After Starting 2 Hours Late, Having Someone Yell ‘Pepe’, Having only 400 Show Up and Receiving 17,000 YouTube Dislikes – Hillary’s Exhausted With No More Campaign Rallies Scheduled

hillary kkk

Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech in Reno on Thursday is her last campaign event scheduled on her calendar. She does have the presidential debates scheduled but there are no more Clinton campaign rallies scheduled anytime in the future.

It is really no wonder. Hillary’s ‘Racist Pepe’ speech in Reno was horrible for all involved. For starters, it almost didn’t start – it was actually 2 hours late in starting. It is unknown if Hillary was ill or whether she was waiting for more people to show up. Finally, someone had the courage to tell her that the show must go on. Fortunately, the local union had a few members show or the numbers would have been worse.

Eventually her speech started and to the horror of most all in the audience it was full of racist name calling and angry contempt. To Hillary’s surprise not all in the meager gathering were on her side. One gentleman had had enough and when Hillary paused after a rant about the ‘Alt Right’ (a new term that no one to this day knows who or what it is) he screamed ‘Pepe’ (another term that is unknown to many to this day).

The man who screamed ‘Pepe’ was escorted out and the number of participants dropped to less than 400. Finally, after 31 minutes, the Presidential candidate who once called a KKK member her mentor, who has accepted $20k from the KKK this year and who is the candidate of choice for a current KKK Grand Dragon, was done.

The speech will go down in history as one of the most racist name calling speeches of all time. The live stream of the speech was hijacked by Trump supporters. To date it has received 4,000 ‘likes’ on YouTube but more than 17,000 ‘dislikes’.  The 17,000 is more than the number of campaign goers at Hillary events this month.  It was nasty.

Hillary Reno Speech

Overall, Clinton has held only 11 campaign events in the entire month of August and the turnout at these events was abysmal. It’s estimated that she only had a little over 10,000 people total at these events. This is less than 1,000 people showing up at each event and an average of less than 400 people per day that Clinton spoke to at her events during the month.

Donald Trump on the other hand has held 30 campaign events in August (counting this Saturday’s Roast in Iowa). He has campaigned in front of more than 170,000 people at these events and averages nearly 6,000 per event and averages seeing over 6,000 people per day in August.

It’s really no wonder that Hillary currently has no more campaign events scheduled. She must be sick or exhausted but her measly following must be grateful for no more delays and nasty speeches.