelected government officials. Each defeat led the radicalized Democrats to relocate from more democratic to less democratic institutions.

This isn’t just hypocrisy. That’s a common political sin. Hypocrites maneuver within the system. The left has no allegiance to the system. It accepts no laws other than those dictated by its ideology.

The treasonous left has also become the violent left. The GWP has noted numerous isolated violent attacks on conservatives by the left. (query violent and see the many violent acts from the left). Conservatives have been bloodied and knocked unconscious by violent left wing anarchists in Berkley, San Jose and across the county.

The mainstream media (MSM) adds gas to the flames of the liberal politicians and Democrats in a constant stream of hate and lies for our President and our country. Large institutions are now factories of hate and fake news.

Conservatives need to be ready and courageous because the President and our country are under an all out assault by the left.

hat tip Patty