As Iowa Caucuses Arrive – Democrats Panicking – Kerry Caught Swearing Fearful Bernie Will Take “Democrat Party – Down Whole”

Democrats are scrambling and fearful Bernie Sanders is going to win Iowa caucuses today. John Kerry tweeted using the f- word and reportedly said Bernie Sanders will take the “Democrat Party – down whole”!

On Sunday, for the first time in 76 years, the Des Moines Register failed to release the results of its Democrat Presidential poll before the Iowa Caucuses. It is suspected the reason for this is because ‘communist’ Bernie Sanders is leading:

Late yesterday, it was reported that former Presidential hopeful Democrat John Kerry is not happy about Bernie being in the lead in the Democrat Party Presidential race. Kerry, who is involved in the Ukraine scandals as much as the Bidens, freaked out in a tweet using the f-word. He then deleted the tweet and replaced it:

Kerry was also reportedly heard freaking out in a hotel in Des Moines. Gregg Re at FOX News reports:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was reportedly overheard in a hotel restaurant Sunday warning of the very real “possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole,” according to an NBC News report that sent shockwaves through an already-fractured liberal constituency bracing for a potentially historic Sanders win in Monday’s pivotal Iowa caucuses.

Kerry, in the Renaissance Savery Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, on the eve of the caucus vote, also reportedly remarked that “maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here,” but that he could conceivably launch a run for president now that donors “have the reality of Bernie” surging in the polls.

Kerry and Biden know that another four years of President Trump increases the probability that their crimes during the Obama years in the Ukraine, China and who knows where else, see sunlight. They are freaking because they know Bernie can’t win the National election.